Street Fighter 6 – How to Find Rashid in World Tour Mode

How to find Rashid in world Tour mode so you can unlock his Costume 2.

Mission Location That Starts Rashids Quest Line

Travel To Old Nayshall and head to your Hangout, You will want to change to night time.

Once you exit the hang out there will be an NPC with a mission called “In Search of Talent”

Once you have picked up the mission it will lead you to he location on the screenshot below where you will find Rashid and fight against him. Once you Defeat Rashid the mission will be completed.

Next you want to return to the hangout and change to Day time. Rashid will now appear on the map at location below.

Congrats all you have to do now is feed him gifts i ended up giving him a mix of items Fighter Magazine Special Issue gives +2 per i am sure someone will figure out what his favorite gift is.

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