Baldur’s Gate 3 – Short Walkthrough and Quest Order for (Acts 1-2-3)

I keep having issues in every Larian game with finding a correct quest order, and worrying about something breaking, characters disappearing or not joining my camp, so I decided to post a very basic walkthrough, for people like me, that are worried about missing out on important content.

I didn’t want to just copy wiki, so this is presented more like “go there, do that and then…” in general directions and broad strokes. When I say “explore” it means talking to everyone in general vicinity, getting their quests, exhausting dialogues, collecting everything (or anything) you want. You should also use long rests as needed, some quest that got time constricts are mentioned.

Act I

Nautiloid – collect slave mind and dark mind jars for some flavor in Act II. Kill commander Zhalk.

After the crash – explore southern part, find Shadowheart, Wyl, Astarion, Gale and free Lae’Zel. Explore ruins to the east, including Dank Crypt, Refectory, find a button inside the crypt which opens the wall to Withers inside a sarcophagus.

Head north, explore Druids Grove. Save Nadira from Bugbear on the hill, save Arabella from Kagha inside Emerald Grove, save a tiefling child from harpies on the eastern shore. Talk to Alfira the bard. Talk to Volo. Talk to a caged goblin in prison, free her if you wish.

Proceed north-west, below the bridge to goblin village. Explore owl bear cave, do not kill the owlbear cub, killing the mother is irrelevant but totally avoidable. Exit the cave, proceed north, find and recruit Scratch the dog. Keep the letters you find.

Move west to blighted village. Dispense off all enemies any way you see fit. Inside the basement find Necromancy of Thay book, read it one any character you want (necromancer/summoner preffered), or give it to Gale/Astarion, or destroy it with radiant damage. Save Barcus the gnome tied to the windmill the first time. Don’t forget to visit the barn.

Back to village. Go south, find swamps. South-east to find evidence against Kagha, briefly back to druids grove to confront and dispense with her. Then back to swamp and to aunty Ethel’s house at south-west. Dispense with her as needed. Save Mayrina.

Back to village again. Proceed north via a broken bridge, then east. Find Karlah. Go north to toll collector’s house and kill everyone. North-west – kill gnolls, save Rugan and Olly. Keep the cache unopened until Act III for flavor.

West to Waukeen rest, save 2 people trapped in a fire. Same location – entrance to Zhentarim hideout. Either turn in the cache, or keep for Act III, as mentioned above. Can also kill all the npc’s inside and free slaves/painter. Proceed a bit more west with Lae’Zel in party and meet githyanki scouting party.

Back to blighted village – explore blacksmith, find infernal iron, fix Karlah’s heart the first time by giving it to Dammon in Druids grove. Back to village – enter the spider’s cave (whispering depths) via blacksmith house or well. Kill the spider queen.

Can enter Underdark right here via mushroom circle (wear mask to see it), or from any previously found location. Explore Undedark. Arcane tower to south-west. Festering Cove with Boooal worshipers south-center, Selunite outpost south-east. North to Myconid outpost, decide to either side with Glut or Spaw. Save Baelen at north-west, talk to his wife, don’t heal the Baelen. South from here to Sussur tree. Collect bark, flowers, for quests and crafting (can craft one weapon back at blacksmith, need to combine bark with greatsword, dagger, or sickle which can be found nearby).

Back to blighted village. Move south-west, cross the bridge to goblins and dispense with them as needed. North to goblin camp. Talk to Volo. Free goblin (Sazza from druids grove) again if you wish. Talk to goblins near owlbear cub at chicken race, free the owlbear (he will join you after 2 long rests and successful interactions in your camp). Kill all the goblins if needed (can poison their booze).

Enter shattered sanctum. Explore everything, kill everyone (can talk to goblins, finish their quests, then kill them anyway). Free Liam, Volo, Halsin. Since you aren’t siding with Absolute – kill Minthara.

Back to Underdark. Beach. Ship to Duergar camp. Loot, pillage, mayhem. Save Philomeen north-east. Proceed south. Save gnomes by killing Nere (take his head to Sovereign in Myconid colony), including Barcus a second time. TALK TO BARCUS and invite him to your camp (if you don’t have that option, try to use a different character). TALK TO BARCUS in your camp. Explore adamantine forge south, kill Grym, craft 2 items from adamantine, find talking amulet.

