Arcadegeddon – Weapon Combinations

Sometimes choosing what weapons to use can be hard. Let’s make it easier.

Level: Introduction

We all get stumped sometimes, when you have so many options to pick from in a game. Weapon choice in Arcadegeddon is not only heaps of fun, but heaps. Just heaps.

Let’s make it easier for people to choose what to play! The game’s too fun for people to sit there picking instead of destroying everything in sight!

Feel free to post your own combinations that you like to use. What do you use them for? What makes you like the weapon(s) you’ve chosen? Is it easy or hard to use together? Do your choices need Plugins too?

Read the next section for your BASIC combinations!

Level: Basic

So you’re a Basic player.

There’s no shame in that. Let’s get you up to scratch nice and quickly!

Here are a few of my favourite Weapon Combinations that don’t require anything else set up. I think that nicely classifies them as Basic, don’t you?

Hunter (Nanotech) + Party Favor (Support) + Any Starter Weapon

This combination is nice and easy to use, with utility to boot! If you’re not that great at aiming, you can rely on the Hunter’s tracking ability by holding your Aim Down Sight button on your target. Most enemies in ARCADEGEDDON will stand still for at least a few seconds both when they spawn or after they’ve made a big movement or after they’ve attacked. You can use this time to lock onto your enemy and fire away without even needing to aim at them properly!

Having the Party Favor as your secondary means you’ll be able to assist your team members when they get a little too cocky and jump head-first into those balloon enemies. The Party Favor heals your ally’s shields and doesn’t even need you to aim right on someone to do so! Think of yourself as Mercy from Overwatch! Who doesn’t love Mercy?

Finally, the Starter Weapon is only really there to help you break open all those Chests. Keep in mind that this game isn’t always Ammo-Friendly; you aren’t always going to have an abundance of ammunition. As a Basic player, you should start to get better by getting into better habits – such as conserving ammo! I personally like using the Enforcer, because it sounds and feels amazing when you smack all those boxes!

Perforator (Miligrade) + Cold 45 (Zero Cool) + Any Starter Weapon

This combination is a little more Weapon-Swap reliant, as the purpose of this combination is using a Zero Cool weapon to freeze enemies as quickly as possible, then finish them off with a Non-Elemental weapon that you can quickly swap to. The Perforator is a great choice for this combination for that reason alone. I mean, before you get some Accuracy boosting from Hacks, you’ll need to learn to tap-shoot to not have too big of a spread, but the Cold 45 freezes most enemies with just one hit.

Starter weapon is, once again, for breaking boxes. Don’t forget to do that, by the way! Breaking boxes may only give you a few Gillycoins here and there, but it does add up. You get stronger by Upgrading your Weapons in the Safe Areas, so don’t forget to do that!

Level: Intermediate

So you’ve put some time into the game, and you think it’s time to up your game.

Let’s give you some Intermediate ideas to impress your friends with!

These combinations will have you start relying on Plugins. Plugins are character enhancing properties that you can choose to equip before you head into a match. They’re very useful but you can only choose three at a time! Good thing you have so many Loadouts to customize. You can try them all for yourself to see which ones you like. But for now, let’s look at what combinations we have.

EX Machina (Demolisher) + Shocker V11.1 (Giga-Volt) + Long Ranged Weapon

Plugins: Bullet Town + Massive + Spongy

Out of all the combinations that you’ll see in this guide, this is the combination that I enjoyed the most in any game mode. The weapons chosen for this combination are focused heavily on Area of Effect (AOE) damage. The EX Machina and Shocker V11.1 are both explosive weapon types. The main damage dealer in this combination is the EX Machina. It does heaps of base damage even at Common quality, so you can imagine just how powerful it will be going into late game. The only drawback of this weapon is the low ammo capacity. Remember what I said about conserving ammo in the Basic section?

The Shocker V11.1 is here as more of a utility option than a damage option. Giga-Volt damage in ARCADEGEDDON stuns enemies for a short time. This is long enough of a time to weapon swap to your EX Machina and blast them to bits! Get it? Because the game is themed around Arcade games? Bits? Yeah? I know. I’m a genius. Getting used to Weapon swapping in ARCADEGEDDON doesn’t get easier when you’re using this combination. The Plugin Bullet Town has the effect of gradually filling your weapons’ ammo back to full when that weapon isn’t currently being used. This means that you can always have ammo ready to use and you’ll be able to bypass the long reload times that explosive weapons tend to have in these types of games.

The choice of a Long Ranged Weapon is for those in-match missions/tasks that require you to use a bit of precision. When you have to shoot those pesky targets, you don’t want to be wasting your ammo on it – or missing the target entirely because your other weapons have a bit of a projectile arch when you fire them. Yes, the EX Machina does have an arch. You just never have to fire it far enough for you to see it slowly fall to the ground.

The Massive plugin is used in this combination not only to deal some damage to those around you when you jump around shooting rockets and lobbing grenades with your new favourite weapons. It’s there also to break open boxes! What? You thought that you don’t need to open boxes anymore because you’re playing at an Intermediate level? Nope. In-game economy is still important regardless of what level of play you’re at. It’s just easier to maintain the stronger you get. Everyone needs coins at the start, though!

Now. let’s tell you HOW to play this combination!

  • Step 1: Jump towards your enemies.
  • Step 2: Fire your rockets/grenades downwards at the enemies.
  • Step 3: Land on your enemies.
  • Step 4: Repeat.

That’s it! You are a Juggernaut with this combination. You deal MASSIVE AOE damage and have a nice amount of survivability to boot! Because your main damage dealing weapons aren’t meant to be used accurately, you get nice and close to the action. Having the Massive plugin means that you’ll deal a little bit more damage to enemies around you as you land on/near them. You’re basically a living, moving bomb!

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