Don’t Starve Together – Skill Trees Guide

Guide to Skill Trees

Alignment explanation

Upon becoming Shadow or Lunar aligned (an option which all characters with a Skill Tree have access to, bar ones that can only align themselves with one of the two – at the time of writing, this only applies to Wormwood.), characters will deal 10% extra damage to enemies of the opposite alignment and take 10% less damage from enemies of the allied alignment (A Shadow Aligned character, for instance, deals 10% extra damage to Lunar mobs and takes 10% less damage from Shadow mobs).


Wilson’s skill tree is split into 4 ‘specializations’: Torch, Alchemy, Beard and Affinity. Only one of the two Affinity skills may be chosen.


  • Torch Longevity I/II/III – Torches, when held by Wilson, will last 16%/32%/50% longer.
  • Torch Range I/II/III – Torches, when held by Wilson, will emit 3/4/5 ‘units’ of brightness (for comparison, a torch’s default brightness is that of 2 units).
  • Torch Toss (Requires 3 other Torch skills to be previously unlocked) – Wilson can ‘toss’ a torch to the cursor’s location, which emits light after landing (similarly to a lantern).


All mentions of ‘transmutation’ are unlockable crafting recipes, ‘transforming’ the materials into the finished product.

  • Transmutation – Transform 3 Twigs into 1  Log & Transform 1 Log into 3 Twigs.
  • Transmute Ore I – Transform 3 Rocks into 1 Flint & Transform 2 Flint into 1 Rock(s);
  • Transmute Ore II – Transform 3 Nitre into 1 Gold Nugget & Transform 2 Gold Nuggets into 1 Nitre;
  • Transmute Ore III – Transform 2 Cut Stone into 1 Marble & Transform 1 Marble into 1 Cut Stone & Transform 2 Marble into 1 Moon Rock.
  • Transmute Gems I – Transform 2 Red Gems into 1 Blue Gem & Transform 2 Blue Gems into 1 Red Gem & Transform 1 Blue Gem and 1 Red Gem into 1 Purple Gem;
  • Transmute Gems II – Transform 3 Purple Gems into 1 Orange Gem & Transform 3 Orange Gems into 1 Yellow Gem;
  • Transmute Gems III – Transform 3 Yellow Gems into 1 Green Gem  & Transform 1 Red Gem and 1 Blue Gem and 1 Purple Gem and 1 Orange Gem and 1 Yellow Gem and 1 Green Gem into 1 Iridescent Gem (a.k.a. ‘Opal’) .
  • Transmute Icky I – Transform 3 Morsels into 1 Meat & Transform 1 Meat into 2 Morsels;
  • Transmute Icky II – Transform 2 Beard Hairs into 1 Beefalo Wool & Transform 1 Beefalo Wool into 1 Beard Hair;
  • Transmute Icky III – Transform 6 Rot into 1 Manure & Transform 2 Hound’s Teeth into 1 Bone Shard & Transform 2 Bone Shards into 1 Hound’s Tooth.


Beard Insulation I/II/III – Increases the insulation granted by Wilson’s beard by a total of 20%/40%/70%.

  • Beard Growth I – Reduces Wilson’s beard growth timer to 3/7/15 days for the short, long and magnificent stages, respectively, from the default growth timer of 4/8/16 days.
  • Beard Growth II – Reduces Wilson’s beard growth timer to 3/6/12 days for the short, long and magnificent stages, respectively, from the default growth timer of 4/8/16 days.
  • Beard Growth III – Reduces Wilson’s beard growth timer to 2/5/10 days for the short, long and magnificent stages, respectively, from the default growth timer of 4/8/16 days.

Beard Hair storage (Requires at least 3 other Beard skills to be previously unlocked) – Your beard adds 1/2/3 (for a short, long or magnificent beard, respectively) additional storage slots to your inventory, in which only food can be stashed.


Both Affinity perks act as Alchemy perks, as in, they provide access to ‘transmutation’ recipes.

The affinity skills are mutually exclusive as they require you not to opt into the opposite affinity in order to unlock them. In addition, you must have defeated the Ancient Fuelweaver for Shadow Affinity (‘Shadow Courtier’) or the Celestial Champion for Lunar Affinity (‘Lunar Innovator’), as well as having learned at least 12 other skills before unlocking either affinity perk.

Shadow Courtier – Transform 1 Dreadstone into 2 Pure Horror & Transform 3 Pure Horror into 1 Dreadstone & transform 1 Pure Horror into 2 Nightmare Fuel. Upon unlocking, Wilson will become Shadow Aligned.

Lunar Innovator – Transform 3 Infused Moon Shards into 1 Pure Brilliance & Transform 1 Pure Brilliance into 2 Infused Moon Shards. Upon unlocking, Wilson will become Lunar Aligned.


