Ambrosia – Item Locations

This is a guide by locations for every items, loot and info you may be searching for.

Locations of Items

All credit goes to jeremiepoisson29!

General Hubs

Shrine / Flode’s Room / Cave with Noir’s Monument

  • Sapple / day (Mandragora in the backyard)
  • Holy Water / day (Holy Water Spring by Strain from Inark)
  • Random gifts / day (after reaching a certain number of visitors)
  • Random consumable / day (Mimic in Flode’s room after crafting)
  • Random fish / day (Kitty in Flode’s room after adoption in Myra Inn)
  • Fishing spots & water / day
  • Preach, perform rituals, listen to confessions / day (after renovations by Strain from Inark)
  • Treasure: Rock of Teleportation (complete the tutorial, Upgrade-Questline at Noir’s Monument after presenting first treasure to Volze)
  • Maiden’s Necklace, prevents cloth damage (building on the left side) and also prevents arousal after upgrade by the Alchemist in Myra
  • Trial Scroll, change difficulty and exp gain (building on the left side)
  • Nox’ Work, change day / night without resting (complete Lafleur’s storyline and continue story to give birth to Nox after becoming Noir’s Shrine Maiden with 999 indecency and collecting 999 ♥♥♥ values, can be done with virginity intact)
  • Nox’ Protection, +10 blessing stat (feed Nox with dishes from Myra’s Restaurant)

Inark Village

  • Fishing spots / day
  • Rubian Fruit quest / day (bottom right house after some story progress, collect from forest)
  • Job: Peddler / day (Talk to Peddler Roy)
  • Treasure: Venus Key, ability to unlock purple chests (bought from General Store Owner Dex after presenting first treasure to Volze in Myra, discounted by repeatable favors during night)
  • Dark Sister Dress (first time working for Peddler Roy)
  • Skill book “How to Judge”: Gourmet’s Keen Eyes, +Food points gained (purple chest in Village Chief’s house or bought in Altoce)

Port Town Myra (unlocked after completing or skipping tutorial)

  • 4x Missionary / day
  • Fishing spots / day
  • Transparent Tentacle quest / day (Tavern kitchen, collect from enemies in Coastal Cave)
  • Pamphlet printing / day (unlocked after presenting first treasure to Volze and talking to Inark’s Village Chief and Myra’s Painter)
  • Job: Barmaid / day (Tavern Owner Barril)
  • Sell Iron Ores for gold, unlimited (Apprentice Blacksmith)
  • Black Bunny Suit (first time working for Tavern Owner Barril)
  • Magique Uniform, various other equipment & items (crafted by Alchemist Merberry)
  • Material Note, list of harvestable & minable loot in visited areas (talk to Alchemist Merberry)
  • Chef’s Hat, +collect & kill droprate (exchange for foodpoints, Restaurant Chef Yoh)
  • Special Bait, +fishing droprate (exchange for foodpoints, Restaurant Chef Yoh)
  • Elf Cloak (talk to the elf in the top floor of the inn and save her sister in the Abandoned Mine)
  • Skillbook “How to Extract”: ♥♥♥ Squeezer (purple chest Volze’s Basement)
  • Unlock gallery in Flode’s room / basement, buy various skillbooks after NewGame+ (Fortune Teller)

Altoce Underground Village (unlocked after clearing Road to Southern Cerbes)

  • 4x Missionary / day
  • Fishing spots / day
  • Random item sale / day (Various Goods Peddler near entrance)
  • Random stat drug / day (Suspicious Drug Dealer after storyline, bottom right corner near Arena)
  • Job: Promoter / day (talk to Tool Shop Employee Sorea)
  • Job: Dancer / day (talk to Dancing Beast Woman)
  • Job: “Night-Time Wrestler” / day (talk to opponents in the Brothel)
  • Body Paint (first time working as Promoter)
  • See-Through Swimsuit (bought in the Adult Toy Shop)
  • Dance Clothes (first time working as Dancer)
  • Prostitute Clothes (talk to Prostitute Ana after serving customers for 2 days)
  • Dancer’s Flower Ornament, decrease stamina consumption when dancing (bought from Adult Toy Shop)
  • Arena battles (unlocked after defeating Endboss Paracress in Underground Alchemy Facility)

