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Best Seed Codes + Maps

Seed #1

Ragnarok Awaits
  • Difficulty: Beginner friendly, cozy village sim.

Incredibly peaceful seed… Wolf den near mine is the only trouble you will need to deal with for a LONG while. Gathering paths can be made free of danger by sticking to the south and west of the den beside the mine.

Seed #2


Cave at the pin, wolves and beach nearby. Bonus shipwreck spawner on the beach!

Seed #3

Aska's Abs

Shipwreck and Cave location seen in the pics. Wolf Den nearby as well. Seed has all of my major factors for settlement location. Cave Near the Shore near a Wolf Den.

Seed #4


Peaceful. No enemies near at all. Lots of Smolkrs to kill. Not too many deer. Mine neslted in between two flat plains with lots of well spots. Water not too far away.

Seed #5


Took my a minute to find the mine, but it’s a nice area with flat terrain in front of it, and pretty close to the ocean for fishing. There’s bunnies and deers running around, but haven’t had any extra nasty critters wander over. My marker is where the cave entrance will be.

Seed #6


You start at the top right part of the map. One mine is close to you if you go west and slightly north. Seconds is close from the middle South-West. The third is South-East from the middle.

Seed #7


I just leave the seed here with a fully explored map with all the markers.

Seed #8


This is the seed that has a mine north of beach start area, and plenty of wolves, animals, and everything close by.

Seed #9


Big flat area to build next to a mine which is just off the spawn beach. Wolves up the coast within reach but not too close. Big scratchy man isnt far away either. higher up bosses and stuff are further away. You can put your chief house on a cliff above the mine, overlooking the camp and defend from there also.

Seed #10


Needing no explanation…

Seed #11


3rd mine is up north, you can barely see it on the screen, second one is on the left just under the fire marker, wolf den is just north of the camp, horizontaly from the left mine (the circle in the forest) If you continue up north from the wolf den you’ll get in the bear biome and even further you’ll come across the spire.

2nd part of the map with the spire location, around the right side (dont remember where) there’s the “boss” battleground.

Seed #12


If anyone wants a seed with a cave that has 200+ iron in it.

The area around the cave is great for building too. I have 75 villagers, everything built and still have 70+ iron to use, and all my dudes have iron weapons/shields.

Seed #13


You start on a small island, a short swim and some wight dodging you’ll find a cave where my beacon is. I’m standing in a nice mostly flat clearing. If you go to the NW corner of the clearing shown on the map, and look westward through the opening in the trees you can see an oak tree. There are 2 smolkr spawns around the edges of the clearing so perfect spot to really get to appreciate them…

Nearest wolf den is NW of the clearing though a bit further from the clearing than then the cave so not really close but close enough that you can easily get resources yet far enough that your villagers wont be bothered initially.

Seed #14

Hawk Tuah

Mine is SE where im standing. Beach is a stone’s throw a way. Really flat on the west side of my marker (just cut down some Fir trees to get a big flat area). East side of my marker the trees are all hardwood. SW of the mine is a wolves den, SE is Smolder spawn. Just behind the mine is a huge flat area also with the skullrock, but no baddies there. Started the seed as a joke, but probably one of the better seeds I’ve seen at least for starting. Pretty much has everything.

Seed #15


Pretty decent seed I found if someone wants to explore it.

  • Black Circle – Mines.
  • Red Circle – Wulvar Dens.

Lots of fir, birch, deer around the main village, and the 2 mines on left and right are very close to water. Ignore the white circle, that was a boo boo.

Seed #16

The Spirit of Massachusetts

Stones but if I recall correctly they’re pretty out of the way and there’s plenty of open space. There are wolves in the circle clearing SW, you can see half of it on my map. Skeletons to the east of the marker, but they haven’t really been too much of an issue.

Seed #17


Pretty cool starting area. Mine rock just northwest with a nice field under a big oak with water source. The giant tree just north of spawn.

Seed #18


This map is one of the finest you’ll see. From my camp you can see the giant oaks, the sea, and a cave. The forest by the cave has deer. Wolves are north, the north east has drugar, and past them are skeletons. The Northwest also has drugar. The forest to the east is birch, while north and east are fir. This site is a plain, with several plains nearby. Wolves spawn a bit further north.

Seed #19


This seed has cave just north-westish of starting location. Skeleton field is right next door, but they don’t aggro much.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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  1. Coastal Cave Village Seed. 10/10 for new players and such.


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    best seed for iron mining, and an over abundance of water wells.
    and jotun blood

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