Wormwood’s skill tree is split between 6 ‘branches’: Blooming, Farming/Brambles, Mushrooms/Spores, Plant Crafting, Lunar Cultivator, and Lunar Guardian. It is worth noting that, unlike all other characters this far, Wormwood has no Shadow affinity, being presented with two different options of Lunar affinity instead.

Lunar Cultivator and Guardian both require you to defeat Celestial Champion before unlocking them. Lunar Cultivator requires you have 5 skills in the ‘left branches’ (Plant Crafting and Mushrooms/Spores), whereas Lunar Guardian requires you have 5 skills in the ‘right branches’ (Blooming and Farming/Brambles).

The starting skill is:

Seed Sleuth – Wormwood can identify planted seeds to see what they’ll grow into.


  • Growth Spurt I/II – Wormwood will be in Stage 1 and 2 of blooming for 90%/75% of the normal duration, quickening how fast he gets to full bloom.

    Shade Plant – Wormwood’s full bloom will provide 180 points of summer insulation, compared to the 60 it provides without this skill.
  • Flower Power – Formula nutrients which extend and trigger Wormwood’s blooming are now 30% stronger, further extending blooming or accelerating the stages of bloom.
  • Photosynthesis – While in full bloom and exposed to sunlight, Wormwood regenerates 1 health every 10 seconds.


  • Farmhand – In full bloom, Wormwood will automatically tend to farm crops within a 1.5 tile radius (compared to the default radius of 1 tile without this perk). Wormwood will also harvest farm crops faster regardless of bloom.
  • Compost Care – Wormwood fertilizes himself with Compost Wraps ~60% faster.
  • Bee Kind – Killer Bees won’t attack Wormwood, nor leave their hive (in both cases, unless provoked). This applies to bee boxes as well. Furthermore, Butterflies will not fly away from Wormwood.
  • Bramble Trap Specialist – Wormwood, in full bloom, will automatically reset his Bramble Traps within a 1.5 tile radius every 3 seconds. Bramble Traps won’t hurt other players.
  • Bramble Husk Specialist – Whenever Wormwood lands 3 hits onto an enemy without taking damage with a Bramble Husk equipped, the Bramble Husk’s thorns effect will activate.

Plants Crafting

Each of the following will unlock a crafting recipe for Wormwood to create the namesake plant:

  • Sapling Crafting – 5 twigs, 5 hp;
    • Crafts result in lunar saplings as opposed to regular ones, but the difference is purely cosmetic.
  • Berry Bush Crafting – 3 rot, 8 juicy berries, 10 hp;
    • Wormwood gets the option to craft either regular berry bushes or ‘leafy’ berry bushes, as seen in pig villages. Once again, the difference is purely cosmetic.
  • Juicy Berry Bush Crafting – 3 rot, 8 berries, 10 hp;
  • Monkeytail Crafting – 3 bananas, 4 reeds, 15 hp;
  • Lureplant Crafting – 2 compost wraps, 5 leafy meat, 25 hp.


Mushroom Mastery I/II – Mushrooms planted in a mushroom planter by Wormwood grow 10%/20% faster (3.38 days/3 days compared to the base time of 3.75 days).

Mushroom Multiplier – When Wormwood places a mushroom into a planter, it will act as though a spore was planted (higher maximum yield of 6 and can produce a spore upon reaching the final stage.

Poor Sap – Wormwood can make the Syrup of Ipecaca for 1 Red Cap, 1 Honey and 1 Rot. Upon feeding a pigman or beefalo the syrup, the mob will panic, producing 1 manure and taking 5 damage every 3 seconds for a total of 15 manure. When eaten, it deals red cap damage (20 damage for pigmen, 80 for beefalo).

Moon Shroom Cloud – Wormwood may plant Moon Shrooms in mushroom planters. Upon eating a raw Moon Shroom, Wormwood will produce a spore cloud (similar to a Nap Sack’s) which will cause mobs within it to fall asleep. Wormwood does not get drowsy from consuming raw Moon Shrooms.

Lunar Cultivator

Lunar Cultivator revolves around making minions for Wormwood. They will follow for a set period of time before they revert back to what they once were (Carrot, Light Bulb, Dragon Fruit). Force-attacking a minion will despawn it.

Lunar Cultivator I – For 1 carrot and 5 hp, Wormwood can make a Carrat friend who follows him for 3 days. The Carrat will pick up any food found on the ground and bring it directly into your inventory, should you have available slots. You can have up to 4 Carrats at a time

Lunar Cultivator 2 – For 1 light bulb and 10 hp, Wormwood can make a Bulbous Lightbug friend who follows him for 2.5 days. The light bug will act as though you have one in your inventory and circle around you as light. You can have up to 6 Bulbous Lightbugs at a time. Each new Bulbous Lightbug causes all surrounding ones to generate more light.

