Between Horizons – How to Solve All Cases Correct

Here is a comprehensive list of all the proper case solutions in the game, as many players will undoubtedly question if they selected the correct option in the majority of instances throughout.

All Correct Case Solutions

All credit goes to Maximon!

The Intruder

Someone seems to have broken into the Network Area in the Inner Hull.

  • Which terminal did the intruder manipulate?
  • PDA Network Terminal

The Recruit

Somebody seems to be exchanging letters with a fledgling dissident group on the ship.

  • Who was the letter addressed to?
  • Luis

Paper Chase

The paper used for the suspicious letter must have been stolen from somewhere.

  • Where was the paper taken from?
  • Activities Room

The Contact

The people who sent the suspicious letter want to meet up at the Earth Museum.

  • Who is our suspect’s contact at the Earth Museum?
  • Geraldo


A chain reaction originated from one of the Zephyr’s power nodes that led to a ship-wide power outage.

  • Which of the power nodes went out first?
  • Power Node C

Paper Trail

A large amount of paper was recycled in the Earth Museum’s break room.

  • Who put the paper into the recycler?
  • Oceane
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