Broken Pieces – Main Quest Guide

This guide covers how to finish the main quest of Broken Pieces.

How to Complete Main Quest

Start the Game

As you wake up in this dark corridor of Contact, you only have one way to go: Forward. Get to the alarm at the end of the tunnel and it should start a cinematic in which you ultimately wake up in your bed. Elise is now free to roam the Elise’s House. Your first goal is to find the tape player that is inside the second room of your current floor.

You grab it and you can continue downstairs.

Downstairs, you will find the Chest from which you have to collect your HQ Ammos.

You will also find your notepad next to the kitchen sink, it will help you through the adventure… You can now leave the house and get your gun in the Shanty.

Once you have your gun you can get down to the training zone and start shooting at the cans.

You will then have to get to the dodging zone (2) and then to the repel zone (3). Both training will auto start once you are past the yellow line on the floor.

You can now leave the Elise’s House garden and explore your street at Hubhouse. To continue to the lighthouse L’Écrin, you will have to reach this gate:

Getting the Lighthouse Generator Back On

You arrived to Lighthouse level near the Flower House and get into your first fight. Once the enemy is defeated you will need to scavenge for an axe.

And use it against the tree that will allow you to cross over the fallen bridge. Hit the tree with the axe and then start a storm (F by default on keyboard, and Y on the gamepad controller).

If you continue forward you will soon arrive at the L’Écrin. You can read the informative panel in front of it so that Elise note the lighthouse inauguration date (1835). Get inside the lighthouse and reach the lowest level. There is a first locker that shows up. It needs the lighthouse inauguration date as code in order to obtain the circuit breaker.

If you go through the door next to the stairs, it will lock behind you. You will have to continue to the control room and access the computer which manages the security of the system as well as the the town’s secondary generator.

You will have to fight your way through so you can disable the security (using the computer on the corner of the room) and get out of the lighthouse with your circuit breaker in hands. This circuit breaker will allow you to reconnect the Cables box leading to the Pointe de Mael.

You will be offered to insert the circuit breaker in the electrical box and put the colored cables in order. To grasp the right order, just look at the top of the Cables box using the fps camera. And reproduce the order.

In this example, it means putting the cables from top to bottom: Black, White, Yellow and Blue. You can now open the gate and access the Pointe de Mael. To enter the zone you will have to use your axe on a tree and use the storm as done previously. You will then find a boat with Frank date of birth written on it. (19 of march)

You can use that information in the lighthouse second locker to obtain the missing valve.

Enter 1903 or 0319 and collect the valve. Place it on the missing slot and set the pressures so that the total of each section is equal to 1.

Now that it’s done you can restart the power generation from the control room computer (the same one used to unlock the security door).

Now the current is back on you can check a desk at the end of the control room, which will trigger a cinematic. Once this cinematic is done, you can get back to your house using the newly unlocked shortcut. Don’t forget to take your circuit breaker back from the gate leading to the “pointe de Mael”.

Getting to the Beach

Now you are back home you can access the attic (optional) and the spy cave. We won’t be covering the attic as we are focused on the main quest in this guide but please note it has a bonus music tape and a cool mini game. To access the cave you will need to go through this door in the house garden:

You can push the piece of furniture blocking the access and enter the secret room. It is plunged into darkness, so you have to press the power button to put the whole thing back into an operating state. A cutscene is then triggered. Once this is over you need to collect the spy’s documents on the desk and you are free to roam around the room and learn more about the story. For instance you can collect different tapes and look at boards attached on the walls. If you go to sleep Elise will read the documents and record a summary journal tape that you can collect in the morning.

You learn that the cult has installed an antenna at the beach and that you need to access it and maybe shut it down. it was installed to slow down the progress of the attack on the village while the cult was doing something else. Could they have caused the phenomenon? In order to go to the beach you need to access Boisseau’s park through this door for instance:

You will need the circuit breaker (you might have left it inside the gate in the lighthouse scene, if so you will need to get back there and get it back). To open this gate. In order to know what is the cable order you will have to start a storm which will then provide enough winds to have the little door atop the cable box moving. The cable order is: Yellow, blue, black and white (top to bottom). If you used the second gate to access boisseau’s park (the one behind the army truck), the cable order is: Blue, Black, White and yellow (top to bottom).