Lunar Cultivator 3 – For 1 dragon fruit and 25 hp, Wormwood can make a Saladmander friend who follows him for 2 days. The salamander will be unripe and have 600 hp, dealing 40 attack damage. It will regenerate 5 health every 2.5 seconds. Wormwood can have a maximum of 2 Saladmanders. When both are active they have 900 hp instead.

Lunar Guardian

Lunar Guardian I – When Wormwood is attacked while wearing Brightshade Armor (the chest piece), a vine will ensnare the target for ~6 seconds, prohibiting its movement. Furthermore, Wormwood can craft the Brambleshade armor with a Brightshade Armor and Bramble Husk. The Brambleshade armor acts as a Brightshade Armor in terms of durability and its thorn effect, but has a slightly stronger secondary thorns effect of the Bramble Husk as well (22.7 damage + 5 planar damage). The Brambleshade armor is also affected by Bramble Husk Specialist.

Lunar Guardian II – Whenever Wormwood attacks with a Brightshade weapon, a Brightshade vine has a 20% chance to spawn and deals 70 physical damage + 15 planar damage to Wormwood’s target.
‘Brightshade weapons’ refers to the Brightshade Sword, Brightshade Smasher and Brightshade Shoevel;

Upon unlocking either Lunar Guardian I or Lunar Cultivator I, Wormwood will become lunar aligned


Wolfgang’s skills are classified as: Chores, Training, Might and his affinity perks


Chore Workout 1/2/3 – Wolfgang’s critical hit ability while working while mighty will increase to 5/10/15%. For reference: while chopping, mining or hammering while mighty, Wolfgang has a 1% chance to immediately destroy the entity he’s going this action on.


Gym Mastery – Wolfgang will automatically perform the Gym minigame without your input

Coach Wolfgang – Wolfgang will be able to craft a coaching whistle for 1 Flint and 1 Rope. While Wolfgang is in his normal form he can click the whistle to begin coaching. While this is active, characters and minions within a 6 tile radius of Wolfgang will periodically receive a buff. Characters will receive 5 sanity if they’re below 75% sanity and minions will receive a 100% boost to their damage for a short duration.

Leg Day – Normal Wolfgang has a 10% speed boost

Dumbbell Developer – Wolfgang can now craft the Thermbell (12 rocks, 1 pickaxe, 4 flint), Firebell and Icebell (2 thulecite, 1 red/blue gem respectively, 1 twig). The Thermbell acts as a thermal stone and gives Wolfgang 3 mightiness while lifting in wimpy and normal, and 1.5 while mighty. It deals 17 damage normally and has 94 uses (twice as much for lifting). The ice and fire bells give 5 mightiness at all stages and deal 42.5 damage normally. They have 33 uses (334 lifting uses). When thrown, the ice bell will create an AOE freeze equal to 2 ice staff hits, whereas the fire bell will create multiple fires similar to a fire hound that dies.

Heavy Hitter I/II – Wolfgang’s thrown dumb bells will deal 50%/100% more damage. For example: the gem, ice and fire bells will deal 170 AOE damage when thrown at Heavy Hitter 2.

Push the Limits I/II/III/IV/V – Wolfgang’s mighty meter will be increased to a max cap of 110/120/130/140/150 when using the gym


Mighty Weapons I/II/III/IV/V – When using planar weapons while mighty, Wolfgang will deal an additional 5/10/15/20/25 planar damage.


Shadow Guard I/II/III and Lunar Strategist I/II/III require beating Ancient Fuelweaver and Celestial Champion respectively, as well as not having the opposite’s affinity. Upon taking the corresponding skill, Wolfgang will receive Shadow/Lunar affinity.

Shadow Guard I/II/III – While mighty, Wolfgang’s damage against lunar aligned creatures (normal and planar) will increase by 10%/20%/30%

Lunar Strategist I/II/III – While mighty, Wolfgang’s damage against shadow aligned creatures (normal and planar) will increase by 10%/20%/30%


Woodie’s perks can be classified as Curse, Lumberjack, and his affinity perks.


Transformation Timer I/II/II –  Woodie’s weremeter drains 15%/30%/45% slower. (Max timer without these perks and minimizing the drain is 4 minutes)

Curse Embracer (requires 6 curse skills to be taken) – Woodie will no longer take health and sanity penalties from eating idols, and won’t return to his human form on an empty stomach.


The Werebeaver I – Werebeaver will mine 2.5x faster

The Werebeaver II – Werebeaver will chop 80% faster

The Werebeaver III – Werebeaver’s gnaw will be able to chop/mine/break hard materials similar to a pick/axe (at the moment this applies to Nightmare Werepig’s pillars and the Ryftals from the Lunar Rift, though as of right now it doesn’t work let you mine the werepig’s pillars).

