Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Romance Astarion

Steps to gain Astarion approval.

Guide to Romance Astarion

How to Gain Astarion Approval

To gain Astarion’s approval, you have to make choices he likes. Of course, you’ll need to forgive him when you learn he’s a vampire and let him bite you. But there’s more to it. He likes players who are strong and ready to defeat those who disagree with them.

Beginning Choices

  • Forgive Astarion after his apology.
  • Deceive and betray the captured Tieflings who are holding Lae’zel.
  • Persuade Lae’zel to use the word “please” to escape from the Tiefling’s cage.

In the Grove

  • Avoid getting involved between Zevlor and Kagha.
  • Allow Arka to eliminate Sazza.
  • Inform Kagha that Tav enjoyed the spectacle if she asks about their perception of her monstrosity.
  • Inform Astarion about the refugees’ desperation.
  • Playfully prod Nettie’s bird.
  • Instigate conflict between Ardin and Zevlor.
  • Defeat Kagha.
  • Grant access to the raiders by opening the gate.
  • Choose the line “Bad news, children. You’re all going to die” during the speech to the Tiefling children.
  • Commend Lae’zel for her effective interrogation of Zorru.

Around the Area

  • Use tadpole’s power on Brynna and encourage revenge.
  • Persuade Goblin guard to let everyone into Blighted Village.
  • Walk in on couple in Blighted Village, then tell Astarion it was “fun.”
  • Tell Barcus to compensate Tav after rescue.
  • Intimidate the Orante Mirror in Blighted Village.
  • Defeat Feezerk.
  • Recruit Ogres without payment.
  • Agree to assist Karlach.
  • Take supplies with Paladin Cyrel.
  • Defeat Githyanki patrol or convince Lae’Zel to cooperate.
  • Encourage Gnoll to consume other Gnolls.
  • Defeat Monster Hunter pursuing Astarion or deceive him.

Romance Night Cutscene

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