Anno 1800 – Population Needs Table (Base Game)

The table for population needs (base game).



The consumables for each population class.

In the table:

  1. The first 6 rows are the needs for each class. Basic, luxury, and lifestyle needs have different background color. This is the main content of the table.
  2. Unlock tier is when you unlock the production building.
  3. Building material is the highest tier of construction material for the production building.
  4. Resource I, II are the resources that are consumed in the production. You need a constant supply of these. I only show the island/region special resources. Resources like wood or glass that are easily obtained are not in the table.
  5. Building means that need is provided by a public service building, e.g, a market. The service extends from road.
  6. Some production building requires access to electricity.
  7. This is a table for population needs, not the production chain.

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