Forest Camp Story – Steam Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to pamkhat!

A brief guide to the Steam achievements for Kairosoft’s Forest Camp Story.

How to Obtain Steam Achievements


Setting up a tent is the first step in camping.

Proof of setting up a tent for the first time.

  • Simply place a campsite in your game.

A popular hot spring lover has arrived.

Proof of a wonderful campsite where capybaras also come.

  • The capybara requests a Guided Tour after meeting certain requirements. You have to unlock the Musician guest and reach a rank C or higher camp. More information on unlocking the Musician to follow.

Vacation is off to camp.

Proof of running a campsite for many years.

  • This triggers automatically after finishing year 16 of the game. You can continue playing the save/camp after acquiring this achievement.

○ × △ ※ ~ (Hello from space).

Proof of an attractive campsite where aliens come to visit.

  • This is a facility that is unlocked when reaching rank #1 in the Year End Results. I believe it triggers with rank #1 in either Fans or Sales (I’m not sure which). You need all these to rank #1 for another achievement anyway. You must place the UFO facility to earn the achievement.

A hill where you can see the stars in the sky.

Proof of a campsite with a great view.

  • Placing hills through the build menu is required for this achievement. Creating hills on top of hills lets players build higher level plateaus. I unlocked this achievement by building a regular campsite on a 6-level high hill. It may trigger on a 4- or 5-level hill, but I did not try that.

It was more pleasant than just the park.

Proof of a splendid campsite that Kairobot is also satisfied with.

  • After reaching rank #1 in all categories in the Year End Results, Kairobot will request a Guided Tour. The achievement unlocks when their tour is completed successfully (a full pink bar is required).
    Tips: Give Kairobot charcoal, a generator, and a gas cylinder. Select a real campsite, not a cabin or cottage, for the stay. Try to set up the tour during the summer or fall since the days are longer. Be sure to have some activities around the site for Kairobot to enjoy.
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