Werebeaver Mastery (requires previous three perks taken) – Werebeaver gets a tail slap that does work on entities within a 1.5 tile radius, similar to Wagstaff’s Thumper from DS (doesn’t instantly destroy things such as tall trees however). Enemies caught in it will receive 27.2 damage per ring of damage they’re caught in (rings can overlap similar to bearger’s AOE move). The tail slap uses up 5 points of the weremeter.


The Weremoose I – Weremoose will receive only 15% of its usual grogginess when slamming into a structure with its charge and its walk speed will be that of a regular character (previously it was 90% of a character’s regular speed)

The Weremoose II – Weremoose will regenerate 1.5 hp every 5 seconds

The Weremoose III – Weremoose can stop itself mid-charge

Weremoose Mastery (requires previous three perks taken) – When attacking without moving, every 3rd hit from weremoose does 119 normal damage + if the mob has planar defense it will do 80 planar damage (140 damage total to planar mobs), alongside a small aoe. Weremoose will also have 15 planar defense.


  • The Weregoose I – Weregoose runs 66% faster instead of 40%
  • The Weregoose II – Weregoose has 100% wetness protection
  • The Weregoose III – Every 5 seconds, weregoose can dodge an attack

Weregoose Mastery (requires previous three perks taken) – Weregoose can fly to a random spot on the map as if using a telelocator staff without a focus


Quick Picker I/II/III – Woodie takes 85%/70%/55% the amount of time picking entities such as grass and saplings than it normally takes.

Treeguard Feller I/II – Woodie deals 50%/100% more damage to Treeguards

Treeguard Feller III – Woodie can craft a Treeguard Idol with 3 grass, 2 living logs and 5 nightmare fuel. Placing it down and burning it with a torch causes up to 2 treeguards to spawn from a 2.5 tile radius from trees around the burning idol.

Woodworker – With Lucy in your inventory, you can make boards for 3 logs instead of 4

Hat Carving – With Lucy in your inventory, you can make a Hardwood Hat for 6 logs, 1 pinecone. The hat has 70% damage reduction and 263 durability. The hat also protects against debris from cave earthquakes.

Cane Carving – With Lucy in your inventory, you can make a Wooden Walking Cane for 3 logs and 1 charcoal. The walking cane gives 15% movement speed and lasts 4 days while equipped.


Woodie’s affinity skills require you take 12 skills, beat Ancient Fuelweaver for the shadow perk and Celestial Champion for the lunar perk, and not have the opposite affinity.

Shadow Wrangler – While in wereforms, shadow creatures will no longer attack you. 

Lunar Renegade – The full moon will no longer trigger your curse


Willow’s skills are classified as: Lighter, Bernie, and her Affinity skills



Controlled Burning – Fires made by Willow won’t spread to nearby entities, any burnable loot dropped by mobs she sets on fire will smolder rather than be reduced to ash or cooked, items which have a chance to light enemies on fire such as torches or Willow’s Lighter will do so 100% of the time you hit an enemy with them

Burn Duration – Creatures burn for 3 times the duration.

Fire Fighter – When you set a creature on fire, they will take 50% more fire damage from the flames.

Brighter Lighter I/II – Willow’s Lighter will emit a light in a 2.5/4 tile radius


Hungry Lighter – Willow can use her lighter to absorb fires in a radius of .5 tiles to repair her lighter

Ember Tender- – When an enemy within 10 tiles dies while on fire, they drop an Ember. Willow can absorb the ember to put it in her inventory to use for pyromancy. With just Ember Tender you can cast Flame Cast for 1 Ember, which allows you to light a small area on fire from a distance, igniting anything inside of it.

Spontaneous Combustion – For 4 Embers, light all enemies within a 2.25 tile radius on fire.

Fire Ball – For 2 Embers, summon a dwarf star for light and warmth for 1 day

Burning Frenzy – For 2 embers for 1 minute,, Willow has a 1.25x damage multiplier to against any enemy on fire.


Patch Up I/II – Bernie regenerates 1/2 hp every second.

Bearly Sane I/II – Bernie will become BERNIE! At 30%/50% sanity rather than 15%.

Accelerant I/II – Bernie will move 15%/30% faster.

Hot-Headed – Bernie will become BERNIE! regardless of Willow’s current sanity if near a lunar aligned or shadow aligned enemy. Hot-Headed’s activation of bernie also ignores the 1 BERNIE! per Willow rule and thus allows you to have multiple out at once provided it’s near an aligned creature.

Tough Stuffing I/II – Requires learning 4 Bernie skills. Bernie’s health increases by 15%/30% (2,300/2,600 hp for BERNIE!)

Burning Bernie – Requires learning 8 Bernie skills. Lighting Bernie on fire gives him a fiery aura. While on fire, Bernie reflects 50 damage back at enemies that attack him.


Willow has a total of 2 shadow and 2 lunar skills, 1 pair for Bernie, 1 pair for her Lighter. Aside from the usual affinity requirements, the Bernie skills require you have 6 Bernie skills learnt whereas the Lighter skills require you have 7 Lighter skills learnt.

