ARIA: Genesis – General Tips

Here is few general tips for the Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault: Genesis game.

Tips and Tricks

“E” to advance text

  • All dialogue text can be advanced by pressing “E” on the keyboard.

Wait for Health Regen

  • Arielle or the current player character will regenerate to full health if no damage is taken for a short time.

“G” to use Arielle and Bri Grenades

  • Arielle’s grenades will disarm any enemy, be sure to use them against groups of enemies or enemies that can take down your health quickly.
  • Bri’s Grenades will drain the life of enemies once it lands. A lot of times, throwing her grenades is more effective than close combat with her swords. She is fast and strong but has low health.

Green Shield Agents

  • Arielle’s grenades can disable their shields, but they will run around and try to avoid you when you do this. Alternatively, you can aim for their feet or bash them with your weapon as Arielle by pressing “F.” Maiko and Bri can overcome them with melee weapons.

Ironclad Aliens

  • Aim Low! These big bulky Ironclad aliens are only vulnerable in the lower part of their body where the light is and from the lower behind.

“P” to change the music!

  • Press “P” on the keyboard to change the music in some areas, like Street Race. After the main story is complete, this becomes available in all areas and missions.

Go for Headshots

  • When using a ranged weapon, aiming for the head does 10X damage! This comes in handy when trying to take out enemy special agents.

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