Baldur’s Gate 3 – Investigate the Selunite Resistance Quest Guide (Act 2)

Investigate the Selunite Resistance Quest

In the Ruined Battlefield, there is a skeleton of Inquisitor Verzen Wranlock (X:-35, Y-88), a Sharran Inquisitor.

Looting the corpse provides a book of Investigation Notes which reveals they were investigating a former potter’s workshop that was acting as a hideout for Selûnite holdouts.

The book offers coordinates to the house, which is to the north, also in the Ruined Battlefield.

The corpse of the Dark Justiciar.

When approaching the potter’s house, a group of Meazels attack. After dealing with them, find the Potter’s Chest (X:-52, Y:11) and lockpick it (DC 14). The chest holds a note referring to the Last Light Inn as another source of Selûnite rebellion.

Go to the northern end of the Inn, to the docks, to find an entrance to the Last Light Inn – Cellar (X:-47, Y:144). Once inside, there is a set of Double Oak Doors (X:28, Y:-724) covered by crates. Move or destroy the crates and open the door. Within this room is a cracked wall to the west – destroy it with force damage to continue.

Once inside, the party is attacked by seven Meenlocks. After the battle, move east to the Selûnite shrine. On the stone bench next to the statue is Halfred’s Note, which indicates the rebels were collaborating with the Mason’s Guild to take down Ketheric Thorm.

The webbed door in the Last Light Cellar.

While at the Last Light Inn, head to the ground floor to speak to Mattis. Ask him if he is selling anything special and he mentions a strange key that Mol gave him and told him not to give away easily.

The key can either be bought from Mattis outright for 1000 gold, deceive him into thinking Mol said the party could have it (DC 6), persuaded that it’s safer with the party (DC 6), or convinced that the key is worthless and he should just give it away (Insight DC 6).

If he gives it up, the party receives a Tower-Shaped Key.

Travel to the Mason’s Guild, which is north of the Reithwin Town Waypoint. Go north inside the building to find an Ornate Wooden Hatch (X:-127, Y:27) or use the elevator on the upper floor.

Move to the western wall and, with a successful perception check, a Keyholed Herald is revealed. Either lockpick the keyhole or use the Tower-Shaped Key from Mattis.

Go to the southwest to find what remains of the resistance – a Wraith and several Shadows. Read the Mason’s Log (X:108, Y:-748) to complete the quest.

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