Assetto Corsa – Xbox Controller Settings

My Xbox game pad settings for less “nervous” steering behaviour and more stability. Xbox One Controller for Windows, Assetto Corsa.

Open Controller Configuration Menu

  1. Start Assetto Corsa
  2. In the main menu click on “options” > “controls”

My Game Pad Settings

Category: Main Controls

  • Speed Sensitivity: 20 %

Category: Advanced

  • Steering Speed: 60 %
  • Gamma: 2.5
  • Filter: 0.9
  • Deadzone: 0

Save Configuration

Enter a file name and click on “save current”. The saved configuration will show up in the presets list.

Why I Use These Settings

Assetto Corsa’s standard game pad settings:

  • Are very direct
  • Even minimal steering input makes the car steer significantly
  • High steering speed

These settings are ok…

  • When driving with lower speeds
  • For stopping the car from oversteering / preventing a spin


  • Steering is very nervous, not smooth
  • The car gets very instable fast
  • When driving with higher speeds even a small steering input can lead to loosing control and spin
  • Especially when you have to avoid another car (evasive swerve) at high speed loosing control over your own car is likely

My settings make the steering input more subdued, less direct, which makes the car’s behaviour less “nervous”. It is more stable. Especially at higher speeds and high speed corners / chicanes it makes a difference. In my case it led to less escalateing / yawing and less spins.

Downside: preventing an already oversteering car from spinning is hard. In this case settings with high steering speed can be an advantage.

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