Back to Waukeen rest (my recommendation). Proceed west via mountain pass.

Talk to Elminster south-west, Esther slightly north. Proceed north to Rosymorn monastery, explore everything, kill the kobolds. Finish the Dawnmaster Crest puzzle. Proceed to Kreche Y’Llek.

Play along with githyanki, finish their quests, get the egg (there are many ways to play it out with Esther, including killing her, giving her owlbear egg from the owlbear cave in Act I or giving her gith egg, or nothing at all). Try to remove tadpoles, pass 3 checks for bonus (use it yourself instead of Lae’Zel). Proceed north, talk to Therezzyn, inquisitor, queen. Side with dream visitor, kill inquisitor, collect Blood of Lathander. Kill everyone else in kreche if you wish. Proceed to Act II walkthrough.

Act II

Back to Trielta Crags waypoint. West to shadow-cursed lands. Kill the goblins if they appear there and offer you to travel to Moonrise or summon Drider. Explore west along the shore, then north to Shadowed Battlefield, then all the way north and save harpers from shadows. Return slightly south and cross the bridge to Last-light inn. Talk to everyone, find Barcus again, get his quest for extra flavor in Act III. Don’t forget strange ox. Talk to Isobel, protect her from ambush. Talk to Art Cullagh (sleeping guy), talk to Halsin at your camp (should be there if saved previosly).

Do not talk to harpers on the bridge yet. Explore all the way south, if you want. Talk to Oliver in the middle of the map and play his game. Save Rolan all the way down south.

Go back to Last Light, talk to harpers on the bridge, follow them, resolve the ambush (Drider encounter) however you want. Cross to Reithwin. Proceed directly west from the waypoint, kill shadows, kill Kar’Niss (if he wasn’t killed by you in ambush). Solve puzzle (4 tablets surrounding a statue) in the middle and open sharite sanctuary. Get 3 buffs from statues, do ritual.

Proceed north to mason guild. Explore basement. Proceed north to graveyard, find Arabella, tell her to stay in your camp. Proceed north to Grand Mausoleum waypoint, talk to Raphael, then north-west to kill Kuo-Toa on the beach. Find a cave on the beach. Explore and kill everything inside (might need jump scrolls, potions, teleport or flying), exit via a different exit through the morgue.

Explore the western part of Reithwin. Survive an ambush near the Baldurs Gate waypoint (level 9 Gith). Explore the House of Healing in the middle of the map, find Arabella’s parents. Dispense with everyone inside (boss can be convinced to kill his minions and himself). Back to Art Cullagh in Last Light inn. Talk to Halsin and follow him. Finish a series of fights, deal with Thaniel and Oliver. Halsin becomes your companion. Talk to Arabella in your camp about finding her parents (talk to her again after long resting).

Back to Reithwin town waypoint. Clear Tollhouse directly south (boss can be pushed out of the window and can also be given at least 5k gold to get a rare trading visa which can be sold, used to turn into golden statue, or reverse-pickpocketed to any boss to turn them into golden statue and prevent them from doing anything). Clear Waning Moon directly west (boss can be drunk to death). Head south to Moonrise Towers.

Clear everything inside if you want (talk to Araj Oblora and give her your blood for a permanent +2str potion, she can be killed or saved for Act 3 flavor), or proceed to throne room, resolve dialogues, then go down to prison and save tieflings, save Sazza a third time, save Wulbren. Recommend killing all the guards first, then giving Wulbren his hammer, instead of using levers, then destroying the wall behind tieflings, so everyone will escape to the boat. Otherwise, they will run to the entrance of prison and might bug out or appear dead in the journal.

Back to Reithwin. Talk to everyone in Last Light, there are 3 pairs of tieflings which will reward you, and Wulbren can be asked to give you 600 gold. Enter Grand Mausoleum all the way up north. Then proceed north to Gauntlet of Shar. Finish all trials and collect orbs, deal with the Balthazar, Last Justiciar and/or Orthon (can be convinced to kill his minions and himself, but only if you aren’t using warlock/Wyll to talk to him). Long Rest to get dialogue with Raphael. Use orbs to get to Nightsong and deal with Shadowheart’s decisions.

