Force of Nature 2 – Paradise Islands Treasure Hunt Guide

A guide to get the good Captain’s spirit to join your team.

Guide to Paradise Islands Treasure Hunt

Keep in mind that this is a serious spoiler kind of guide. If you haven’t beaten the boss yet, let alone reached the Islands, I recommend backing out until later.

So, you managed to free the Captain’s spirit from Drunk Bill, but you noticed he still needs a bit of convincing before he’ll join your team. Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed some treasure chests that are hidden in plain sight all around the islands. The Captain even mentions that these chests were used by the pirates, as the islands were their main base of operations (Well, before the cursed events that led up to you ending up in this world.).

Simply put, you’re gonna have to (quite literally) go on a treasure hunt, and break open all of the ‘caches’ that were hidden around the islands. Don’t worry about the statuettes, goblets, etc… the Captain’s not interested in that.

Instead, what you’re really looking for is a Key item called an Encrypted Map.

It may take a while before it drops. So, just keep looking for treasure chests, until you find the right cache. Don’t worry; the Map will go into your Pouch. It won’t take up any Inventory slots.

Once you have the Map, bring it to the Captain, and he’ll decipher the location where the True Treasure is buried. From there, it’s as simple as following the ‘X’ on your mini-map, and use any kind of shovel to dig up the treasure.

The Pendant with the portrait is the True Treasure that the Captain’s been missing.

Return said Pendant to him, and the Captain will officially join your ghostly ‘crew’.

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