Broken Pieces – 100% Full Achievement Guide

There are 14 achievements in the Broken Pieces. So this guide explains how you can get all of them.

How to Obtain All Achievements

All achievements can be obtained in the same game except the Making It Fast achievement. The Birdy No Touchy achievement can be missed and require starting a new game.

Achievements can be obtained in reduced combat or in normal mode.

More Eelectricity

  • Restore the additional generator in Saint Exil.

Complete the Shed Light On The Lighthouse mission.

Birdy No Touchy

  • Get levans key without getting close to the bird.

During the mission The Bird And Mr Levans Key, when the bird is on the ground eating a mushroom, scare it with a storm instead of running at it.

Under Water Damage

  • Find the submarine on the beach.

Complete the In A Spy Steps mission.

Fast N Furnitus

  • You can complete this achievement when you try to get the key to the restaurant Panier à Crabes.

The goal is to synchronize them so that light bounces until it reaches the secretaries at the end of the room. You can do so by blocking the clock (2) until it is synch with furniture number 1. And then blocking furniture number 3 until it is synch with the 2 others. In order to block a piece of furniture you need to put yourself in its trajectory.

Say A Little Prayer For You

  • Reach the assomption church.

Complete the All Roads Lead To Assumption mission.

Cultivating A Secret

  • Uncover the Devoted secrets.

Complete the Carry A Secret To The Grave mission.

A Message In A Bottle

  • Send a signal via the communication system in L’Écrin.

Complete the Message In A Bottle mission.

A Story Unfolds

  • Finish Broken Pieces main story.

Follow this guide.

Making It Fast

  • Finish Broken Pieces in less than 5 ingame days.

A few tips to achieve this success easily:

  • Use the lock codes you already know to save time.
  • Anticipate the use of axes and levers so as not to have to make too big detours.
  • Take the drink from Elise’s fridge when you wake up to increase your recovery during trips between 2 levels.
  • Try to focus Élise’s health restoration on times when you go to sleep.
  • Do not hesitate to consult your backup history, to start from a previous point and improve your progress.
  • Some objectives require you to skip to the next day.

Souvenir Souvenir

  • Find all souvenir items.

To find all the souvenirs, follow this guide.

Cassette Lover

  • Obtain all the game’s tapes.

To find all the tapes, follow this guide.

Ball Dancing

  • Finish all of george’s tables in Saint Exil.

Complete the Nico The Hungry Robot mission.


  • Complete all the dream portals.

Complete all The Edge levels.


  • Finish the game 100%.

A few rules to follow to achieve this success:

  • You must get all the Tapes of the game.
  • You must apply all Gun Upgrades to your gun.
  • You must complete all of Georges Tables.
  • Complete all The Edge levels.
  • Find all Souvenirs.
  • End the game after completing the above objectives.

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