Shadow Bernie – BERNIE! becomes shadow aligned, gaining planar entity protection, 15 planar defense and 5 planar damage.

Shadow Flame Raiser – For 5 embers, summon 5 shadow flames which home in on enemies, dealing 150 damage to regular enemies and 127 damage to planar enemies (152 to lunar ones). Has an 8 second cooldown.

Lunar Bernie – BERNIE! becomes lunar aligned, gaining planar entity protection, 15 planar defense and 5 planar damage.

Lunar Flame Raiser – For 5 embers, summon a lunar flamethrower that you can aim with your mouse as you move, dealing 50 damage (20 + 30 planar) to enemies in front of you at a rate of 3 times per second for 5 seconds (up to 750 damage if all flames hit). Has a 13 second cooldown.


Wigfrid’s skill tree can be categorized into: Headliner, Arsenal, Rider, and Affinity


Fighting Words – Requires you to perform 10 Battle Stingers (Startling Soliloquy, Rude Interlude or Warrior’s Reprise) to unlock. Makes Battle Stingers no longer use 7 inspiration but rather goes on a 10 second cooldown upon use. If Warrior’s Reprise is used, it goes on a 2.5 minute cooldown

Battle Call Canister – Requires you have 6 Battle Calls in your inventory to unlock. Lets you craft the Battle Call Canister, which lets you store up to 8 Battle Calls and Battle Stingers in it,with the canister being able to be picked up. The canister costs 2 boards, 3 gold, 2 azure feathers, and 2 beeswax.

Encore – Requires you use a Beefalo Horn to unlock. Allows you to craft the Warrior’s Reprise, a song which allows you to revive up to 2 players for 83 inspiration (or 3 minutes if Fighting Words is used).

Mystic Resilience – Wigfrid passively gains 5 planar defense.


Bragi’s Blessing I/II – Using the Battle Spear/Lightning Spear will increase inspiration gain by 25%/50%

Hard Helm I/II – Using the Battle Helm/Commander’s Helm gives it 11%/25% more durability

Lightning Spear – Learn to craft the Lightning Spear. The spear has 150 uses, deals 59.5 damage (74 as Wigfrid) and has the electric damage multiplier, dealing 50% more damage to wet mobs. Requires 2 twigs, 2 volt goat horns, and 1 beefalo wool.

Lightning Spear Enhancement I – Allows Wigfrid to use the Lightning Spear to dash forward, dealing 68 damage and having a 3 second cooldown. Using the upgraded version allows you to repair it for 4 durability, or 8 durability if you hit 2 mobs with the dash.

Lightning Spear Enhancement II – Allows Wigfrid to upgrade the Lightning Spear using a restrained static, giving it 20 planar damage and a 20% speed boost and 200 durability.

Commander’s Helmet – Learn to craft the Commander’s Helmet for 2 gold, 2 beefalo wool, and1 marble. The helmet has 682 durability, 35% wetness protection, and 80% damage reduction and prevents you from being knocked back by attack with knockback.

Commander’s Helmet Enhancement I – The Commander’s Helmet gains 8 planar defense.

Commander’s Helmet Enhancement II – If Wigfrid’s health is at max, her life steal carries over to her Commander’s Helmet’s durability.

Battle Rond – Allows Wigfrid to craft the Battle Rond for 4 gold and 3 beefalo wool. The Battle Rond is a shield with 420 durability and 85% damage reduction which deals 51 damage (63.75 as Wigfrid). Right clicking with the shield allows you to block all incoming damage in an area you choose for 1 second. The block has a 10 second cooldown, and 2 second cooldown when first equipped. A successful block drops the cooldown to 3 seconds.

Battle Rond Enhancement I – The block of the Battle Rond lasts 2 seconds.

Battle Rond Enhancement II – After a successful block, the next attack within the next 5 seconds deals 15-30 more damage depending on the damage dealt during the block (60+ damage for the next hit to deal 30 more).


Noble Mount I – Beefalos will domesticate 15% faster for Wigfrid.

Noble Mount II – Beefalos can be ridden for 30% longer as Wigfrid.

Noble Mount III – While mounted on a Beefalo, Wigfrid’s inspiration will slowly increase until it’s halfway full.

Battle Saddle – Allows Wigfrid to craft the Battle Saddle for 5 gold, 3 marble and 6 azure feathers. The Battle Saddle gives beefalo 30% more speed (5% faster than a war saddle), 5 bonus damage (as opposed to a war saddle’s 16 damage) and gives it 40% damage reduction, essentially increasing its health from 1000 to 1666. 


