Bleak Faith: Forsaken – How to Use Potion Slots and Weapon Sets

Guide to Use Potion Slots and Weapon Sets


There are two quick-belt keys (M&K default setting beeing “Q” and “E”).

When holding either of those you can select what you want to put on the respective button (holding Q and selecting an item/ability will fill the first quick-belt-slot, which then gets usable by pressing Q when you need it, the same applies to the other slot/ “E”).

Simply selecting the items in your inventory only places em on this “quick-select-wheel”, so after putting em there in your inventory you gotta select em ingame by holding the button.

Don’t ask me why, but that’s how it is.


You only got 2 weapon-sets: 4 slots, one for each hand.

A two handed option uses 2 slots, 1 handed options one slot (so yeah, you can dualwield, put a torch and a 1 handed or sword’n board).

But in total you can only have 2 sets which you can switch between ingame by pressing the weapon-switch key. slightly confusing at first, but obvious once you get it.

Quick Tip

The torch is “buggy”, so placing the torch in the 2nd offhand and then switching allows your char to wield a two-handed weapon (or dualwield) in the other set while having the torch also equipped; which is helpfull…there are some realy dark places.

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