The Last Stand: Aftermath – Definitive Meta Progression Explanatory Guide

How Does the Meta Progression Work


There are 3 ways:

  • XP is gained by killing/progressing, this unlocks new mutations and permanent upgrades from the hub.
  • Supplies are gained by looting/returning valuables to your vehicle that allow you to unlock new equipment and give your next character more resources at the start of runs.
  • Knowledge is a persistent leveling system, where you can improve your healing, damage, etc across all characters. It’s gained by finding knowledge items in your loot runs.

Meta Progression

You have a level system that goes up to 100, looting, killing, and dying earns experience towards levels. Certain levels unlock new mutations, unlockable weapons as well as introducing more weapons into the drop table.

“Knowledge” is something most loot is converted into automatically. Then it’s used to either buy things at the roaming trader or spent on skill points on your global skill tree. All items can be sold for knowledge at the trader.

Supply points are spent on unlocking weapon drops for the loot table, new “classes” that you may get to play when your last character dies, and various other bits to kit yourself out a bit before leaving the starter base. You mostly get supply points from sacrificing loot chests in the field although I think you generate some slowly depending on your level or other deeds.

It’s all about making a route to the trader and sucking up all the items on your way to him then selling them all off and taking up most of his ammo stock before you leave him dry. Continue that way until you die or hit the end of the game, then spend your supply points enhancing your loot table along with knowledge on your skill tree.

Game has a pretty fun loop and it’s quite easy to die even when you’ve got everything you need.


You can also can skip some game mechanics like after you open the gates, they stay open for other survivors,certain bunkers will be open, story missions will not trigger again, starting with better survivors etc.

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