Bounty of One – Serra Class Guide (Advanced)

So Serra is easily the hardest class and I found the current guide doesn’t do it Justice. So I wanted to make an in-depth guide about the character I still struggle with 140 hours in.

Guide to Serra Class

All credit goes to Your Majesty Padded Gamer!

Lose Conditions

So this class has a lot of automatic lose conditions and that’s why I hate this class even after the buff. Maybe I’m just bad at playing at this specific class. But remember before you say “git gud scrub” I am rank 17 in the world at this game.

Lose condition 1: Not enough damage. If you aren’t maxing out your crit chance, base damage and crit damage, then you pretty much just lose. Not being able to 1 or 2 shot literally everything is a death sentence. So focus on damage until your able to kill everything pretty easily.

Lose condition 2: Not enough attack speed. This should go without saying but attack speed and cooldown reduction scale really well on this character. If you don’t shoot fast enough to handle enemies, then you just lose. So make sure that after focusing on damage awhile you start to focus on your damage over time.

Lose condition 3: Not enough mobility. So after focusing on damage and your attack speed, you now have to focus on movement speed and dashes. Your going to need to be able to run away with your brown pants once in awhile. You will get surrounded by enemies while sitting still to charge your bowgun. So it’s extremely important that you focus on your mobility as your third highest priority.

Lose condition 4: Health. Always take those purple +2 health upgrades unless your way behind the damage curve. You should assume that because you have to sit around instead of dodging that you will take a lot of hits to the face. If you don’t have enough health to just tank through the game, you will just lose.


In this section we will be focusing on potential synergies that will gel well with your builds.

Survival Kits: It should go without saying that you need to be able to tank hits. As discussed in the previous section, assume you’ll take some hits. You want emergency kit and plot armor as these will keep you from losing the game.

Drinks on the house: This item makes it so that if your standing still, projectiles won’t hit you. This item is normally pretty situational. But as Serra, this single item will keep you alive and make your life easier so you can sit there camping the bowgun longer. It’s a must have for every build and since it’s a common, why not take it?

Warning Shots: This is a must have. You’re going to be standing around firing bullets as fast as possible, you need warning shots to keep enemies off your tail.

“Forcefield” upgrades: Tesla Field, Intimidating reward and bullet storm will help keep you alive. Use taunt at your own risk, this is simply not worth it. Ideally you want enemies to be slowed down, you want projectiles to stop being a threat if you want to survive as this character.

Far Sight: This is a must have. If you see this upgrade, take it. It should go without saying why this is easily the best upgrade for this character. It’s a requirement in almost any build.

Little Friend: It should go without saying that you want this freaking item. Sure shaving off pretty much almost all your damage is a bad thing, but this combines so well with the bowgun. You almost always want to take this on high attack speed characters like Serra and Natoko. Make sure to focus on damage for awhile after taking this item so you don’t fall behind the damage curve.

Steam Boots: As discussed in the previous section, mobility is important. So going with a steam boots build with bullet storm, seismic dance, and surprise attack is going to help you stay alive and get you out of bad situations.

Big Bertha: Every 30 shots you get a massive huge BFG sized bullet. Of course this synergizes amazingly on high speed characters like Natoko and Serra.

Etheral Flame/Magnetized Horseshoe: Your going to have a hard time picking up coins because you’ll be sitting around not moving a whole lot. So make sure that if you see Etheral Flame or Magnetized Horseshoe to always pick it up. Otherwise you could easily fall behind the level curve and have a lot of missed coins. Or worse waste your time running around like a chicken with its head cut off desperate for XP.

Three is the magic number: I saw this on a guide about how good it is with this character. Umm this debuff literally costs you 40 percent of your attack speed. As discussed in the previous section, attack speed is your second most valuable stat and you shouldn’t just sell it for extra shots. Use this ability on a slower character like Robert 2.0 that needs the extra DPS and can take an attack speed hit.

Spread Shot: This is basically three is the magic number but for high attack speed characters. This is just one of the best upgrades for a character like Serra and has virtually no downsides. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take this in every run.

Pong: Depending on the build your going for, it might be worth tanking your second best stat in the game. But be careful with it, as it’s a pretty nasty debuff for this character. But long term it might be worth it.

Machine Learning: I mean this item is fantastic on any character. But on high attack speed characters that kill really fast, it’s perfect and scales out of control with Natoko or Serra. There’s no reason not to take this item if your lucky enough to see it.

Items you should take: True Survivor, running on fumes, thunder dance, bloody rage, binary system, corkscrew bullets, guidance system, knife volley and panic attack are all good items that will pretty much work on any Serra build and should always be considered as a priority.

Recap (TL;DR)

So in case you decided this guide was way too long and skipped ahead here, I’m going to go over the basics as quick as I can without being too indepth.

You want to focus at the beginning on damage, crit rate, critical damage. If you ain’t one or two tapping your enemies, your going to get overwhelmed and lose.

Then you need to focus on raw attack speed, cooldown reduction, get your damage over time skyrocketing. Otherwise you won’t succeed.

After that you pretty much just need to focus on dashes, mobility to dodge attacks. And HP to ensure you can tank lots of hits. Assume that no matter how good you are at the game, this is a hard character and your bound to take a beating real fast. On infamy 18 especially this class is nearly impossible and it’s okay to take every advantage you can get to win as her.

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