ASKA – Trade Routes Tips

Useful Tips for Trade Routes


  • 1 Warehouse
  • 1 worker (at least)
  • Deposits for the goods you wish to transfer.


  • 1 Warehouse
  • Does not need to be staffed
  • SAME deposits as the goods from the source warehouse.


  • Doesn’t matter location.
  • 1 worker
  • 1 sled or cart.

How to Make Trade Route

  • At the market, go into tasks.
  • Select Source Warehouse – Destination Warehouse
  • Sselect the worker and the sled (you need to assing the sled/cart to the worker in a different tab at the market).
  • Select the goods (if both warehouse have compatible deposits, you should be able to see the transportable goods).
  • Select quantity.
  • Save.


Do not set trade routes with both large and small/medium goods, workers then to bug and get into infinite loading cart loop.

The reason for the source warehouse be staffed is for the goods be gathered from the production buildings into the warehouse.

Since destination warehouse is receiving the goods from the market, it’s not needed for a staff to be there.

Example of working trade route:

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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