Pizza Tower – How to Beat Fork Knights

Fork knights are kind of annoying so here are some ways to harass them.

How to Kill Forks

Forks may seem invincible because they have such a giant fork but you can actually avoid the fork.

If you jump at their face you will stun the without hitting the fork and dying a painful death!

Something like this (pretend the block is not there).

You can also throw random stuff at them.

Or sugercoat it.

Or run them over because hit and runs are rad.

Congratulation you can now harass fork knights.


  1. You can also sneak up behind them and murder them. Or you can stun them by slamming on the ground next to them. Or you can run into them so fast they’ll die.

  2. you can also parry them. Run up to their personal space and taunt to assert dominance.(this works on more than fork knights)

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