At this point, you should have all the possible companions and followers in your camp, and should not have missed any important content up to Act III. You can continue atop the Moonrise towers and deal with Ketheric.

Back to Moonrise Prison, then to Oubliette. The path to Mindflayers colony, Mizora, Zevlor, “Us” (if he is availble) and Apostle of Myrkul should be opened. Collect brains and use them on a severed head apparatus for flavor. Don’t forget to use Waking mind inside the same apparatus (behind puzzle to the south) to get a permanent buff. Use platform to east to get to Apostle of Myrkul and kill him (free Nightsong to make him vulnerable), kill all the undead before they reach him for an achievement. Exit and use the road to Baldurs Gate all the way to the west. Proceed to act III walkthrough.

Act III (Part 1)

Note – walkthrough turned out to be much longer, but I’ve tried to make the best possible route to get everything you can out of the act.

Go north and deal with squatters/guild thugs. Explore the basement of toymaker’s house. Go south-east and talk to guards near barn, find explosive toys inside chest. Talk to fist Rowan near the barn. Slightly to the south should be Strange Ox again. Confront toymaker. Go north-east to Gur camp (take Astarion with you). To the west of this location should be an abandoned windmill, go to the basement and deal with that, get one tadpole.

West of toymakers house, talk to Angleiron the smith. Go west into the circus. Talk to all npc’s in sourthern section (dryad, mummy, boney), steal Akabi’s ring and win his jackpot. Get transported to dinosaurs, collect ring inside the cave and amazing weapon to the north, inside the chest, near exit portal.

Break the lock on shadow-whiskers cage, feed Crimson in the cage next to him. Watch Dribbles performance. Talk to Lucretious. Get the clowns hand near Popper slightly south of Lucretious. Exit the circus. Anything inside Rivington and Wyrm’s Crossing can be done in any order, as long as you do not cross the second bridge checkpoint to Wyrms Rock Fortress.

To the north and slightly east you can pass perception check on the well – if you do, explore down, find buried chest, backpack, atack the wheel holding the draw bridge, you can exit here, or go back up. If you exit here – slightly to the west and up some rocks should be another cave. Enter it, talk to gnomes, Wulbren, Barcus (if there). Exit the cave same way.

Go down the beach, explore all the way to the west. Deal with smugglers (can side with either, or kill them all). Collect 3 tadpoles (one in crate, two on ship). Enter the smugglers passage, collect lots of stuff, go down one more level, collect even more stuff.

Teleport back to Rivington. Go north to postoffice, take the quest (can turn in the letters you got in Act 1, but it doesn’t matter. If you already found letter from postmaster to roah – can blackmail him here for 600 gold if you pass the check. Otherwise – talk to 3 pigeons on top of the post office. Go outside to kennels, deal with the cruel kennelmaster.

Exit the postoffice, to the west should be Open Hand Temple. Talk to various npc’s talk to father Logan’s body if you can talk to dead. Exit west to cemetary, unearth the Brilgor’s body and talk to it, if you can (you need to remove it from casket). Go back to temple. You can explore various rooms, open chests, find Logan’s diary (key is on his body, but can simply lockpick). Go on the roof of the temple (take Gale), talk to Tressym (cat inside the nest) get the mail (can turn it in to postmaster, or blackmail him instead for more gold).

Back in the temple, inside the kitchen, find a hatch. Explore rooms south and west, finish the talking amulet quest (either fight him for a slightly better amulet, or pass check to learn Tasha’s laughter spell). Explore caves to the east and kill all enemies (dagger inside hole, chest inside poison clouds, clowns torso, some other chests and loots, flower key on one of the bodies). Exit the caves.

