Bloons TD 6 – Secret Achievements Guide

This is a guide detailing how to get the many secret achievements for Bloons TD 6!

How to Obtain Secret Achievements

First Things First

For the Big and Small options for Bloons and Monkeys, I’ve already made guides on those. I will also skip the achievements Josh’s Constant (Beat an expert map on CHIMPS using Perma-Spike) and 2TC (Beat CHIMPS with 2 towers) the reason why is I’m lazy…

Strangely Adorable

This requires the player to get a Vengeful Adora. First you must upgrade a Sun Avatar into a 4-0-0 Sun Temple with $50,000 in Military, Primary, and Magic towers in range of the Avatar. Also have Adora in the Range of the Temple. Then, get an Anti-Bloon, Legend of the Knight (Outside of the Temple’s range) and $50,000 in every category (Including Support) and upgrade the Temple into the Sun God. The Sun God will transform and Adora will too. You receive a 3-0-0 Super Monkey for getting this achievement.

Mo’ Heroes Mo’ Problems

This requires the player to beat any Odyssey without a Hero. Make sure you select no Hero before starting. Play on an easy Odyssey to make getting this easier. Beating this gets the player 3 random low-tier insta monkeys. This guy sucks.

Stubborn Strategy

This requires the player to beat 100 maps on any difficulty without removing obstacles (Objects that cost money to remove). This can usually be done after playing the game for a long time. If you want an easy way to get this, play on Skates or Karts N’ Darts on easy. This gives you 500 Monkey Money and 3 Cash Drops.

Not Lacking Critical Information

This achievement requires the player to get 25,000 crits over multiple games. The only towers that can crit are Sharpshooter, Crossbow Master, Robo Monkey, Tech Terror and Anti-Bloon. Getting this will give the player a 0-0-4 Dart Monkey and 0-3-0 Robo Monkey.Here’s a TF2 Reference HaHa Funny

Perfect Paragon

This makes the player obtain a Degree 100 Paragon. Getting a max level Paragon requires 45 Paragon Power Totems that Geraldo sells, the three Tier-5 Monkeys for each path, 16.2 Million pops between the monkeys for the Paragon and $250,000 spent in Non-Tier 5 Towers. Getting this will net the player 1,000 Monkey Money.

Bill Greates

This achievement will require you to give a player in Co-Op $500,000 in one go. To send $500,000 in one go, you will need $2,500,000 and send it to another player. This means you have to farm and go into Freeplay to get enough Money. Getting this will give you 5 Cash Drops.

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