Baldur’s Gate 3 – Are You Struggling on Tactician?

Tips for Tactician Difficulty

Here’s a few tips:

  1. Initiative is a waste of time. Combat starts when I want it to start, and my companions enter combat when I want them to. I usually have my Barb initiate combat by charging in and initiating combat. I’ll have a sneaky type sneak around the sight-lines of the enemy, strategically placing oil and explosive barrels. Sometimes, with Astarion currently, I can get off two or three sneaky hits before Astarion is dragged into rolling initiative.
  2. Gold is useless. Steal everything from every vendor all the time forever. Have one party member talk to the merchant. Use the other companion(astarion for me) to pickpocket him. When you’re done(savescumming) just teleport everyone away from the NPC..and then use the last party member to exit dialogue, and port away with that one too before he has a chance to accuse anyone.

I was struggling with the early game, but a combo of basically infinite scrolls, choosey sneak attacks, and perfect stats made up the difference.

Another “hypothesis” i’m having is early game vs late game builds. I initially took Great Weapon Mastery on my Barb at lv 4. Was nice to have two attacks so early, but I was struggling to hit.

I respec’d and chose to put my primary stat higher up, starting at 17. At lv 4, I was at 19..and then with a specific encounter in-game, managed to bump up my str to 20 by level 5.

When my Barb attacks an enemy in melee range, I always have between 80-99% chance to hit.

Another thing I learned. Sleep your enemy. Or prone them with hideous laughter.

This game has a sort of “coup de grace” mechanic. If the enemy is asleep, or disabled in some way..and it brings you to 100% chance to means you’ll crit no matter what. So not a one-hit KO coup de grace, but a guaranteed crit.


  1. I was playing Tactician solo. I found it wasn’t any more fun, just a lot more tedious. Everything takes 10x longer and you’ll be reloading a lot.

    Tactician isn’t really more challenging, enemies just have stat and health boosts – they aren’t any smarter.

    Take advantage of explosive barrels and dbl cold/lightning damage.

    I’m putting together a new party I think will be optimal for Tactician – a Life Cleric/Ancients Paladin (5/7), Shadowheart respec’d as a Tempest Cleric, Astarion respec’d as a Sorcerer/Rogue (5/7), and Wyll as a Sorlock (4/8).

  2. I’m not on tactician but I’m feeling like the returning pike on a berserker with tavern brawler stacking throwing damage items is completely busted

    +1 to hit from weapon +2 from height +2x str to hit, usually with advantage from something apparently, generally 90%+ hit chance all the time on normal at least

    2-11 + 2x str + 1-4 from ring + 1-4 from gloves + 2 rage + falling damage if above target

    And you get to do it 2-3 times a round during act 1, also you get to knock people prone as a bonus so they can’t even move closer to get up to you

  3. Gold isn’t useless. And stealing slows everything down.

    Tactician isn’t hard and I haven’t stolen anything from anyone. I’m rolling around in 10k gold and have all the items I need from merchants. Most of the stuff you don’t need from the merchants.

    Only items you really need from merchants are haste potions, greater health pots, a few magic items, and some of the better scrolls web/grease/fly/haste/feather

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