Proceed to the first checkpoint. Doesn’t matter which lines or characters you use to pass the checkpoint (theoretically, using Karlah’s is the best, but if you saved the gnomes – they will distract the guards either way and you can pass), you can also simply teleport, use animal forms, or jump on some platforms to pass the checkpoint. Take Astarion and proceed to Fraygo’s Flophouse to the west (not much loot inside), talk to Astarion’s siblings and proceed all the way upstairs. Click on the wardrobe to open the room with a flower key. Read all the books and scrolls, loot stuff. Click on the blood near bed, talk to and loot the body. Exit the building and proceed directly east.

Talk to various npc’s (can inform Mamzel about her gnome worker and overhear some conversation), agree (or not) to 3some or 4some with the twins. Talk to investigator Valeria. Talk to women inside one of the rooms (can lockpick all of them), deal with the transformation. Talk to Raphael and agree (or not) to his deal. Exit the building. Don’t forget to turn in quest in Temple to sister Yannis.

Take Jaheira and visit the dancing axe shop. Go down the ladder and deal with harpers. Exit and go to the opposite building. Talk to Naaber over and over again, until he gives you horrible amulet.

Proceed north. You can either use persuasion, bribes, 2 invitations (one from the toymaker and 1 looted), 1 pass (from the detective) or dispatch (mail) for Ravenguard to lower the drawbridge or jump/fly/featherfall down and explore mountains/beaches to the west and east below the fortress. To the west you can use gaseous form/small animal form and go into some pipe inside the passage, to the east you can use a crack inside the wall to go inside the prison – do that. Inside the prison you can save councellor Florick and talk to the corpse of Arfus if you send him to prison earlier. Kill the guards, get Florick out the same way you came in.

After getting out councellor – take Gale/any wizard with remove curse and globe of invulnerability spells, go back inside prison. Stand on the crossways and look to the west – you should see a small niche on a southern wall, with 2 dragon shaped lamps. Use electricity on them and light them up (might light up by themselves, or might need to click them while they are electrified). A passage should open. Alternatively you can use the pipe you found earlier. Go along the passage to Wyrmway. And enter it.

Here you will need to pass 4 trials and kill the dragon. Inside the trial with paintings – use remove curse on the black figure and the painting closest to entrance, then put the painting on the pedestal. Inside the trial with chess – do what Gale says (queen to right most corner, then 4 squares to the left). Inside trial with books – throw them to the ground and read them if you want, or just kill the ghost of a woman at the end. Inside the trial with torch – you just need to survive for 4 turns and/or kill all elementals. A passage to dragon will open.

Prepare for a fight and click on the Ansur. The easiest way to kill him is to use globe of invulnerability. For an achievement you need to wait while the dragon goes into flight mode (gathering power) and then kill him (get his health as low as you can and just wait a bit). Two elementals will also spawn, but with the globe it should be trivial anyway. Collect decent two-handed weapon and helmet on the pedestal. An exit will open.

At this point you can use any entrance into the Wyrm Rock Fortress (via bridge, prison, flight, teleport, or roots on the western side). Talk to various NPC’s, Mizora. Upstairs you can withness coronation, talk to Gortash, Ravenguard. Gortash can be killed even now with various “cheese” tactics but it doesn’t matter. On top of the fortress you can loot some items, kill some mini-bosses and explore Gortash’s room. Exit and walk north to Lower city.

Inside Lower city there are two time sensitive quests which should probably be done on the same day, but before that – right upon entering the Strange Ox will reward you and the quest will end. Talk to Estra Stir near the newspaper boy. Proceed north to Stormshort Tabernacle. Items can be donated here to various statues of gods to get a +2 saving throws until rest (can get it every day for free after that). You need to donate at least 4500 gold for each character or an equivalent in items. All of the items and gold (plus some extra items) can be retrieved from the crypt below, if you don’t want to get a curse and fight a deva – do not loot items directly from donation chests, but simply send them to camp. A priest also sells some items.

Act III (Part 2)

Proceed north and loot clowns pelvis behind locked door, then east to barracks. Talk to distraught woman to get quest “save Vanra”. Proceed west to Elfsong Tavern. Talk to Lakrissa, warn chef Rover (finish his quest first), talk to Alfira (on the roof), talk to Harvard and outjoke him for some flavor. Rent a room (or do a persuasion check) from tavern owner. Talk to Devella and inspect the room on the second floor. Go back to the basement where you did the chefs quest, open secret tunnel, go to a hideout, kill another gith ambush. Explore everything, walk north to the next room, click on various nicknacks to get flavor from the Emperor. Don’t walk to city sewers yet. Go back to the tavern. Exit south.