Shadow Chanteuse – Allows Wigfrid to craft the Dark Lament for 1 papyrus, 1 feather pencil, and 3 pure horror. Creates an aura around Wigfrid that grants players the equivalent of the shadow aligned tag (10% bonus damage to lunar mobs, 10% damage reduced by shadow mobs) provided that they don’t have the tag already, + a bonus 5% damage dealt to lunar mobs and 10% damage reduced by shadow aligned mobs.

Lunar Melodist – Allows Wigfrid to craft the Enlightened Lullaby for 1 papyrus, 1 feather pencil, and 5 pure brilliance. Creates an aura around Wigfrid that grants players the equivalent of the lunar aligned tag (10% bonus damage to shadow mobs, 10% damage reduced by lunar mobs) provided that they don’t have the tag already, + a bonus 5% damage dealt to shadow aligned mobs and 10% damage reduced by lunar aligned mobs


Winona’s skill tree can be divided into 3 ‘shelves’ or tiers. The second tier requires 3 from the previous one to be taken first, and the third tier requires 6 from the previous ones (in total) to be taken. There are other requirements which will be discussed in their respective shelves.

Shelf 3 can be divided into Charlie perks and Wagstaff perks.

Shelf 1

Portability – Winona will be able to dismantle her machines (Catapults, Spotlights, and both types of generator) to pick them up and place them elsewhere. She can also craft a Handy Remote for 1 Electrical Doodad in order to activate her catapults if they’re in sleep mode. The remote has 100 uses. Generators and G.E.M.erators maintain their charge when picked up.

Quick Charge – Gadgets placed next to either type of generator recharge 100% faster. The handy remote can be recharged at the station, alongside several items

Winona can obtain later on her skill tree. Those items will be elaborated on within their sections.

Energy-Saver – Both types of generator no longer consume energy whilst they’re not in use, and machines connected to Generators (not G.E.M.erators) will not consume energy while in sleep mode.

Spacious Spotlight – Winona’s Spotlight’s light radius will increase from 1.25 tiles to 2 tiles.

Hotlight – Winona’s Spotlight’s light generates warmth. This warmth is enough to prevent freezing in winter and can heat up thermal stones.

Shelf 2

Rapid-Fire I/II/III – Catapults will have their rate of fire increased by 5/10/20%

Explosive Volley I/II/III – The catapults’ AOE radius is increased by 25/50/100%

Greater Generator I/II/III – Boosts the fuel efficiency on both types of generator by 25/50/100%.

Precise Targeting (requires Portability) – Allows Winona to use her Handy Remote to command catapults to fire on a specific spot. Using it repeatedly will ‘queue’ the commands, which catapults will execute in order.

Barrage (requires Portability) – Allows Winona to grant nearby catapults a 50% fire rate buff for 20 seconds, using her Handy Remote.

Shelf 3

Charlie’s Perks

Nightmare Fuel/Pure Horror Generator – Nightmare Fuel/Pure Horror can be used in the Generator (not the G.E.M.erator). Nightmare Fuel fuels generators by 50% with a charge that lasts twice as normal, indicated by its orange color. Pure Horror fuels the generator fully, with its charge also lasting twice as normal, this time being colored red. Catapults powered by a generator fueled by Pure Horror become shadow aligned, and deal 30 planar damage plus 17 normal damage, for a total of 47, on top of being stronger against Planar entities. (Catapults regularly deal 42.5 normal damage.)

Note: When applying fuel to a generator, the fuel that is applied last takes precedence. For example: if you apply pure horror, and then apply nightmare fuel to a generator, 50% will be red and 50% will be orange. The bars drain top to bottom, and red is always above orange, which is always above yellow. More testing is needed on precisely how much is filled. For example, there are 6 bars on the generator. If it is filled with 3 orange and 3 red bars, then is drained to around 80% and is given a nitre as fuel, there will be 2 bars of each color, when normally a nitre would add 3 bars. 

Shadow Strike (requires Portability and Pure Horror Generator) – Allows Winona to use her Handy Remote to fire a shadow infused boulder from a shadow aligned catapult (with pure horror as the generator’s fuel). The boulder does 120 planar damage. Currently, the final version of this skill is not yet implemented and is the same as Enlightened Strike.

Shadow Seeker I – Allows Winona to craft Rose-Colored Glasses for 12 Petals and 3 Twigs. Allows Winona to inspect anything to spawn a Dark Vestige every 4 minutes. Activating it near a small gap of ocean between two pieces of land spawns a vine bridge (maximum of 3 tiles long) to walk across. Activating it otherwise will cause nightmare fuel to spawn 75% of the time and pure horror to spawn the remaining 25% of the time.

Shadow Seeker II (Requires not getting Finder’s Keepers II) – Prevents Winona from being attacked by Charlie in darkness. Using the Rose-Colored Glasses on a flower turns it into a rose and activating a Dark Vestige on a rose turns it into a Fragile Rose. Fragile Roses shatter if dropped. If Winona dies with one in her inventory she will be revived and placed at the Florid Postern, or a Night Light if one is crafted. She will keep her inventory and receive no health penalty. Activating the glasses on a wormhole allows Winona to choose any Wormhole to come out of.

