Archvale – Best Weapons, Badges, Armor and Accessories (End-Game Guide)

This guide will assist you in determining which weapons, badges, armor, and accessories are best for each class as the game progresses.

The Best End-Game Setup for Each Combat Class

Melee Class

For the melee class, I prefer to use Avarn’s Sword with Hyperium Greathelm and Platebody. For my accessory I will choose to use the Crimson Berserker Ring (Can be found at the challenge near the entrance of the executioner boss).

Choose these badges at pictured below.

This class is heavy on damage with boost to its attack speed from the armor and Berserker Ring, with that being said, the badges help with extra health and also boosting the damage output.

Mage Class

My personal favorite class of the three, for this you will be using the Archvale Lexicon, which can be crafted using all three seperate location lexicon. For wear, you will be using the Temple Hood and the Hyperium Platebody with the Onyx Ring.

Choose these badges at pictured below.

This class is an amazing damage dealer from both close and long range. With help from the mana stars picked up from slayed enemies, this thing will demolish anything that comes in your way. All these badges support the cycling and usage of the boosted attack and rate of fire.

Ranged Class

For this class your weapon of choice will be the Doomerang with both Hyperium Greathelm and Platebody, with your accessory being the Onyx Ring once again.

Choose these badges at pictured below.

The ranged class is meant to keep your enemy at a distance while whittling down their health-points. The badges in this help make sure your arrows are on point and dealing the max amount of damage it can. Your health is very fragile when the enemies get close, so an additional dash has been added to escape those sticky situations.

Other Notes

To further improve your weapon of choice, head over to Fairreach and walk over to the top left corner of the village past the fountain.

Talk to the blacksmith and you will enter a screen that will power up your weapon for a small fee, it can be upgraded a max of five times.

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  1. If you want to maximize damage on ranged class, zephyr helmet and breastplate with +4 Emerald Ring and Emerald Brooch gets ranged damage to 80%. Gets a +5 Doomerang to 495 dmg and absolutely melts,

    If you’re willing to put extra effort to avoid getting hit, replace the Pink Ribbon with the Fairy Fighter Badge, as it’s pretty strong in boss fights.

  2. I accidentally trashed one of the codexes early in the game, so I couldn’t get the Archvale Lexicon, however, the Lifeblood Ray is also very good. Its DPS is WAY higher than the Lexicon (~3000 vs ~1800), however you actually have to aim with it, so it probably makes the Old King harder to beat because it splits your attention.

  3. That’s fair. I just liked the pierce for the other one, but i def understand your reasoning. Happy gaming!

  4. IMO Flare Vortex is a better melee than Avarn’s sword, its DPS is RIDICULOUS and you can even drink a potion while spinning.

    Also, IMO colossal strength is better than the brooch for every class; it gives +50% to every damage type and I find that more than enough to make it worth the -30% attack speed

    My final build was:
    Equipment: Flare Vortex +5, Hyperium Mask, Hyperium Platebody, and Ruby Ring +4
    Badges: Razor Flurry, Colossal Strength, Tornado Chain, and Potion Funnel.

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