Proceed south to baldurs mouth newspaper building, talk to Edward Neetle. Now you need to get down the basement – you can do it via elevator in that building. Either sneak back in, or use a hole in a roof, jump down, use lever. Sneak past two steelwatchers, or just kill them. Go all the way through the building, find a printing press. Get a printing tablet inside a wicker basket in the same room called ” Adventurers, Our best Hope for the City” and give it to the printing press. There are other good, bad and neutral tablets inside the basement and on the top floor. The first time-sensitive quest is done, and the next day (or two) you will get some boost with every merchant and npc in the city. Exit the building.

Inside the city there are many buildings, hatches, basements, hideouts and houses which do not have anything relevant except loot, flavor books, random souls coins or tadpoles. Explore at your own leasure. There are also various named peasants, which can be given money, talked to, or helped to get away from the city. I recommend going straight for “investigate the murders” victims (points on the map) and warning all of them, which is the other time-senstive event. Leave the Wine Festival/Cora for last to warn. Some of the victims will be dead, others can be warned for flavor text. Inside all of the victims houses there are going to be hatches to basements with various loots. After warning or finding the corpses of chef Rover, Franc Peartree (clowns arm inside his basement), Alexander Rainforest (clowns foot inside his basement), Nesha Leesha, Figaro Pennygood – proceed to wine festival and warn Cora. Dolor will become hostile, I recommend killing him (actual guy and not the shapechanger) in one turn, so you do not have to chase him. He can be stunned, controlled, and otherwise disabled, or just straight up killed with decent combos. You can even attack him without talking to him, or at any point of the conversations by using the attack button on the bottom left. Loot him and inspect his notes.

At this point I recommend going for Minsc, to get some extra flavor from some quests. Take Jaheira and go all the way south-east of the city to Heapside Strand. Slightly to the northeast, inside the alley, talk to an orc and persuade him to pass. Go inside guild hall. If you still have zhentarim cache from act 1 – you can give it to Slick Inatra for some flavor text, but no reward (as of patch 2). Talk to various npc’s, find Mol. Talk to nine-fingers Keene. Talk to various npc’s to find where the Minsc is, or inspect a paper to left of Keene, near her bed. You can safely kill Keene (a bit of disapproval from Jaheira) and her bodyguards. In the end you will have to choose between Keene, Zhentarim, or killing them both. To the left of her bed you can find her saferoom (walk on scaffolds). Exit to the city.

I recommend taking Jaheira and your best lockpicker. All the way to the south and middle of the city proceed to counting house. Talk to a banker, get passes (if you have Jaheira). Proceed downstairs. Loot chests. You can exit to harbor and sneak around while looting multiple chests (mostly gold, gems, scrolls) on the harbor and ships. On the leftmost ship (you need to jump/fly) you can loot a chest to spawn an imp, which can be killed for some xp and loot. Proceed down the vault. Lots of various vaults with multiple different loots inside. Some require careful jumping, others require gaseous form/teleport to get behind gates. You can either use keys (all of the can be found on various npc’s) or just lockpick (much easier). Proceed down to main vault, survive ambush. Talk to Glitterbeard, give him 10k gold, or persuade for 5k. Loot even more vaults, all of them are 30 difficulty, but should be trivial at this stage of the game. Exit to the city.

Take Jaheira and proceed to city sewers via manhole behind glitter gala shop (west of the city, near Baldurs gate waypoint). Walk south a bit, there should be a door, Voss will be behind it. Leave him for now. Go all the way south to find city Sewers waypoint, then west to find Arabella. Go back to waypoint and proceed north and west. Kill Aelis and his minions (can explode the grease to take out most of them). North and west again until you find stone lord followers and boiler room. Use levers to stabilize gauges, or use strength to open sluice gate. Proceed through the gate, kill everyone but knockout Minsc. After cutscenes and dialogues with Jaheira – follow Minsc, talk to him. Visit guild hall in sewers, and decide on siding with Zhentarim or nine-fingers, or just killing them all. If you killed Zhentarim you can get the cache back from Slick Inatra’s corpse, open it and get a bottle with spectator inside, bottle can be thrown to unleash the spectator for some fun. To the north of guild hall you might encounter an ambush and some refugees you can save. Exit to the city.

