ASKA – Useful Tips and Tricks (Strategy, Management and Resources)

This collection of useful tips will help players to better understand the gameplay and general concept of the ASKA game.

Tips and Tricks for All Players

Heal and Health Tips

  • Raw onions and garlic restore some health.
  • A Healing Hut and a cookhouse are the places where meals provide some benefits.
  • Sleeping in shelters doesn’t heal fast, higher quality sleeping places like the cottages provide more health while asleep.
  • The Chieftain’s House provides the best healing effect.
  • You can add at least two beds while maintaining a “comfortable” space for your virtual villagers.

Fresh Garlic absolutely is the best healer in the wild…and during spring and summer it’s super abundant so you can do a mass collection and set your gatherers to prioritize it.

Management Tips


Just as some tips, as far as schedules go, the standard one villagers spawn with is fine. I always like to add an extra hour of leisure in the morning and evening as well, for two total. If they’re nocturnal, just reverse it. There are two nocturnal buffs, Night Shadow and Nocturnal Resilience. They’ll be very unhappy to be awake during the day and they’ll do great at night.

I haven’t had any issues with schedule set up. Even if it says they’re struggling with their work balance, adding decorations is my fix for that. Birch trees, flowers, gardens, etc. Making the village pretty is good for morale.

Strategy Tips

Your strategy constantly changes depending on your goals. Say you have a self sufficient village, but you want to add more defense. Adding even one villager is someone new to house, clothe, and feed. So that alone is a big factor to consider. So adding a fighting force, equipping them, training, setting up patrol routes, all becomes complex and sophisticated.

Or say you want to start building boats. That’s a huge late game endeavor and requires a lot of planning and setup. Sometimes you’ll need to set up your buildings and structures, get new villagers, and wait until everything is in place just to begin.

The sky is the limit with how much you want to do or challenge yourself.

Pro Tip to Remember for Workshops

When you assign a Villager to craft items, you do not need to tell them to craft the small materials. Just the finished product, and they’ll make the rest.

For example, if you want a villager to craft a Large Stone Axe, just assign them to craft a Large Stone Axe. They’ll make the Ropes and Stone Blades necessary for it.

Resources Tips


Flax is a little out of whack rn. You’ll have to help your villagers out by spending some time to gather the flax yourself. At the moment the flax/rope requirements are pretty extreme, especially for early game.

But it is manageable if you help them. You can also set your Woodcutter to a High Priority for Fibers, and they’ll break down Bark to get more to help out.

Just don’t have them do it for too long, they’ll favor it in place of regular woodcutting.


You can break down the reeds into fibers… I found them in abundance. I would spend a few minutes gathering reeds & breaking them down to fill the storage.

Yes, getting more Fiber early on can be a pain, so it’s good to know a few alternatives. Check out this tips!

How to Beat Bear in Day 17

  • Most important. Place hedge wall around your village.
  • Build watchtower other defense building where you will be able to put 4-5 archers with two-three stacks of arrows.
  • Remember you villagers will sleep during attack so you should change time to awake every character.

Rough Build Plan

  • 1 Campire -> 1 Shelter -> 1 water collector -> 1 Eye of Jotun
  • Lay out 3 additional shelters.
  • 3 Basic gathering (foraging, woodcutting, stonecutting) huts + workers hut (these get prioritised with pinning [Q])
  • 3 More shelters get laid out
  • 3 Basic huts get upgraded to 2nd tier (these get priortised with pinning [Q])
  • Hunter’s Hut + Weaver extension + Farm
  • Cottage
  • Cave Entrance + Leatherworker extension
  • Cottage 2
  • Barracks + Farm 2
  • Cottage 3 + Chieftan’s hut
  • Coal Maker
  • Bloomery + Workshop #2
  • Cottage 4
  • Metalworker extension
  • Keep the jotun fire burning 100% of the time.
  • Prioritise planting flax over everything else.
  • 5 Villagers per cottage.

Squeeze in a warehouse somewhere in the above and make a sled per player as soon as you can (you need the extra space for jotun hunting and going to get thatch from the beach reeds).

I dont pin any of the shelters unless I have a homeless dude or 2. The cottages are another story, I will help my villagers build these to ensure everyone has beds.

Also, make sure you have a well on every Natural Water Collector around you. A fires near every structure where people will physically work (Workshop, Farm plots) and dotted throughout your village.

Also the villagers love stone torches, use them frequently.

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