Bodycam – Official FAQ + Controls

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bodycam about?

Bodycam is the first ultra-realistic multiplayer, first-person shooter game made using the latest technologies of the next-gen game engine Unreal Engine 5. You will be taken through the body camera of a soldier during tactical and fast-paced combats.

How much does Bodycam cost?

Bodycam is affordable for 30 $US since released. Prices are localized.

When will Bodycam release?

Bodycam was released on June 6, 2024.

Which engine is Bodycam developed on?

Bodycam is currently being developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Does Bodycam only be released on PC?

For now we are aiming for a PC-only release with keyboard & mouse support.

Will VR be supported on Bodycam?

No. Unfortunately VR isn’t part of our plans.



  • Talk: V
  • Flash Light: F
  • Grenade: Right Click (Hold) > Left Click
  • Bomb Activate: Left Click (Hold)
  • Bomb Deactivate: Left Click (Hold)
  • Drop (Item & Bomb): G


  • Flash Light: F
  • Zoom: Scroll Wheel
  • Up: Space
  • Down: Ctrl
  • Talk: V
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