Wagstaff’s Perks

Enlightened/Brilliance G.E.M.erator – Allows Winona to use Enlightened Shards/Pure Brilliance in the G.E.M.erator (not the Generator). Enlightened Shards currently do not function as they will in the final build and provide infinite energy. They are intended to go on a cooldown if too much power is drained too quickly. Pure Brilliance converts the boulders into gems which deal 30 planar damage and 17 damage.

Enlightened Strike (requires Portability and Brilliance G.E.M.erator) – Allows Winona to use her Handy Remote to fire a lunar infused boulder with a lunar infused catapult. The boulder does 120 planar damage. Currently the final version of this skill is not yet implemented and is the same as Shadow Strike.

Finder’s Keepers I – Allows Winona to craft the Inspectacles for 1 Fashion Goggles and 2 Electrical Doodads. Once worn, the hat allows you to find a cache of materials from Wagstaff, with a 4 minute cooldown for use. The cache contains 1-2 Doohickies, 1-2 scrap, 0-2 Electrical doodads, and a Calibrated Perceiver.

 The Calibrated Perceiver is a one time use item that can be used to scan structures and items that Winona cannot craft yet and obtain their blueprint.

Using the Calibrated Perceiver on W.O.B.O.T. gives the blueprint for requires 8 Scrap, 4 Electrical Doodads, and 3 Doohickies. functions exactly like W.O.B.O.T., sorting items on the ground into chests where those items already are. It has a day’s worth of fuel to keep it functioning and can be recharged at either generator. 

Finder’s Keepers II (Requires not getting Shadow Seeker II) – Allows Winona to find Advanced Caches 25% of the time while using the Inspectacles. Advanced Caches contain 1-2 Gizmos, 1-2 Scraps, 1-2 Electrical Doodads, and either a hologram of the Portasol or Teletransport Station, which can be scanned with the Calibrated Perceiver to obtain their blueprint.

The Portasol is crafted with 4 Trusty Tape, 4 Electrical Doodads, 4 Twigs, and 1 Gizmo. The Teletransport Station is crafted with 6 Trusty Tape, 6 Electrical Doodads, 3 Boards, and 1 Gizmo. The station requires being connected to either generator in order to be powered and act as the anchor for the Portasol. The Portasol acts as an Umbrella and lasts 15 days and can be recharged at either generator. It can be used to teleport to the nearest Teletransport Station within 50 tiles (if you are directly on top of one then it is ignored for the teleport destination). When you teleport, items next to you will be teleported as well. 

Note: Winona’s Catapults can be infused with both shadow and lunar energy at the same time. Doing so changes the planar damage from 30 planar + 17 damage to 40 planar + 8.5 damage and modifies her planar strikes. While Winona herself does not have an affinity, her catapults will depending on the energy infused into it.


Wurt’s skill tree is divided into Amphibian, Swampmaster, and Affinity skills. 


Mental Fluidity I/II – Wurt regains sanity proportional to how much wetness she has. At max wetness she gets 4.4/6.6 sanity a minute.

All-Weather Scales – Wurt cannot freeze from her temperature dropping due to wetness.

Slippery Hide I/II – Wurt will use Wetness instead of HP to take damage if she can. Every 3.33/2 wetness will take 1 point of damage.

Hydrous Healing I/II – Wurt will heal proportional to how much wetness she has every 6.5/4 seconds. At maximum wetness she’ll regain 0.5 hp every time she regenerates. 


Mosquito Incognito – Wurt can make Lil’ Itchy for 1 Mosquito Sack and 1 Beefalo Wool. While Lil’ Itchy is in your inventory, Mosquitoes are neutral to Wurt. Lil’ Itchy spoils in 8 days.

Itchcraft I – Wurt learns to make the Skeeter Bomb, Fertilizzzer, and Blood Shot.

The Skeeter Bomb requires 1 Mosquito Sack and 4 Mosquitoes. The bomb acts as a throwable bomb which will explode on impact, dealing 59.5 damage to nearby enemies and causing 4 Mosquitoes to emerge, attacking nearby enemies.

The Fertilizzzer requires 1 Mosquito Sack, 2 Nitre, and 1 Manure. This is a fertiliser which provides 12 of each nutrient to a farm plot (the equivalent of a spoiled fish, guano, and rotten egg). 

The Blood Shot requires 2 Mosquito Sacks and heals Wurt for 16 hp or a Merm/Merm Guard for 100 hp.

Itchcraft II – Buffs all items from Itchcraft I.. The Skeeter Bomb spawns 2 additional Mosquitos, the Fertilizzzer provides 20 of each nutrient to a farm plot, and the Blood Shot heals an additional 10 hp over 10 seconds when used on Wurt and 50 hp over 10 seconds when used on merms.

