Amnesia – Where to Find Most of the Items (Saw, Sticky Notes, Pencils etc.)

This guide contain spoilers and explain where to find some of the in-game things.

Guide to Find Some Stuff


  • You can find it on mall the behind the photoboot.

Colored pencils

  • You find it on friday midday when big sis is doing cleanup on lil sis room, on the wardrobe, right of the laundy basket, bottom right screen.
  • Note: How did you can go in Elena’s room when is always locked?
  • Tip: Somedays Kate cleans in there, then you can go in.


  • You find it on basement at the entrace right.

Sticky notes

  • You find it on hospital at night.

Some glue

  • You find it on left top wardrobe in mommy room.


  • You find it in the store where you used to work, below the new employee, left of his right knee.
Written by Madmanx


  1. Holy hell your awesome thank you so freaking much been looking for all for which feels like years!!

  2. Im having hard time with the pencils, I don’t see anything next to the basket in Elenas wardrobe and I put in hours

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