Astervoid 2000 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A guide on how to get all the achievements in Astervoid 2000.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Most of the achievements can be unlocked in either Survival mode against bots or Versus modes against controller players. 2 Achievements are specific to Survival mode.
  • Playing in Versus mode is not required but some achievements are easy to do with 3 controller players.
  • Achievement unlocks are a bit buggy. Some achievements unlock without the right trigger. Others require multiple attempts. If an achievement doesn’t unlock, try again.

Game Mechanics

Ships and controls

  • All ships have only cosmetic differences and otherwise play the same.
  • Both Player ship and enemies have 1 hit shield that regenerates. 1 hit removes the shield and 2nd hit kills the player/enemies.
  • Sometimes on 2nd hit Ships don’t explode instantly. Instead they slow down and release red/blue/purple exhaust and explode after a couple of seconds. This is called Critical mode.
  • Shift/Right Mouse click is for boost and can be used for dodging and melee attack.
  • Left Mouse click is for basic fire. Holding Left Mouse Click and releasing causes a charged attack that ignores shield and directly kills.
  • Holding a charge attack and clicking boost will move player ship in a straight line destroying anything it touches. This is the melee attack.
  • Enemy basic attack can be nullified by player attacks.

Environmental Hazards

  • Moving offscreen will kill player ship in a couple of seconds. Boost can be used to return back to game screen.
  • There are many asteroid types floating around the screen. Blue Ice asteroids can reflect basic attacks. Explosive asteroids grow and explode with subsequent fire.
  • None of the asteroid types do any damage to any ships during direct impact. No need to dodge them. Only Explosive asteroids can kill you after they explode.


  • At the beginning of a match and at random times afterwards a Warship spawns from one side of the screen and moves to the other.
  • Warship can be destroyed, but they have a lot of health. They fire slow moving shots that can kill in 1 hit.
  • Warship attacks can’t be nullified only dodged.

Survival Achievements

There are 2 achievements that can only be unlocked in Survival game mode.

First Bot Kill!

  • That was easy, keep going!

Kill the 1st enemy in Survival mode.


  • Kill 100 bots in one round of survival.

This achievement might be bugged. I got the achievement without getting 100 kills. It’s possible the game counts all the enemies killed in one session. So keep clicking ‘Play Again’ after dying and keep playing until you have 100 kills. Alternatively get 100 kills in a single round.(Needs Testing)

Other Achievements

Rest of the achievements can be unlocked in either Survival mode or Versus mode.

A Fiery Death

  • Get a kill by blowing up an explosive asteroid.

Kill any enemy near an explosive asteroid by shooting the asteroid. If the enemy dies due to the explosion, the achievement unlocks.

Precision or Luck?

  • Hit another ship by bouncing a shot off a reflective asteroid

Fire shots at blue ice asteroids. If any reflected shots hit any enemy, the achievement unlocks. Not as hard as it sounds. Kill is not required. A hit is enough.

Critical Hit

  • Destroy a ship while in critical mode

Easier to do in Versus mode. Keep shooting enemy players until the ship starts releasing red/blue/purple exhaust. When that happens move your ship towards the enemy so that both of you die.


  • Destroy two ships using a melee attack

Refer to the section for Threelee!


  • Destroy three ships using a melee attack

Easier to do in Versus mode. Line up three enemy ships in a straight line. LIne your own ship at one end and execute a melee attack by holding Charge attack and pressing boost. If all 3 enemies die during 1 attack, the achievement will unlock.

Collateral Damage

  • Destroy two ships using the explosion from the warship

Refer to the section for Abandon Ship!

Abandon Ship!

  • Destroy three ships using the explosion from the warship

Can possibly be done easily in Versus mode, but requires 3 active controller players. When deathmatch starts, the Warship spawns in a few seconds. The 3 controller players dodge asteroids and Warship attacks while the player character damages the Warship. When the Warship is at low health all players should move closer and when the explosion starts, the 3 controller players should move their ships in the explosion radius. If all 3 controller players die you get the achievement.

Alternatively it can be unlocked in Survival mode with a bit of skill/luck. The Warship spawns about 30 seconds into the round. Try to damage the Warship while you are killing enemies, but don’t destroy it until Wave 8 or 9. That’s when 3 enemy ships start spawning. Hide behind the Warship while dodging both enemy and Warship attacks. The Enemy ships come close to the Warship and fire on it. If the Warship explodes and kills 3 or more enemes, then you get the achievement. Although it would require luck to get it during first Warship spawn with only 3 enemies. I got it around wave 20 during 2nd Warship spawn with 5+ enemies.

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