Bounty of One – Ultimate R0B3RT Guide

Character guide for using R0B3RT in Bounty of One, including item synergies and how to use him effectively.

Definitive Guide to R0B3RT

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R0B3RT is by far one of the most versatile characters in the game thanks to his ability, SteamTech Turret. It places a stationary turret that fires basic shots at the enemies closest to it, at 1.3x your fire rate. However, the item also cuts all your fire rate in half, meaning that you fire at 50% your original fire rate and the turret fires at 65%.

Should the turret go offscreen, an indicator pointing at the edge of the screen will help you find its position and allow you to go back to it.

With R0B3RT’s turret attacking for him, this technically allows him to be the only character who can shoot while moving, albeit at reduced fire rate. On higher Infamy Levels where you need to be moving around a lot to avoid damage, enemy attacks, and faster-moving enemies, this is a godsend.


  • Turret can fire while you are moving, making R0B3RT the only character who can attack while moving from the get-go. Due to this, movement-based items are very viable for R0B3RT.
  • R0B3RT can fire separately from turret, and with positioning the turret can hit enemies at the back of a crowd.
  • Turret is affected by abilities that affect your basic shots – such as Three is the Magic Number, 180 No-Scope, Mighty Mezcal Staff, Big Bertha, and Scrap Gun
  • Turret can be positioned to point-blank Deputies and bosses if you have Three Is The Magic Number or 180 No-Scope, significantly increasing damage.


  • Turret shot velocity is same as the player’s, meaning that fast-moving enemies can dodge it.
  • The turret cannot move from its position at all. With the player’s fire rate cut in half, you NEED to stay around the turret area or else you can get easily overrun.
  • Turret can target the same enemy as player even if said enemy dies in one hit, wasting the shot.


  • At the start of a game, you generally want to get a lot of Fire Rate upgrades to offset his fire rate disadvantage. Try to get at least 1.5 fire rate so that you can kill enemies quickly.
  • As with other characters, you want to get damage to at least 100 before the first night.
  • As with other characters, finding a Pierce or Bounce upgrade early is crucial, especially before the morning of the first cycle.
  • Speed upgrades are actually quite viable with R0B3RT – having 3.5-4.4 speed can allow you to run around without needing to dash.
  • Area Size upgrades are also effective with R0B3RT, allowing him to pick up items from afar while not straying too far from the safety of his turret. They also increase his area size with Onion, Seismic Dance, and Thunder Dance, which he is good with.
  • Avoid extra dash upgrades, our speed and cooldown should help.
  • Get at least 7 or so HP if you’re on Infamy 15+, so you don’t get killed in 2 hits. This also helps with Gluttony.

Items and Synergies to Get (or Avoid)

R0B3RT pairs well with almost all items due to the turret allowing lots of build versatility. There are a few items that stand out among this, especially items that affect your basic shots, as well as movement-based abilities.

Items that synergize well with SteamTech Turret

  • Far Sight: For those who are annoyed with the turret missing, this doubles shot velocity while increasing damage. Make sure to have a few fire rate upgrades however as it will hurt your fire rate slightly.
  • Mighty Mezcal Staff: If you have sufficiently low CDR, this allows both you and your turret to fire a cactus ball separately. Since the cactus ball depends on CDR, the lower fire rate isn’t too big of an issue.
  • Big Bertha: Each time SteamTech Turret fires counts for Big Bertha’s 30 shot count to trigger. If you have high fire rate, this can be very useful.
  • Scrap Gun: With SteamTech Turret helping you out, R0B3RT can afford to move around much more often and charge up the Scrap Gun. The turret is capable of firing the scrap gun’s extra shots, but can only hold 1 stack.
  • 3 Is The Magic Number / 180 No-Scope: Extra shots are always good and they affect your turret too! If you position the turret correctly, these can allow you to point-blank deputies and sheriffs, having all shots connect with them. Just remember to keep a good fire rate if you pick the former.
  • Bowgun: The 2x fire rate at max charge also affects the turret. Good if you are going for a stand-still build.
  • Dark Revenge: The 3x fire rate when R0B3RT is near an enemy will also affect the turret. However, it should also be noted that the /3 fire rate debuff if he is too far will affect the turret too.

Items that synergize well with R0B3RT’s gameplay

  • Onion/Seismic Dance/Thunder Dance/Panic Attack/Bulletstorm: With SteamTech Turret helping you out, R0B3RT can afford to move around much more often, and these will allow him to damage enemies on the move.
  • Relentless Momentum: With SteamTech Turret helping you out, R0B3RT can afford to move around much more often. If maintained by moving, this not only can increase his damage by 1.5x, it will also add 80% to area size.
  • Dash-based items: With SteamTech Turret helping you out, R0B3RT can afford to move around much more often. This means that a dash build will still allow you to attack consistently with your basic shots.
  • After Image: With SteamTech Turret helping you out, R0B3RT can afford to move around much more often. You can basically halve your dash time often with this.

Items to avoid

  • Dirty Nigel: This lowers your shot velocity, making the turret’s shots far more likely to miss enemies at a range.
  • Tesla Field: Similar to Dirty Nigel, this lowers shot velocity in an area around you.
  • Little Friend: This will kill your base damage. Unless you are going for a pure fire rate build + Big Bertha, I recommend avoiding it.
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