Take Jaheira and Minsc for extra flavor, go north from Elfsong tavern and enter Candulhallow’s Tombstones house. Find a button behind a painting, talk to a door, speak the passphrase. Proceed to murder tribunal/bhaalist crypt. Kill everything inside, or apply to be a murderous psychopath. Kill Sarevok again or don’t (might not be possible to avoid fighting if you brought Jaheira and Minsc). Loot everything. If you didn’t kill Sarevok – talk to a merchant in the crypt to buy some of the best rogue items in the game. Exit and go back to baracks north of the Basilisk gate waypoint, and talk to Davella to get the reward.

Take Jaheira and explore her house and basement to the est of Baldurs Gate waypoint. Explore gardens to the west of the same waypoint and survive an ambush to the north inside the park (tadpole on Manip).

At this point there shouldn’t be any time-sensitive events. If you went further into sewers than I described above – Orin will kidnap one of your companions or Yenna. There is no danger to them at all, and you can continue long resting as needed. Be advised than many events are tied to long resting (vampire ambush, Orin’s ambush, Karlah’s date, Halsin’s sex scene and relantionship, Mizora’s sex scene, Emperor’s sex scene, all of those sex scenes should not block you from any other relantionships you might have at this point with some persuasion checks), also events can only happen once per night, so you might need several rests to get all of them.

Act III (Part 3)

You can proceed and explore however you wish. If Orin kidnapped your companion (or if you want to kill her right away) – head into sewers waypoint, proceed all the way north, past Aelis, to the east and north of the boiler room. If Orin didn’t kidnap anyone – she will now. To the west of Undercity Ruins waypoint talk to silent monk, find a skull inside a bag behind him (can be used on a skeleton near Aelis the mad greasy wizard). Go west and enter ancient lair, find book “Funerary Jar Form and Function” and read it, find two jars with body parts and destroy them with fire. Exit back to sewers. Proceed east. There is going to be an ambush which will kill you in 6 turns (on tactician) unless you kill the boss on top of the pillar. Kill one of his minions named strangler Luke (BEFORE killing the boss) to get missible bonespike gloves. Loot/explore everything. Proceed east, then all way north until you see rats and another waypoint. Kill the rats. Go back south and east. Find clowns head inside a corpse. South to Bhaals Temple waypoint. Past the gates find cultists on top, around the central platform – kill all of them first, and loot everything. Go down to Orin. For achievement you need to kill her before the minions finish the ritual and disappear. She has 10 stacks of damage reduction and you only have 2 turns (1-3 in certain cases) to kill her. She can be attacked without initiating dialogue, but she will turn into monster and heal either way. After killing her and cutscene – save a victim on the altar and go east into her bedroom, talk to her mom’s corpse if you want.

Go to Lower City Central Wall waypoint. Directly west and south behind a wall you should find a house and an explosion might occur inside it (could be discovered earlier if you warned all the victims). Find Araj inside (if she is alive), talk to her, donate blood again, get useless bomb. Inside her basement find tadpole. Go out and adjacent to her house enter groundskeeper house, then basement and find clowns leg. That should be the last clowns part you need, you can go back to circus, turn the quest to Lucretious for the best gloves for Eldritch blast/cantrips build.

