The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – Teleports Guide

Guide to Teleports and Teleportations Runes Locations

How to Teleport

You need to stand on red pentagram-like magical symbol on a floor/ground.

Using a rune will pop-up the dialog window with “choose destination” option.

After receiving first teleportation rune in Silbach, ask Lokvar about it.

After speaking to him you’ll:

  • Have a new record about them in game log -> general info.
  • Receive the book about secrets of teleportation.

Locations of Teleports, the Map

The lurkers’ coast (cave)

Teleportation rune: from Rupert as result of completing the quest “nobody gets left behind“.

Silbach (chapel)

Teleportation rune: at Silbach’s chapel on the altar. Interior of the chapel can be accessed via third part of the quest “three works for the alchemist” by the key from Lokvar.


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