Areas with Sanctuaries and Treasures

1* Strange-Smelling Forest

  • Boss Mary’s garden <2k hp: Fairy Flower Leaf
  • Boss Chest: Beast Coin, Forest Staff (+MP Regen), Insecticide
  • Ocarina of Madness (Secret path on the right side of the boss area)
  • Sanctuary Treasure: Starry Droplet (restore HP / MP a day), Forest Charm (+MP Regen, after saving Alraunes from the Underground Alchemy Facility)
  • Boss Basilisk <5k hp (night-time, 2nd area): Wasp Emblem
  • Fishing & herb gathering spots / day
  • Skaria Flower quest / day (Hermit Tent, collect from forest)

2* Coastal Cave (Cerbes Beach, unlocked after presenting first treasure and talk to Noir’s Monument)

  • Boss King of the Sea <3k hp: Squid Ink (Crafting ingredient)
  • Boss Chest: Fish Coin, random rings and accessories
  • Sanctuary Treasure: Dreamy Conch Shell (Activate next to Flode’s bed for free exp, devotion)
  • Boss Kraken <9k hp (night-time, 3rd area before boss bottom right): Sea Monster Emblem
  • Fishing & gathering spots / day
  • Water Snake Core (fight against Aqua Drake behind the Tentacle Corridor)
  • Swimsuit (chest behind Tentacle Corridor)

3* Abandoned Mine (unlocked after presenting first treasure and talk to Noir’s Monument)

  • Boss Orc chief <5.5k hp: Fighting Spirit Ruby, Orc’s Boots
  • Boss Chest: King’s Coin, Light Spirit Diamond
  • Sanctuary Treasure: Rock of Corruption (trade ♥♥♥ for various consumables)
  • Boss Demi-Orc Hero <9.5k hp (night-time, 4th area on the right side): Warrior Emblem
  • Mining spots (White Igneous Rock) / day
  • Gaiaborne Ore (event, talk to Myra’s Blacksmith after some story progress to unlock shop items)

5* Altoce Underground Temple (unlocked after catching the Drug Dealer for Thugboss Xeric, right side of the Brothel)

  • Boss Grand Master <9.5k hp: Religious Text, Magi’s Soul, Sanctuary Khakkhara
  • Boss Chest: Skeleton Coin, random rings and accessories
  • Sanctuary Treasure: New Moon’s Cloak (skip battles against common enemies when activated)
  • Boss Grim Reaper <14.5k hp (night-time, 2nd last area): Harvest Emblem
  • Fishing & scavenging spots / day
  • Noir’s Engraving (secret path in the prison area)
  • Silver Winged Headband (purple chest in Underground Prison)
  • Secrets of Magique (purple chest before boss)
  • Cursed Jewel (fight against Fury)

6* Shrine Maiden’s Pilgrimage (unlock after presenting first treasure, upgrade Rock of Teleportation with Jetblack Holywater by Alchemist Merberry at Noir’s Monument, triggers next day)

  • Boss Noir’s Avatar <14k hp: Fruit of Passion
  • Boss Chest: Phantasmagoric Coin, Divine Ore, Dragon Blood
  • Sanctuary Treasure: Noir’s Lunar Staff
  • Boss Outer God <20k hp (night-time, 2nd last area): Spiritual Emblem
  • Gathering spots / day
  • Silver Wings (purple chest in trap area)
  • Phantom Thief Mask, immunity against traps (secret path to purple chest on right side wall below Boss Outer God)

Other Areas

4* Fear Plains (unlocked by talking to Simon, Wielder of Magique, in Myra bottom left area)

  • Boss Nuxy <30k hp, 250 HP regen (night-time, top left area): Giant Beast Emblem, Nuxy Meat to feed Nox
  • Fishing & gathering spots / day
  • Jellian Core quest / day
  • Emerald Horn (Beryl Horn <3k hp, opposite corners, crafting ingredient)

4* Leid Mountain (unlock after presenting first treasure, talk to the guy next to Myra’s Fountain)

  • Boss Leidran the spirit eater <45k hp, <20% HP Overload / Enrage (night-time, cave area): Demon Dragon Emblem, Dragon Blood
  • Gathering & Mining spots / day
  • Magic Flute (purple chest, cave area)

4* Road to Southern Cerbes (unlocked after presenting first treasure, talk to the guy in Myra’s tavern)

  • Pay a 5k toll to avoid Bandits becoming a common enemy spawn
  • Mandatory area to unlock Underground City Altoce
  • Fishing & Gathering spots / day

