Auroria – Useful Tips for Moon / Mars Launch

Rocket Launching Tips

Base Set Up:

Try to have a separate simple base for rocket launchers. It should has as little details as possible. One warehouse, one contact center, and two launchers for Moon and Mars (yes you can remove the black tall factory after you load your rockets to launchers). In case you think this will waste a base with a warehouse, I put an equipment workbench and some storages there to dismantle and store equipments + crystals.

Don’t put your lander base on this rocket base. I don’t want to spawn my NPCs in big base anyway.

Try to locate your rocket base aways from structures and other explorers. Don’t put it in the continent with that stormy weather. Put somewhere a screen or two away from complex / crowded objects.


Each fail attempt will cost 4-5 green fuels. However, if you need to go to Moon / Mars to continue your research, chances are your mining rigs, your furnaces, and your processors are just idling around. Use them to make more green fuels! Iron ores and crude oils are fast to mine. Iron ingots and gasolines are quick to produce. For the oxygen tank, yes it’s slow to make, but you can put more air devices to make them! One gasoline processor will use up resources from two oil rigs. Note down your rig’s, furnace’s, and processor’s speed to not produce too much impractical items in your warehouses.

Fuels your rocket whenever you can, even if you are not using it yet.

Game settings:

  • Put everything on low settings.
  • Turn off the markers on map.


  • Relog before you count down. Relog after you fail rocket and disconnected.
  • Restart the phone / clean + optimize your phone if needed.
  • I noted the game’s map update every 1-3 mins, so I usually have a 2-3 mins waiting in between important actions to make sure it register in server.
  • Don’t idle around and wait for the count down. Just do some other things and come back last 10-20 seconds.
  • Make sure you don’t have any buildable items in bags ( bedrock, walls, shower, etc). Empty your industrial bag, recall your vehicles.
  • Don’t have recycled bases in recycle tab.

I hope you found this helpful!

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