Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Speed Run Level #4

My discovery on the quickest way to reach level 4, as of Early Access.

The Process

Are you tired of grinding your way up to level 5 over and over again while we wait for full release? Well, after playing the game for 3 years, I think I’ve found the quickest route to reaching the previous level cap of 4 as quickly as possible.

And the best part is, you can do it before you even reach the Goblin Camp, which should mean you have plenty of time to reach level 5 before you complete the EA route to Moonrise Towers.

1 – Kill everyone on the nautiloid: This is much easier than it sounds, if you use the rest shrine exploit by having US or some other party member disconnect from the group and wait behind.

Doing this will guarantee you get enough XP to reach level 2, and also put you relatively close to hitting level 3 already.

2 – Clear out the ruined tomb: Unlike the Nautiloid, there’s no cheap exploit to make this dungeon easier. Unless you count elves being immune to the skeleton’s sleep spells.

Doing this will usually bump you up to level 3 if you cleared the nautiloid. If not, then you should hit level 3 by the time you reach Nettie in the Druid Grove.

3 – Kill the Ogres in Blighted Village: This is very easy if you climb up to the roof and snipe them from stealth. The ogres are too stupid to move from their positions if they can’t see who’s shooting them.

Depending on how much of a murder hobo you decided to be (refer to the grove), the ogres might grant you enough XP to hit level 4. But if you’ve been refraining from such activities, then your next stop is Waukeen’s Rest.

4 – Help the Flaming Fist save the woman from the fire: This grants you your choice of one of three weapons as a reward. Saving the man trapped under the burning rubble is optional.

I’m not sure how much XP this quest actually gives you, but seeing as how it’s ‘on the way’ to our next destination, you might as well stop by and complete it.

5 – Wipe out the Zhentarim Hideout: This is way easier than it seems, if you can manage to talk your way past the guards. They’ll disable the traps, allowing you to roam free through the hideout. Once this is done, you can head over to their treasury storage area, where there will be a button to reactivate them.

Wait until one of the patrolling guards (should be a woman with a wolf) crosses over the bridge, then reactivate the proximity mines to send both her and her dog falling into the pit below. After that, it’s a simple matter of using Sneak Attack to finish off everybody else in the cave as you go.

And that’s it, that’s how I manage to reach level 4 as fast as possible!

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