Path of Achra – Executioner Build Guide (No Luck Needed)

Play through the first cycle of the game easily.

Guide to Executioner Build


  • The only item you want to use is the ‘Golden Axe’.
  • It’s not mandatory but it benefits the build massively through the +400 armor.

Skill & Attribute Progression

Level 1-17

  1. Gore Cleave, your main attack
  2. Minion Feast, get health by damaging your minions with Gore Cleave
  3. Blood Link, your main minions sustaining your health
  4. Blood Link


  • Put all the points into Will until second Blood Link is unlocked.

Level 18-?

5-?. Barbarism, get armor, heal and extra attacks <- level it to infinity


  • Choose strength to negate encumbrance from Barbarism and a little bit of Will.
  • The ratio should be 4 Strength and 1 Will for every level up of Barbarism.

Culture, Class and Religion Combination

Lochra Templar of Humbada.


Will is going to boost the Heal from every source so it synergizes with:

  • Blood Link
  • Minion feast
  • Barbarism

Strength scales (Hit & Life) with the minions from Blood Link.

Prestige Class – Executioner

If you follow the Skill progression you will automatically unlock the Executioner prestige class which gives additional stats/effects:

  • + 200 Armor.
  • + Another effect to adjacent enemies, physical and blood dmg.

The exact values and description need to be verified.


  • From the beginning you should play more safe, stay behind walls and let the minions soak the damage.
  • Barbarism will allow you to go to the front but be cautious.
  • After reaching around level 3-4 in Barbarism you are almost invincible.
  • Still, the yellow golems are a potent threat and can wreck armor easily if you encounter 2-3 of them.


First cycle of Humility

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  1. Is this guide for alpha version/demo? No skills in the full game like the one described, except for Gore Cleave.

  2. worked great for me, had some great runs but the final boss always wrecked me. this build got me through the first cycle, even with the recent “nerf”

  3. It was going well, until I was one-shot with 720 dmg hit by Gibbous Mouth. I had 675 health by then. Seems like a balancing issue to be honest.

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