Bounty Below – Crafting Item Guide

Simple guide to help choose what item to craft.

Guide to Crafting Items



  • Rocks: Water base dmg +[amount]
  • Waterwheel: Unit dmg +[amount]%


  • Badge: Rich rocks +[amount]%
  • Pirate Garb: Chests +[amount]%


  • Resevoir: Water dmg +[amount]% per drill
  • Power drill: Tier cost -[amount]%

Fusion Bomb

  • Radioactive isotope: Enemy max hp -[amount]%
  • Chain reaction: Extra bomb chance +[amount]%

Magic Acolyte

  • Spell book: Patience tome multiplier +[amount]%
  • Wand catalyst: Wand multiplier +[amount]%

Laser Drill

  • Coolant: Laser drill dmg +[amount]%
  • Cross: Hand laser dmg +[amount]%

Matter Condenser

  • Dense Formation: Ore find +[amount]%
  • Alloy: Item lvl +[amount]

Temporal Beam

  • Relativity: Offline ore +[amount]%
  • Warp: Respawn time -[amount]seconds

Spatial Expander

  • Multidimensional storage: Double ore chance +[amount]%
  • Multidimensional real estate: Unit cost -[amount]%


  • Spell tome: Focus tome multiplier +[amount]%
  • Staff catalyst: Staff multiplier +[amount]%

Universal Gateway

  • Siphon: Wizard dmg +[amount]%
  • HIdden Eye: Chests +[amount]%

Matter Disruptor

  • Active hammer: Crafting spd -[amount]%
  • Billiards: Disruptor dmg +[amount] per condenser

Matter Disassembler

  • Blue flame: Essence gained +[amount]%
  • Reconstructor: Constant ore flow +[amount]% of avg. ore gain

Paradox Mender

  • Cool glasses: Insta-kill chance +[amount]%
  • Pocket watch: Double pure ore chance +[amount]%

Endless Maw

  • Purity: Maw dmg +[amount] per ascension
  • Unity: Maw dmg +[amount] per disassembler

Grand Magus

  • Grimoire: Power tome multiplier +[amount]%
  • Scepter Catalyst: Scepter strength +[amount]%
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