The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – Basics Combat Tips for New Players

A Few Combat Tips

In order to do more melee damage you need to wait between strikes to perform combos. So you hit left mouse button wait until the sword gets into position (you can see it, usually takes 1-2 seconds) and hit left click again. The higher your weapon skill is the more combos you can chain for more damage.

Another trick if you want to stunlock a ranger weapon user or an animal which is prone to stagger is to press A or D the same time you press Left Click. In this case you don’t need to wait for combo you just need to press either A or D paired with Left Click at the same time as fast and as many times as you can. It results in waaay faster attack speed than if you just stand still or move forward because moving to the side resets the combo cooldown. So you can really pound your enemies.

You can draw a sword to agro citizens and animals from a safe distance. Especially good to kill people in villages and towns for loot and exp. Draw the sword so that only 1 person sees you (they will unholster their weapon and start to ask you to put yours back in, they do it 3 times and start going for you), take them somewhere remote without other people seeing you fight each other and kill them.

I prefer killing them so they won’t get in the way later when you repeat this with other people. But only make sure to kill generic NPCs, don’t kill named NPCs. Don’t forget to save in various slots frequently.

You can pull out your ranged weapon be it magic or bow/crossbow in duels and shoot your enemy point blank without killing them. (Well, I am only sure that bows and crossbows don’t kill but I heard that magic doesn’t kill either). Only works in Archolos. Under normal Gothic rules all ranged attacks are final. This also works if you bait people into combat. Just make sure to not bait people into combat with ranged attacks or attack them from range 1st because it will trigger a fine.

Drink Speed Poitions. They give you an edge during tough fights, and break balance. That way you can round around in circles striking your enemy, regain distance and then plunge into attack again. Or you can gain range for ranged attacks. Enemies will have really hard time catching up you.

If you know how to crouch by pressing X (you must have it learned) and you are strong enough you can sneak around people from behind. You can even sneak up to a sleeping Shadowbeast and get a few attacks in before it wakes.

If you manage to 1 hit kill/knock out an NPC like that, that won’t raise any alarms and you will remain in Stealth free to loot them or even kill them and keep on looting.

Bring stronger foes to immortal NPCs. Npcs like guards are often unkillable and if you want you can lure any mob to them and they will fight the mob for you. Only you need to make sure they see the mob chasing you, so it must be in their line of sight. Give them a few seconds to react. Just make sure to get the final hit on the mob or you won’t get any EXP for the kill. You can loot them too.

You can even kill shadowbeasts like that if you want. But drink a speed potion and run around shadowbeast it will wake up and start following you. Make sure to make an abrupt turn to the left or right, before it does a leaping sprint attack at you and it will miss. Keep doing that while running away from the beast until you see the guard. Shadowbeast will stop and roar several times during the chase and will want to go back to its lair. You must promptly attack it once with a sword and run away again. Don’t wait for the shadowbeast, it follows you very hard.

Also, some quests and areas have environmental kills that can be trigger by ranged weapons. Keep a look out for them, it will say something like shoot when you target those things and will let you get easy kills. There aren’t too many of those though.

Helpless mobs in water.

You can get mobs stuck in water and they won’t be able to attack you. Then you can safely kill them using melee or ranged. But if they are drowning in water that is too deep you won’t get EXP. Also, if they slide to the bottom of a lake or river or sea you won’t be able to loot them.

Really cheesy tactic.

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