The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos – Teleports Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Mellarius!

Guide to Teleports and Teleportations Runes Locations

How to Teleport

You need to stand on red pentagram-like magical symbol on a floor/ground.

Using a rune will pop-up the dialog window with “choose destination” option.

After receiving first teleportation rune in Silbach, ask Lokvar about it.

After speaking to him you’ll:

  • Have a new record about them in game log -> general info.
  • Receive the book about secrets of teleportation.

The Map of Portals and Other Transport

Transport system at Archolos consist of:

  • country roads and footpaths for free walking!
  • portals for happy owners of teleportation runes;
  • carriers with their boats, price = 5 GP;
  • wheeled wagons of Merchant Guild, price = 10 GP;
    N.B. Also you can buy wagon station to be in front of your house at Old Town.

The Lurkers’ Coast (Cave)

  • Telerune: from Rupert as result of completing the quest “nobody gets left behind”.
  • Portal whereabout: the cave.

Silbach (Chapel)

  • Telerune: at Silbach’s chapel on the altar.
  • Portal whereabout: chapel of Silbach. Interior of the chapel can be accessed via third part of the quest “three works for the alchemist” (cleaning the chapel of “monsters”) with the key from Lokvar.

Southern Marshes

  • Telerune: You can buy it for 100 GP from the miscelaneous trader in the western cave of Scoundrel’s Haven.
  • Portal whereabouts: Behind the tents opposite the entrance to the Harbor.

Sailor’s Retreat (Ruined Tower)

  • Telerune: right on the floor near portal.
  • Portal whereabout: in the ruined tower. Tower is guarded by 2 harpies.

There is also some loot behind the tower and to the left of tower.

Adanos Shrine in the City

  • Telerune: buy for 100 GP from water mage Laudus in the Temple of Adanos.
  • Portal whereabout: in the Temple of Adanos.

An Abandoned Cave by the City

  • Telerune: need to kill warlord in the cave and take the rune from his corpse.
  • Portal whereabout: in the abandoned cave guarded (inside and outside) by 25-32 lvl bandits: warlord and 6 “common” bandits.

This bandit camp and cave contain many valuables: good weapons, ring, 2 silver deposits and so on!

Amber Coast

  • Telerune: right on the central stone platform in the stone circle.
  • Portal whereabout: stone circle in front of Amber coast.

The Monastery of the Water Mages

  • Telerune: Inside of the Monastery territory near the main gates there is tower, rune is on the table. Interior of the tower becomes accessible in Chapter 5, when you going in for the chest with your items.
  • Portal whereabout: Portal is in a small shrine, between the gate and proper monastery.

The Abandoned Cave by Rita’s Vineyard

  • Telerune: in central sarchofagus near the teleport.
  • Portal whereabout: cave in the forest south-west of bridge (with the boat) by the road between Silbach and Rita’s Vineyard. Cave is guarded by 3 goblin-skeletons and 3 skeletons.

Island in the Southwest. No Rune

  • Telerune: no rune.
  • Portal: small cave at northwest side of that small island. Island is located southwest of Volcano.

Innos Shrine in the City

  • Telerune: buy for 100 GP from fire mage Tengral which is inside of the great chapel of Innos at the nortwest of the City.
  • Portal: in the small chapel of Innos just several steps west of Barracks at center of the City.

The House in Old Town

  • Telerune: in the basement on the barrel near portal.
  • Portal: in the basement of your house.

N.B. There is NO ACCESS to area until late part of Chapter 3. House can be obtained in Chapter 4.

Wolf’s Den

  • Telerune: buy for 100 GP from Yezegan.
  • Portal: before the room of Yezegan.

Cursed Swamp (Misty Marshes)

  • Telerune: in the iron mine, left of the portal pentagram in the drift with two skeleton-archers.
  • Portal: in the iron mine, near entrance. Iron mine located in the northeast of the Swamp, among several burned buildings.

Vardhal Fortress

  • Telerune: in the left room after you open and enter the gates of the fortress, on the alchemy table.
  • Portal: at the courtyard, in front of entrance.

Old Crypt Next to Fortress of Vardhal

  • Telerune: in the room to the left of entrance, on the table.
  • Portal: right after the entrance.

Secret Evil Cave. No Rune

  • Telerune: no rune.
  • Portal: dead end of right arm of the cave.
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