Go back to Lower City. To the west of Wine festival – talk to a merchant inside apothecary, she will reward you if you saved her husband. To the south – find cemetary, loot graves, talk to npc’s, explore Grand, Hhune, Gorion, Durinbold mausoleum. Go inside mortuary, find another jar with body part, destroy it with fire. To the east – find Devil’s Fee. Bring your best characters. Explore the shop, basement, loot everything, buy/steal everything you need from Halsik. Disable trap with water on second floor, loot everything again, find ritual book and read it. All the components for ritual are around the room, or can be stolen from Halsik. Do the ritual. Enter hell. Talk to Hope. The path is pretty straightforward. Use flight to get into Bodoir, or get an invitation from Archivist. Kill Haarlep, loot gauntlets and amulet from pedestals in Archive, get Orphic hammer. Everyone will become hostile and explode on death. Proceed forward and free Hope. Proceed back to portal and fight Raphael with the best boss music in the last 20 years. Hope’s sister can be knocked out for flavor, demon can be convinced to fight on your side (he might kill sister on the first turn). Loot raphael and exit. Talk to Halsik. Go into sewers and talk to Voss, trade with him and get the sword from him (for some reason he doesn’t give it normally in patch 2).

Proceed to Sorcerous Sundries. Bring Gale and picklocker. Kill Aradin near the entrance to avoid an ambush later. Talk to npc’s/bookshop merchant. Tadpole on one of the tables. On a second floor – do not enter portals yet. Proceed into office and lockpick the door, find key, enter portal to basement. Open the door to the north, behind a chest there is a fake wall with genie’s lamp. Talk to him and kill him. To escape the lamp – summon anything. Proceed north again and get “red knight” book, read it. Proceed south. Behind another chest on the west – another fake wall. Get “caution before Seelie” book and read it. Enter silverhand door, destroy the door “illusion” and loot an axe inside chest. Go into “evocation” door, then “wish”. Click lever. Go into “gate” door, then “abjuration”, then “silver”, click lever, click “wish” door. Both doors to vaults should be opened now. Loot Karsus vault for “Annals of Karsus” (read it) and Elminsters vault for “Triarchiate Codex” (read it and then read Necromancy of Thay to finish it, if you still have it). Go out and use the grey-blue portal to get on top of the tower. Talk to Lorroakan and kill him (do not go back to camp and talk to Nightsong), Rolan should appear and take over the tower. Below him you can loot two items inside the force fields (use see invisibility and lockpick levers). You can trade with Rolan’s shadow on the first floor now. Scrolls you get from the books can be learned by a wizard and the books can be sold. Triarchite codex gives you temporary hitpoints. Exit and go south to fireworks shop. Simply go up and kill/explode everyone to finish the quest.

To the south you can find Philgraves Mansion. You can use hole on the east side to enter the basement. Kill Mystic Carrion and his minions (can trade with him beforehand), and loot everything including Staff of Revocation on his body. Exit and go to the east. You will be ambushed on the shore. Directly above the shore – enter a house and click on a wardrobe, talk to Thrumbo, tell him about Carrion, if you read the book inside Ancient Lair – he will give you heart, destroy it with fire to finish the quest, talk to Thrumbo again. He will replace Carrion and sell items.

To the south of Central Wall waypoint and to the east of Counting house – explore Flymms house, kill Gortash parents if you want. To the south – explore old garlows place, use curse removal on a doll on second floor, kill the hag’s minion.

4 locations you can do now – to the west of Baldurs Gate waypoint and Jaheira’s house, go to lady Jannah’s estate, bring see invisibility, kill poltergeists, skulls, haunted candelabras. Destroy portrait with staff of revocation (from the corpse of Carrion) on the highest floor (secret door opens when you place a portrait on the easel). To the north of this house – house of Grief (bring Shadowheart), kill everyone inside, free or “free” her parents. Make a save and use the mirror behind them. To get the most out of the mirror – do not pray first and use the options to sacrifice stats, until you get the line mentioning “disappointment and stelmane”, this will give you +1 to charisma. Then pray (25 religion check) and sacrifice more stats to get a +2 bonus to any stat. Curses can be removed with remove curse without any consequences or losing any stats. If you failed – reload the save. Repeat for all characters you want. Explore the lodge directly south of Baldurs Gate waypoint and Blushing Maiden directly east of it, get “retrieve omelum” quest unless you gave githyanki egg to Esther in Act 2).

