Blue Reflection: Second Light – How to Get Bunny Head Accessory Back (Console Exclusive Free DLC)

Bunny – Head Accessory is a bonus DLC for completing the prologue section of the free Demo. It is different from the bunny ear pre-order bonus.

Guide to Get Bunny Head Accessory Back


The Bunny – Head Accessory (Demo bonus) is different from the Bunny Ear Headband – Accessory (The pre-order bonus).


This mod requires you to own the following:

  • The base game (of course).
  • “Bunny Ear Headband – Accessory” (The pre-order bonus, not available for purchase anymore).
  • or “Sunflower Headband” (Ultimate Edition bonus).
  • or one of the headband accessories from Season Pass DLCs.

Tools needed for this mod


  • Negative to YourSteamLibrary\steamapps\common\BLUE REFLECTION Second Light\DATA
  • Drag “PACK00_02.PAK” to gust_tools and open with gust_pak.exe
  • Click “More info” then “Run anyway”
  • Wait for the new window to close.
  • Rename PACK00_02.PAK to something else like PACK00_02_hide.PAK
  • Negative to “BLUE REFLECTION Second Light\DATA\data\x64” copy or move the new character folder to “BLUE REFLECTION Second Light\DATA\x64”
  • Download and unzip the “”
  • It is also available in the unofficial Blue Reflection discord server under #game-mod channel. Invite link.
  • Open the folder for the DLC you want to replace with.
  • Copy the DATA folder to the game root folder and replace them when prompted. If it doesn’t ask you to replace these two files, then it means you didn’t set up the correct file structure. Please go back to step 6.
  • Double check that you have already renamed PACK00_02.PAK to something else early.
  • Boot up the game and enjoy!

Uninstall the Mod

If you want to uninstall the mod you only need to rename the file back to “PACK00_02.PAK” and delete the character folder.

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