BattleBit Remastered – Single CPU Core Affinity Stuttering Problem Fix

A solution for when the game keep having micro stutters every 5-10 seconds.


If you are playing Battlebit Remastered and having micro stutters every 5-10 seconds, the problem is that the game only use 1 out of all available CPU cores because of Easy Anti Cheat (EAC).


Here’s a solution that i found on the battlebit remastered discord.

The Solution

Here is the Single CPU Core Affinity solution “workaround”.

  • Close Project Lasso if you have it installed
  • Open Task Manager as admin
  • Start the game
  • Find the ‘battlebit.exe’ under details
  • Right click then click “Change Affinity”
  • Close the game

After doing this there is a very brief time-window where the user can change core affinity for next launch without being blocked by the anti-cheat. (You will still get the ‘Access denied’ message).



If you follow these steps correctly the result would look like this:

Hope this helps!

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