Dysmantle – Gameplay Secrets Guide

A little collection of (maybe) useful knowledge, especially for the end game. Of course this contains a lot of spoilers so don’t read this if you are not far into the game!


Hidden Enemy

You can actually hunt vultures.

There is no reason to hunt them them though, besides completion reasons, since they only drop one regular egg.

  • You need to collect the hunting rifle and go up the hills in the desert to be on a similar height level to the damn birds. Then wait for them to come remotely close and hit the trigger.
  • You might have to aim under them to hit them.
  • That’s because the “hitbox” (the invisible programmed raster where you have to click to land the shot) is actually under the bird not on top of the graphical model.


If you need to collect hides, hunting deers is kinda inefficient. Hunting the wolves and reindeers in the north part of the map gives you way more hides per kill (up to 2).

The Red Telephone in the Ark Bunker

  • The map in the Ark bunker shows you some red spots all over the island(s).
  • Contrary to what you might assume, those red spots are not camp fires. They are actually markers for populations centers (cities etc.).
  • If you use the ascension on the link towers to the max in every area and kill all the zombies on the map, the red phone rings.

The Surreal Door

You wanna know what the surreal door does and where you can find the key for it? You are at the right place!

The surreal door is located West of the starting point of the desert railway in a secluded little spot hidden by a big tree in front of it. It can only be opened at a certain time of the day/night (it will glow in a ghostly blue).

Getting the surreal key is the hard part though.

Have you ever died in the game? Well, let me tell you something about that.

When you return to the point of your most recent death, you will find a skeleton of yourself that you can loot, right?
Well, if you die before reaching it, your old skeleton vanishes and gets replaced by the more recent one, right?

Now apply that to what you know about the story…

As we come to know, the protagonist is the one-armed king. The one-armed king gets killed when the archaeologists under their leading researcher, Abby, drop cyanide gas into the tomb of the one-armed king (he was buried alive, because the protagonist is immortal and always gets revived at the closest source of mana = camp fires).

The one-armed king has the surreal key. So to get it, you have to clear all of the tombs in the game and reach the tomb of the one-armed king with a gas mask entirely without dying!

You will find the skeleton of the one-armed king in the tomb, which you can then loot (since it is technically your last point of death).

As soon as you die once, your skeleton in the tomb vanishes and the most recent skeleton appears on the map.

If you manage to clear all the other tombs without dying and to find the skeleton of the king, you can loot him and he will drop the Surreal Key.

Now you just have to reach the surreal door and solve the mistery of what’s beyond it.

Currently, the door can be opened, but the level behind it hasn’t been added yet.


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  1. Hi. Just want to ask about surreal key. You said to not die at all. Does dying in tomb (trying to solve the puzzle) will count as one? No corpse inside or outside tomb as far as I know. And also using the pill tool (that brought you back to last campfire) also count as dead? I was wondering because i start over the game and dont want to make a mistake

    • well just finished the game and I dont have any idea how to react to this i get to the pyramid without dying saving my game and copy pasting over and over to find that they actually count as death not sure witch one is really considered a death but it seems one should counts as one since i couldn’t find any skeleton of king

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