Tavern Master – Useful Tips and Tricks (Patrons, Workers and Furniture)

Here some tips and hints for new players in the Tavern Master.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Whats normal to set the price to for a 5-star room?

  • While in the bedroom build menu, hover over the little bed picture top left, and you’ll see the % of that room being rented.. You can adjust prices based on that.

Supply storage doesn’t work

  • If your going into negative balance after paying salaries at the start of a new day your barrels aren’t refilled.

How to select carpets to move or sell them?

  • When in the menu you have to be under the “carpets” sub-menu.

How to delete furniture?

  • You can just go to build mode (shop), click the item, and then there will be a coin button below it which you can click to sell. You can also move it if your prefer. Open the furniture shop and click and drag the object you want to move.

Patrons stop arriving

  • Reload the game, it’s a known bug, and is being worked on.

Clean the tables

  • New patrons will not sit at a dirty table. Cleaning is needed to keep new business coming in when people leave.

Is happiness under 100 lower any stats or effect the worker in any way?

  • Unhappy staff work slower and can have performance hiccups, like barkeeps and cooks making mistakes and having to start over, etc. Best to keep everyone at 100% it’s ultra easy and wages are never a threat as you always make more than your wages are regardless.

About research

  • Research in this game is super straight forward – you either need a certain amount of patrons (varies by tier) and / or research points. If you have all the requirements and it’s not moving and you have it selected that must be a bug.
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  1. These are straight forward common sense ideas to playing this game, Thank you for making it so obvious to see once one reads your advice!

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