5* Old Fortress Nemeos (unlocked after talking to a customer in Altoce’s Tavern or lose to the Bandits in the area Road to Southern Cerbes)

  • Bandit Leader (one-time battle, removes bandits in Road to Southern Cerbes): 20k gold bounty
  • Warrior’s Code (purple chest below boss room)
  • Gathering spots (outside only) / day
  • Sex Slave Clothes, Subordinate Piercing (“rewarded” on defeat)

7* Road to Western Cerbes (unlock after saving Lafleur, talk to Thugboss Xeric and a drunken Tavern customer in Altoce)

  • Mandatory area to unlock Underground Alchemy Facility
  • Gathering spots / day
  • Nobel Pinion (Samluke, left side areas)

8* Underground alchemy facility (unlocked after saving Lafleur and scouting Road to Western Cerbes)

  • Endboss Paracress <25.5k hp (one-time battle, triggers ending scene & credit roll): Demigod Soul
  • Low Quality Ambrosia (purple chest, behind boss area)
  • Boss chimera <25k hp (night-time, right path of the 4-way intersection): Demon Beast Emblem
  • Gathering spots / day
  • Gaiaborne ore, Divine ore (Prototype Golem, go up and down the stairs of the boss area to farm)
  • Jellian Metal (Metal Jellian, attack with physical or non-elemental damage only)
  • Ending1 indecency lv 2 or below
  • Ending2 indecency lv 3 non-virgin
  • Ending3 indecency lv 3 virgin

Post-Ending Areas

6* Forgotten Treasure House (unlocked with Blessings from all five Sanctuaries to become Noir’s Shrine Maiden, sleep once, take the left portal at Entrance Building of Shrine Maiden’s Pilgrimage)

  • Boss Mimic Sentry <30k hp (one-time battle): Mimic Soul, Tentacle Suit
  • Miniboss Draco Alrem <20k hp (secret path, first bridge on the left side after leaving the boss room, area guardian space): Gold bars, Ancient Scroll
  • Mysterious Light, change-clothes-anywhere (purple chest)
  • Skill book: Holy Mist Grimoire (purple chest)
  • Skill book: Sealed God’s Grimoire, learn Reverse Nemesis, effective against the True Endboss (purple chest)
  • Mimic Debris, crafting ingredient (fight against Mimic)
  • Cursed Jewel (fight against Living Armor)

0* Demon Warding Spring (unlocked to undress the Tentacle Suit from Treasure House)

  • Gathering spots / day

5* Drug dealer’s hideout 5* (unlocked after defeating Paracress, talk to the guy next to Myra’s Fortune Teller)

  • Boss Remnant Dealer <2k hp (one-time battle): Hermes Winged Staff

10* Skilla Archipelago (unlocked after defeating Paracress, talk to Myra’s Captain at the pier and craft a sail)

  • Boss Storm Dragon Typhon <65k hp (one-time battle): Storm Dragon Scale, crafting ingredient
  • Boss Gigalodon <45k hp (last area): Shark Heart, crafting ingredient
  • Gathering spots (Sea silk String, Rainbow Rock, Oceanite) / day
  • Chainsaw Charm (chest)
  • Shark fin (fight against Storm Sharks, Fire Sharks, Ice Sharks, they can change elemental affinities after being hit)
  • Shark tooth (fight against Topaz Sharks, Double Biter)

???* Divine land (After defeating Storm Dragon Typhon and confirming a Timeskip in Flode’s room to continue story progress)

  • Miniboss Diva <40k hp (Area Paracress’ Divine Land: Etheral Forest) Book of Enlightment (chest)
  • Miniboss Charybdis <40k hp, 800 HP regen (PDL: Holy Spring Cave)
  • Miniboss Highlander Orc <50k hp (PDL: Godly Mine Roadway) Orihalcon Vest (chest)
  • Miniboss Chronos <52.5k hp (PDL: Vacant Temple) Astral boots (chest)
  • Miniboss The Faceless <65k hp (PDL: Top Floor, secret path below the last portal to PDL: Sacred Shrine, on the left side of the 9-shaped curve): Alchemic Staff Paracelsus
  • True Endboss Paracress Antithesis <110k hp, occasional 3k-5k heal (one-time battle)
  • Gathering & Mining spots (Chaos Clay, Arcadia, Holy Flame, Harmony Clay) / day
  • Alraune Tears, crafting ingredient (fight against Alraunes)
  • Paracress Roots, crafting ingredient (fight against Paracress Roots)
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