Blasphemous 2 – A Sharp Rendezvous Achievement Guide

I dont even like speedrun achievements but here I am.

How to Obtain A Sharp Rendezvous Achievement


A Sharp Rendezvous

  • Reach the room of the Sentinel of the Emery in under 30 minutes.


To get this achievement you need to reach Sentinel of the Emery (the one blocking the double jump) within 30 minutes.

You do not actually need to BEAT the boss, just trigger the cutscene before it.

To get to the boss you will need to find all 3 weapons, which is the genuinly tricky part. I have made a simple map below, and will be giving you a short step by step guide on how to do it, its not as bad as it might seem (it took me about 20 minutes).

The map below only really has map squares filled in that are part of the route, which should make it easier. The 3 red X marks are tough enemies to watch out for (you can’t just run past these).

Zoom in if you need to.

Starting out, you want to pick Veredicto as your starting weapon, as its WAAAY to far away to reasonably make it. Ruego Al Alba and Sarmiento & Cantella are quite close to eachother anyway.

Just run through the game until you get to the town, ignoring all enemies (always do this unless stated otherwise). Faceless One is a laughing stock, especially with Veredicto.

Once you make it to town head down into Profundo Lemento and pick up the wall-jump upgrade, then go back out again and head right into Grilles and Ruins. Near the end of this area is a tough enemy you will need to face, and I found it easier to kill all of the smallfry in the room as well, they will just stunlock you otherwise. Drop one of the cages to take out a couple easily.

After that its essentially just a straight sprint to Sarmiento & Cantella, youll drop down a chandelier, pick up the weapons, then backtrack and cross the gap with chandelier where you originally fell down. Take the elevator up to Choir of thorns.

Choir of Thorns should not give you any trouble until the very end. Its a simple loop around to access Crown of Towers. There is one enemy blocking your path here, and I highly recommend boosting Veredicto with fire to take him out. hopefully you get an execution off to open the way.

From there its another straight sprint to Ruego Al Alba. Backtrack a bit after aquiring it, and head down the elevator to the warp room.

Using this should put you back into town, From here head back down into Profundo Lemento, and go to the checkpoint above where you aquired the wall jump all that time ago…

After using your weapons to clear the path forward, you have to deal with a tough enemy here, this should be the last one you have to deal with. Just keep in mind to dodge through his lightning, unlike other enemies, you can’t just jump over the shockwave.

When you drop down into mother of mothers it might be worth going left first to grab the checkpoint, just to be safe. After which go right and head into the first big room, go to the left of this room, ring the bell, and take the path that bell opened up, one pair of hallways later and you can unlock a shortcut back to the Prie Dieu.

Take the bottom left exit in this room, in the next room use the statue to move the mirror, use the mirror to pass the gate, and continue this path, passing another checkpoint.

It should be straightforward from here, solve the puzzle in the room on the right by accessing the statue, using the mirrors to move fast, and finally drop down into Beneath Her Sacred Grounds.

Be careful of the spikes, head into the boss arena, and the achievement should pop!

I spent a little while figuring out an optimal route, I hope this helped someone.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. 21 minutes with death teleport. Used the wall jump save for first teleport, got the upgrade and the two weapons and then suicided for this teleport, saving a lot of walking with this method. Saving the childs restore all HP, so that’s helpful

    Thanks for the guide!

  2. i could add getting the port to mirabas near the double jump too since it saves you time back tracking with the hand port

  3. Personally my route was picking Ruego Al Alba as my starter as I felt that going all the way to Crown of Towers would be too long. The only Prie Dieu I would activate at the start is in the City. Once I went down and picked up Ivy of Ascension I let myself die to wrap back to City. Then I ignored all enemies as best as I could and especially ignored Prie Dieu’s on the way to Veredicto killing myself once grabbed for a easy city warp. Repeat when grabbing Sarmiento & Cantella and then entering Mother of Mothers grabbing Prie Dieus as needed.

    • these routes seem good too, I didnt wanna use deathwarp personally, dont really know why, but if you want to go set a real good time that would probably be the way to go.

      If you want a fun challenge, try doing a no damage run on Afilaor with these minimal upgrades, had a lot of fun doing that just now.

      • That’s fair and when I was attempting it I thought you had to beat Afilaor so I was trying to save and give myself as much time as possible, I ended up with about 6 minutes left so there’s a good amount of wiggle room for backtracking if you don’t deathwarp. Although I picked Orospina to fight with no damage since I found her fight to be the easiest and most fun. Still took a while but having Passage of Ash early was fun.

  4. additionally, if you don’t want to use warp rooms/want to start with ruego al alba, you can make the small detour to pick up Mirabras of the Return to Port, which makes the return trips from the weapons non-existant.
    i was able to go to both veredicto and sarmiento & cantrella, plus make it to Afilaor in 25 min. using the prayer, with a couple deaths + suboptimal puzzle solving in mother of mothers.

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