Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Get Past the Arcane Turrets

Quick and easy guide to get past the arcane turrets in the Underdark.

Grabbing the Sussur Blossom

To make it real simple and low effort you’re gonna wanna grab the Sussur Blossom from around the Sussur tree.

These flowers disable the Arcane Turrets because you cannot cast spells while you are standing near or holding the blossom, so make sure to plan accordingly or a clear a way through beforehand.

(Also don’t forget to grab the Sussur Bark for crafting the Masterwork Weapon while your’e here.)

I marked the locations of the four blossoms you can pick up:

Warning: Once you have the flowers in your inventory make sure you do not return to the surface sussur blossoms will permanently wilt in sunlight, making this method impossible.

Disabling the Turrets

Once you get to the entrance of the Arcane Tower separate a character with higher strength from the rest of the group and make sure they have the Sussur Blossom on them. quickly run behind the rock outcropping. Next enter Turn-Based and walk out from behind the rock and Toss that MF’in blossom. (Make sure you split the stack first!)

Repeat for the other turret outside the Arcane Tower, and the two turrets inside the tower

Goodnight Arcane Turret!

Bonus and Goodbye!

If you bring Gale with you he gains an inspiration from doing this!

See? Short and simple leave a Like if it helped, let me know what to change if it didn’t, this is my first guide so if it sucks don’t stone me, Thank ya for reading, happy adventuring!

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  1. Or just take a rogue with invisibility. Invisibility is stupid good. Enough time to get past first two turrents, lockpick the door and get to the window. You might take a few hits from the left turret inside, but that’s totally fine.

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