Time to visit Cazador, take Astarion with you. Enter through lower city wall waypoint inside a tower. Find a book inside a room with necrotic corpse. Find a ring inside Godey the skeleton in the torture room. Open the main doors, kill werewolves. There’s a long puzzle inside here, involving two towers on the left and right, buttons, attic and a hatch, but the end is broken (as of patch 3) and it’s pointless to do. Proceed down the basement via an elevator. Talk to a skull on the western side of dungeon, get a scroll from him. Some loot below as well. Proceed north and deal with Cazador (can be easily killed by casting daylight/item version on his coffin from afar and waiting a bit). Decide on Astarions choices. Exit south and deal with Gur people. There’s an exit into the sewers on the west.

Act III (The End)

Go to Steelwatch foundry in south-west. Save Volo infront of the foundry. Kill patrolling steelwatchers (only 2 on the actual territory of the foundry), and all the fists inside the factory. Talk to gnomes inside, talk to Zanner Toobin behind in the foundry. Collect watchers arm, targeting module and blueprints on the tables around the factory, combine on workbench for mediocre crossbow).

Go all the way south from the factory inside water queen’s house. Put at least 5 gold into a donation chest near the fountain to get bless on every character. Inside – talk to npc’s and a corpse. Get quest to avenge the drowned. Go east and slightly north over the water to Flymm’s cargo.

Kill gnolls inside Flymm’s cargo. Find a hatch to downstairs. Kill the dwarf inside, can turn in “avenge the drowned” for an interesting, but very late robe. Enter the submarine. On tactician you have 5 turns to try and save everyone. I recommend focusing on Omeluum and Ravenguard, but with various cheese tactics (gate spells, longstrider, throwing people, flying, respeccing characters for mobility, strength and dexterity) it is possible to save everyone. Make sure to make it yourself back to the submarine before the last turn.

Go outside, visit foundry, talk to Toobin, go down via elevator or stairs, save gondians (if you can), kill everyone. Go inside the lab, click on brains near entrance for some flavor. Go further in, kill watchers and the boss. Plant a bomb on control panel, or if you killed Toobin/stole a book from him – can enter a code into the panel. Talk to gnomes outside, depending if you have Barcus – make them allies.

Time to kill Gortash, bring Karlah with you, teleport to Wyrm’s Crossing waypoint and enter the fortress via vines on the western side, then via scaffolds to a top floor, and deal with Gortash directly. Destroy the traps (can do it even beforehand) or avoid them to get achievement.

Take your best characters. Use morphic pool waypoint if you opened it or go into sewers and all the way north. Use the boat. Proceed while killing brains and various enemies. Try to control megabrain. Deal with Emperor/Orpheus/Karlah (if you brought her). Proceed into the city, meet your allies. Proceed north (also an alternative route southwest via sewers) and kill everyone. Climb the tower, climb the brain. Kill the dragon for achievement. Take the character with the Karsus spell and click on the crown, wait one turn. Enter the portal, destroy the minibrain. Deal with the cutscenes/dialogues/choices.

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  1. tryed to talk to withers and the cutseen doesnt start when i go to interact with the coffin
    is there a thing you need to do or not do first?

      • i tryed and even went back to an older save and rushed there and couldn’t get withers to show up at all to clearify iv never left the first map too on that character but withers still wont show up

        • Perhaps you aren’t opening a correct sarcophagus. The one you need is hidden behind a small door, opened with a secret button, which also spawns undead.

  2. Oh. I’m supposed to go to the refectory at the start… Huh… It’s not too hard, I just suck at the game. Cool.

    • You can avoid all the fighting with bandits completely, or at least make it easier with persuasion and sneak checks. You can use explosives inside, or literally just hide behind the door, close it, and kill everyone nice and slow. Even on tactician enemies are often too dumb to do anything about it. And if you block the entrance with like a vase – it’s all over for them. Same tactic can be used in quite a lot of fights.

  3. Honestly, this kind of guide ruins the experience. I would highly recommend everyone that plays BG3 play a blind run first. Just play the game. If you miss stuff, or miss characters, that’s just part of the game in my opinion. This guide should be something you look at AFTER you’ve completed at LEAST one full playthrough.

  4. Thank you for this! I effed up in Act II thinking I could still free the tieflings after the Nightsong quest and then attacking Ketherac Thorm, because it was all leading to Moonrise

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