Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Select Multiple Items

Did you know you can interact with multiple items in your inventory at once? Here’s how!

Guide to Select Multiple Items

Quick Overview

Here’s a quick overview on how to select multiple items at once:

  • Shift-click a second item when you already have a first selected. It will now also select the second item, as well as everything between the first and second item.
  • Ctrl-click an item to add it to your current selection, or to remove it from the current selection if already part of it.

It’s that simple! It works pretty much exactly as the file browser on Windows.

So what can this do? You can…

  • Right-click your selection to pop-up the context menu, where your choice will affect the entire active selection (No more sending items to camp 1-by-1!).
  • Move items as you would move a single item, except it’ll move the entire batch. Great for filling bags with loads of items quickly.

Here’s to that this may be useful to you!

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