Bloons TD 6 – How to Obtain Sapper Achievement

Looking to complete the sapper achievement and have no clue at all on how to finish it in a reasonably timely manner? Well I think I have a guide that will help you. A bit.

Sapper Achievement Guide

All credit goes to donutsquad05!

What in the World Is Sapper?

Sapper is one of the most grindy and hardest achievements in the game, BTD6. The achievement wants you to pop 5,000,000 (5 million) fortified balloons. Sounds simple right? hehe no. To put 5 million into perspective, your generic hard difficulty game gets you 380 fortified pops. For the entire 80 round game. That would be about 13,158 hard games. Just to get this achievement playing casually. Sure Ethan Reid probably got it this way, but his job IS BTD6. He has time in his life. Back to the 13,158 games. If you don’t want to play through all of that I have luck for you! You could easily speed this up by going into free play rounds. This guide ahead will tell you some pretty good starts on how to get this stupid achievement a little easier

What Are the Requirements?

To set up the start for this achievement, you first have to have hard mode on 1 of the next 3 maps unlocked. I mean you don’t have to, but these three maps make it a whole lot easier…

  1. Resort – Resort is a beginner map that is simple to play on for the fact that the track loops around several times which allows your strong towers to get a ton of damage delt
  2. Cubism – Cubism is a beginner map that is also simple to play on for the fact that it has a ton of empty space and the track loops over several times
  3. Logs – Logs is a beginner mpa that is once again simple to play on. It is simple to play on because of the fact that space is plenty and the track loops around a ton of times

Towers – You will essentially need every tower maxed out. Paragons are not needed, but tier 5’s for every monkey is highly recommended.

Vengeful True Sun god – You will most definitely need the Vengeful True Sun God to do this strat. The VTSG could be unlocked by purchasing the monkey knowledge in the skill tree called “There can only be one”. It is located under the magic portion of the skill tree. I recommend looking at what is required to get that monkey knowledge and trying to unlock it using the cheapest possible route to get it. Just go straight for unlocking it.

Benjamin (hero) – Benjamin is extremely helpful in this start because well money. Money is going to have to be spent and Benjamin makes it a ton more easy to get money. Benjamin costs 3,000 monkey money. If monkey money is an issue to acquire, just grind out the advanced daily challenges everyday until you receive enough monkey money. Ethan Reid on Youtube has step by step guides on how to complete each advanced daily challenge everyday. Use that if you need to.

Big No No Monkeys for Sapper

There are several monkeys in the game that are not good for sapper progression becasue they essentially insta eat fortified bloons making the fortified bloons they do pop not count since they weren’t “popped”. Here is a list of all of the monkey crosspaths you should not use at all during these runs

0-4-0 Buccaneer

Bottom path Mortar Monkey

Middle and bottom path Alchemist

Middle Path Druid

0-0-4 Engineeer

Super Monkey Storm Ability

Benjamins Abilities

Let’s Get It Started in Here!

To start off the start, you will want to open a hard difficulty game on any of the three maps I recommended. Resort, Cubism, or Logs. Make sure Benjamin is your hero too! Start by placing down towers to survive the early game until you have enough to get Benjamin. You need to place him ASAP. The earlier you place him, the more money you will get. Continue to play out the game until you have enough for a super monkey. These next steps are very important!

You will need to find a place on the map that is towards the middle and has a large amount of track it covers. Resort would be the small spot in the top right that all the bloons wrap around. Cubism will be probably any square in the middle, and logs will be the water in the center. For logs you will have to place a 0-4-0 ice monkey in range of the water in order to place a super monkey ontop of the water

Once super monkey is placed,you need to farm! I recommend spamming as many 3-2-0 farms or 0-2-3 farms. You will need to upgrade them as your wealth grows. Make sure you keep farming. This is super duper important. Once again, start farming as soon as humanly possible.

Once Super monkey is covered in wealth, you will need to upgrade it to a 3-0-0. Make sure not to give a crosspath quite yet

Once a super monkey is upgraded to 3-0-0 you need to give it friends. Start by placing a 5-0-0 bomb shooter, a 0-0-5 dartling gunner, and a 5-0-0 alchemist all in range of the super monkey. Once you have enough wealth, upgrade it to a 4-0-0 super monkey. It will ask you to confirm but as long as you have placed the towers I have said to place, go ahead and click confirm

Here is where all of the money is now going to come into play. You will need to buy super monkey friends again. Place a 5-0-0 bomb shooter, a 0-0-5 dartling gunner, a 5-0-0 alchemist AND a 0-5-0 engineer all in range of the super monkey. Do not upgrade super monkey yet!

Super Monkey needs villains. Place a 0-5-0 super monkey far far away from your sun temple super monkey and a 0-0-5 super monkey far far away from the sun temple 4-0-0 monkey. They don’t like the 4-0-0 monkey.

Once sun temple monkey has friends and villains go ahead and upgrade it to a 5-0-0 when the next round starts. Sun temple monkey will now turn into its true form and turn purple while combining with his villains. If this did not happen, click the home button and get into the game again. Go through all of these steps and find out if you made any errors. Once any errors are fixed you are pretty much set for the rest of the game.

You will meed to give your 5-0-0 super monkey some buffs. Give it a middle crosspath for range, and also place a monkey village besides it. Upgrade the village to a 0-5-0 homeland defense.

Continue playing the game by adding towers you think will help and placing paragons if you would like. Just keep playing until you reach round 250. Round 250 is sort of the cap for getting fortified bloons. You will get some after round 250 but the amount you will get would be less than if you just started a new game. That brings us to the next step. A new game!!! That is what you now have to do when you complete round 250. Start a new game. Repeat all of the steps I have layed out before this and you will start gaining percentage for Sapper. Each game will take you about an hour, and give you about 1.5% for each run you do. That means you will need to complete about 67 runs. That is a whole lot better than the 13,158 runs you had to do before

More Sapper!

You could get even more fortified bloon pops under your belt by completing boss events. Boss events are very good for fortified bloons by the sheer amount they spawn. For example, Bloonarius spawns a ton of fortified bloons starting on its tier 4 all the way into its 5th stage. After Bloonarius is popped, you will have gotten 32k fortified bloon pops. You put that into perspective, you could finish sapper by only doing Bloonarius 157 times.

Conclusion Paragraph

In conclusion, from what we have learned, from what you can see, in summary, sapper is a pretty stupid achievement. I will say this about the start I have advertised to you all. VTSg has a little bit of insta popping nature to it, so you will not get every single fortified bloon per run. Sure you could do this without the VTSG, but the rounds will be longer, and your cpu will die faster by having to proccess more monkeys throwing things. To completely max out on the amount of fortified bloons you are getting per game, there are insane tutorials somewhere online that have you do a ton of weird combinations and strict playing. With this I feel like it allows you to have freedom and it allows you to play without having to constantly focus on a tutorial. I hope this guide is somewhat helpful for anyone wanting to try and get sapper finished. Thank you!

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