Rollerdrome – How to Beat Riot Guys and Teleporters

Here you can find some tips on how to struggle with riot dudes and teleporters.

Guide to Defeat Riot Guys and Teleporters

The Guys with Riot Shields

Shotgun for the riot guys is very effective.

Skate straight at the shield guy. Do perfect dodge and activate super slow-mo (blue screen version with extra damage) as he attacks, fire 2 slugs and finish with pistol.

Alternate version, fire grenade launcher on approach, switch to pistol or shotgun to finsh.

Teleporting Dudes

Use pistols for the teleporting dudes. I tend to wait for them to attack.

So i can make a perfect dogde and get the “buff”.

That way makes it possible to take them down in one go.

Also for teleporters use your pistols to keep them stun locked in place. Preferably in super slow mo.

The teleport dudes get one shot by a fully charged laser shot during super reflex (so do stompers, rocket boys and mechs that had their flamers destroyed).

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