Army of Ruin – Gold Farm Guide

Fantastic build for farming coins.

General Build Information

This build is used to farm gold as quickly as possible while dealing substantial damage. This build is meant for the endgame which means you’ve unlocked the vast majority of characters, weapons, and trinkets and are looking to make as much gold as possible to upgrade stats.

This build also assumes that you have upgraded most stats up to level 10. You can expect to make around 40-49K per run (20 minutes) using this build.



Midas gains +25% gold and his fire rate increases when gold is picked up. Both of abilities benefit from his character skill “Forbidden Alchemy.” This skill turns 5 random enemies into coins. It has a short cool down which means your picking up coins all the time. The easy access to coins will also benefit several of the trinkets.


Required: Emerald Ring, Onyx Coin, Coin Purse

Recommended: Blood Thirst, Magnifier, Enchanted Harp

The recommended trinkets can be swapped out to your liking as long as the infusion (curse, wind, leaf, etc) stay the same.

Emerald Ring decreases the character skill cool down up to 60% at max. Midas’ skill cool down is already short, but with the ring maxed out, you will be turning 5 enemies into coins every 8 seconds.

Onyx Coin gives EXP for every coin picked up. The effect gets reduced after level 30. This trinket allows your character to level up quickly because you are turning enemies into coins frequently with your character skill Forbidden Alchemy. With this trinket, it becomes possible to have every weapon and trinket maxed out at around 12-13 minutes into a run. This is an important fact because after all weapons/trinket are maxed out, when you level up, you can choose gold as a reward increasing your max gold take per run.

Coin Purse increases your gold gain by 100% and increases your damage (up to +150%) for 9 seconds with each coin that is picked up. Between turning enemies into coins with the character skill and finding coins in containers, this damage buff will be up almost the entire run.

For the wind trinket, I recommend the Enchanted Harp for increased pickup range which aids leveling up quickly. The War Drum and Silver Bullet are good options as well. War Drum triggers damage to all enemies on screen upon activating your character skill. With the maxed out Emerald Ring and War Drum, you could be doing 80 damage to ALL enemies on the screen every 8 seconds. Silver Bullet increases projectile speed and this build is projectile heavy so it is also a good choice.


Recommended: Bronze Starfish, Ancestral Razor, Spectral Needle, Ranger Bow, Whirlwind Pickaxe

All of these weapons will evolve if the required/recommended trinkets that I listed are taken. If you don’t like any of the weapons I picked for the build, swap them out with a weapon you like as long as they have the same infusion requirements (an example would be replacing Bronze Starfish w/ Necromancer Gauntlet). I highly recommend sticking to the weapons I picked though. Each of these weapons are fantastic and some of their evolutions do insane damage. All of these weapons benefit from additional projectiles and between the Blood Thirst trinket and +2 projectile upgrade, almost the entire screen will be filled with projectiles in the last half of each run.

Spectral Needle and the Ranger Bow in particular benefit the most from their evolutions and once either one of these weapons evolves, the rest of the run is EZ mode.


The following three Charms are the best choices and will all come recommended (double bonus) if you have used all the trinkets/weapons I have listed in this guide.

  • Talent: -30% skill cool down, -20% luck. This one lets you turn enemies into coins more often.
  • Determination: +2 projectiles, -20% health. Huge damage boost.
  • Daring: +50% fire rate, -15% experience. Another huge damage boost.

Stage Selection

I find Glacier III – Ruin 5 to be the best stage for farming gold. You can choose whatever stage is best for you, but there are several good reasons to pick Glacier III – Ruin 5 which I’ve listed below. Why not choose an infinite run? Because Infinite mode does not include a round completion bonus and can take over 30 minutes to complete. The completion bonus takes into account the Ruin level money bonus (+125%) so the default 2600 reward bonus for Glacier III will end up being more like 5200+.

Why Glacier III – Ruin 5?

  • It provides a good reward bonus vs. difficulty mix. Shrine III – Ruin 5 is MUCH harder for only 150 more bonus coins.
  • The rounds are capped at 20 minutes meaning you are not wasting more time in infinite mode. The round completion bonus is also much higher than Glacier II.
  • There are no invulnerable enemies in Glacier.
  • The map only allows movement to left/right. This funnels enemies and makes collecting EXP gems and coins easier. With a maxed out Enchanted Harp trinket, you almost don’t have to move vertically at all to collect items.

Run Guide

Midas starts with the Living Paintbrush can which make the first few minutes of each round difficult at times. On Glacier III, focus on the goblin enemies with your paintbrush and avoid the crabs*. It is useful to have at least one resurrection upgrade just in case of an accidental death. The first goals are to get more weapons and the Onyx Coin trinket. Once the Onyx Coin is equipped, start using the character skill as frequently as possible to turn enemies into coins.

After the first few minutes have passed start heading towards the bosses and picking up any chests/charms along the way. Piggy Bank pick-ups are also very important as they will proc the Onyx Coin. Often times a single piggy bank can level you up several times. Once all your weapons/trinkets are maxed out, start choosing the money reward every time you level up. That’s all there is to it.

*Be mindful of the exploding crabs later into the run. Dead crab bodies tend to stack up and can cause lots of damage and with all the projectiles on screen it can be difficult to see them explode.

I highly recommend you use your hard earned money on further upgrading the money gain stat. Once it no longer becomes cost effective to upgrade that stat, than downgrade it several levels, disperse the refunded coins into other stats and continue the grind.

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  1. Thanks for the guide, the build is great! I found out that using exotic spices instead of onyx coin and the sword trinket instead of the emerald ring yields better results overrall. Both have the same elements as the ones on the guide too so you can evolve every weapon.

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