Art of Rally – Beginners Tips

Whether you’re new to art of rally or coming back to it, the tips below should help you get into the rhythm.

Starter Tips

General Tips

  1. Pick a stable car with good grip and one that’s not too fast, like il nonno 313 or the rotary 3 (group 3), and drive in a location where the stages don’t have too many sharp turns, like Kenya or Indonesia.
  2. Don’t turn while the RPM are in the red line!
  3. Don’t drive too fast! The higher POV could mess with your sense of speed, so by the time you feel you’re going “fast enough”, you’re probably too fast and about to lose control.
  4. If you do lose control, lift your finger off the throttle, brake, and get the car under control first!

Tweaking the In-Game Settings

Assuming you don’t have any custom configuration already set in the Steam Controller Settings or in any third-party software, adjusting these in-game settings should help:

  1. In options > gameplay
  • More steering assist will make the cars less twitchy, e.g. 40% or more.
  • Counter-steer factor multiplies your input when the car is turning to one side, but you’re steering in the opposite direction – try setting it to 100% for a 1:1 ratio
  • A popular anti-lock braking setting is 10%, but if you feel that the cars brake too fast or the wheels lock and cause you to lose control, you could try increasing the value
  1. In options > controls > advanced controls
  • The 3 sensitivity options control how “immediate” your input is. Try setting steering sensitivity and throttle sensitivity to 0% and see if that helps. These settings also affect digital input (e.g, a keyboard, a Switch controller) and are especially useful when playing with a keyboard.

Of course, later, you could always adjust all these settings to better suit your needs as a driver or even depending on the cars you drive.

Other Notes

One last thing. and it depends on your input device, but in art of rally if you’re playing with a keyboard or a controller, you might get better results if you don’t hold the steering for too long. Instead, just try flicking the stick (on a controller), or tapping the key (on a keyboard) a few times when trying to correct the direction of the car. This is not so uncommon for less arcadey racing games, but depending on your recent experiences with racing games, it might require some getting used to.

Note that, if you’re using a steering wheel, the intensity of the steering can be adjusted through the wheel’s software.

I hope you find these tips useful!

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