The Merm King’s Pauldron Quest – Giving the Merm King a Marble Suit grants your Merms and Merm Guards 15% damage reduction. Wurt receives 10% damage reduction to all damage upon the quest being completed.

The Merm King’s Crown Quest – Giving the Merm King a Thulecite Crown grants your Merm Guards the ability to dodge 1 hit every 10 seconds.

The Merm King’s Trident Quest – Giving the Merm King a Striden Trident allows your Merm Guards a 33% chance to perform a triple hit combo at 50% of the usual damage, resulting in a 50% damage increase each time the combo is used. Wurt will get a 5% damage buff.

Sated Sovereign I/II – The Merm King’s max hunger is increased by 25/50%, for a maximum of 250/300.

Sated Sovereign III – The Merm King’s hunger drain is reduced to 85% of its normal drain, going from 25 hunger a day to 21.25.

Community Feeder I/II [Exact numbers needed] – Allows Wurt to make the Communal Kelp Dish/Superior Communal Kelp Dish.

The Communal Kelp Dish requires 2 Boards and 2 Cut Reeds. The Superior Communal Kelp Dish requires 3 Boards, 3 Cut Reeds, and 1 Tentacle Spot. Kelp can be placed in both to reduce the respawn timer for Merm Huts and Merm Flortifications.

Industrious Merm I/II  – Allows Wurt to make a Shoddy Tool Shed/Slightly Less Shoddy Tool Shed.

The Shoddy Tool Shed requires 2 Boards, 5 Twigs, and 5 Rocks. The Slightly Less Shoddy Tool Shed requires 4 Boards, 1 Tentacle Spot, 5 Twigs, and 5 Rocks. 

Both tools are multi-tools that allow merms to dig, chop, and mine (with chopping and mining being at a faster rate than their punches).

Shoddy tools have 50 uses and are 25% more effective than regular tools. Shoddy tools have 100 uses and are 50% more effective than regular tools. Merms will automatically equip themselves from nearby Sheds.

Mining and chopping consume 3 uses of the tools. When a merm takes from the tools it will consume 1 Rock and 1 Twig inside of the shed. Wurt can replenish the tools by adding more rocks and twigs.

Hardheaded I/II – Allows Wurt to make an Armermry/Superior Armermry to give Merm Guards Swamp Brawler Helmets/Swamp Warrior Helmets.

The Armermry requires 2 Boards, 5 Logs, and 5 Cut Grass. The Superior Armermry requires 4 Boards, 1 Tentacle Spot, 5 Logs, and 5 Cut Grass.

The Swamp Brawler Helmet has 240 durability and gives 30% damage reduction. The Swamp Warrior Helmet has 360 durability and gives 50% damage reduction. When a Merm Guard takes a helmet from the Armermries, 1 Log and 1 Cut Grass will be consumed from its storage. 

Sensible Swamp Fighter – Merm Guards will flee at 20% or below hp to regenerate 5 hp every second for 10 seconds.

Swamp Pathfinder – Players within 7.5 tiles of Wurt will gain 30% speed while on Marsh turf.


Lunar Mutated Merm – Giving Merms moonglass or infused moonglass will transform them into mutated merms, giving merms and merm guards +40 max hp, and enemies attacking either receive 40 thorns damage. Wurt can cast a spell using Pure Brilliance which grants all mutated merms in range of the spell 20 planar damage to their attacks and they have  40% damage reduction from planar damage for 4 minutes.

Terra Mutation – Grants Wurt access to the Brilliant Mudslinger.

The Brilliant Mudslinger requires 1 Driftwood, 1 Marsh turf, and 1 Pure Brilliance. It has no durability but has an 8 minute long cooldown upon use. When used, all tiles within a 2.5 tile radius transform into swamp turf for 2 minutes and all merms are mutated and granted the Pure Brilliance buff. The swamp tiles generated from this cause lunacy.

Shadow Resurrection Merm – Merms and Merm Guards that are recruited by Wurt and die are revived as Shadow Merms with full hp. Shadow merms carry the same stats are their alive counterparts, and are immune to fire and sleep. Wurt can cast a spell using Pure Horror which grants all Shadow Merms in range of the spell 20 planar damage to their attacks, and 40% damage reduction from planar damage for 4 minutes.

Terra Corruption – Grants Wurt access to the Dreaded Mudslinger.

The Dreaded Mudslinger requires 1 Driftwood, 1 Marsh turf, and 1 Pure Horrors. It has no durability but has an 8 minute long cooldown upon use. When used, all tiles within a 2.5 tile radius transform into swamp turf for 2 minutes. All shadow merms receive the Pure Horror buff as well. The swamp tiles have a 50% chance to spawn a mini shadow tentacle whenever a merm damages an enemy on them (Currently does not provide the Pure Horror buff).

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