Once in the park you will have to read the signs and notes left there to understand that a crow has stolen the keys to Mr Levans’ truck. Which maybe contains something that will ultimately help us progress. These two interactions need to be triggered to continue:

Then you can put the scarecrows down so that the crow is not afraid anymore. In order to now attract it on the ground, you will have to drop a mushroom in his surroundings and give it some distance. The crow will then land to eat the mushroom and if you approach it, it will fly away. Leaving the truck’s key behind him. You can collect it and open Mr levans truck here:

You will find an axe inside the truck which will allow you to break these planks:

And thus access the park without using the gates. You can then grab back your circuit breaker from the gate and access the park using the ladder. Use that circuit breaker inside the gate that gives access to the beach:

This cable box will need supplemental power supply in order to function normaly, if not done already you will have to restart the windmill at the opposite side of the park. Simply press the lever and start a storm nearby it:

You can now go to the beach.

Getting to the Church

When arrived at the beach you can go down the stairs and continue forward to reach the antenna. You will have to use the lever near the yellow metallic bridge to make it fall and continue. A fight will take place and then you can freely remove the lever installed to block the doors of the electrical box and disconnect the antenna:

Please note that you can access the restaurant and the upstairs puzzle from this place but we won’t talk about it at this time as the result of solving this puzzle is used later (see finding the plates category). So now the cinematic is over we find ourselves under the snowy weather and in real need of warmer clothes. This is very simple, you just need to get back home and find fitting clothes inside that piece of furniture:

You are now free to leave the house again and another cinematic will be triggered. It will show you that now the fountains are back on and you can use them to switch the weather from winter to summer at your will. You can thus get back to the beach, put your newly found lever inside the second yellow metallic bridge and make it fall using a storm. Switch the weather back to winter using the fountain nearby. The water level will be low and you will be able to get down to the sand directly.

Your next step is to unlock the gate that leads to the church. In order to do so you will have to put back the missing cogs into their slots.

These 2 cogs are found within the scene: Here

And here:

Put the cogs on the gate and you now have to get rid of the birds atop of it to have it unlocked. (they sit on the locking mechanism) With shrimps (to attract the 2 seagulls) and a mushroom (to attract the crow) you can keep them busy while the gate is opening and thus have it stay unlocked. You can find shrimps in fishing traps around the beach if you need more. Ideally in order to keep them busy long enough place 4 shrimps and 2 mushrooms on the ground around this zone (this is an exemple):

Then get up to press the opening button:

Then run back down and pass the gate that will lead you to the church.

Discovering the Church

Getting to the church is pretty straightforward at this point. You can also decide to get back home thanks to a new unlockable shortcut if you wish so.

Once you arrive at the church there is only one way forward to reach the centerpiece of the building through the cloister, and then starts a new cinematic about discovering what the cult did with the place. You can then access the altar cross at the end of the building:

You can get the document near the altar for some night-time reading that will take place when you go to bed:

Get to bed with the documents and Elise will record a new journal indicating that inside the altar is a key that will let you access some more rooms inside the church. Get back to the church and grab that key, interacting with the altar once again. Elise’s journal will also tell you that you have to find plates in order to unlock the crypt door.

Finding the Plates

In this part of the game you will have to find 3 Plates to put on the cross. Each of these plate is made in order to commemorate a figure that lived in the village. You can find more information on 3 tombs inside the church. The first plate we can access inside the scene “Church” is the “Rouault’s plate” which is in the library. In order to access the library you will have to break some planks outside.

Rouault’s plate

If you break these planks it will weaken the wall that will fall during winter times. If it’s not already snowy, you will find a fountain nearby as well as an axe if you don’t have one.

Once the wall as fallen du to the snow, you can go up and continue your journey:

This path will lead you back inside the church, simply get the door in front of you (which will unlock with the key found in the altar cross). And you will get to the library garden, then the library. The plate will be very visible inside one of the furniture inside the library.

Vinio’s and Dereau’s plate

Before anything you need to make sure that you have fully scavenged the church and obtained the flowerhouse’s garden door knob. It is found inside the storage room accessible via the cloister.

The vinio’s plate is found inside the flowerhouse, which is the house that you come close to the first time you get to the lighthouse. Wherever you are in the world get yourself to the lighthouse scene and reach this splendid house:

You can now access its garden via the wooden garden door on the left of this image.

And enter the house by the backdoor. Inside the house you will find different elements most importantly a tape made by a little girl that will tell you what code to use to enter the basement: 1155

In order to enter the basement you will have to trigger the snow to be able to walk over the little pond full of water. You can use the fountain in front of the flowerhouse but make sure that you have unlocked the main door of the house beforehand (simply take the door from the inside to unlock it in both direction). If you want to go in the garden while it is snowy you will have to jump through the upstairs bathroom balcony as the backdoors are blocked by the snow. Once successfully arrived inside the basement you won’t sadly be able to progress further and grab the plate because the underground river is not filled. In order to fill it and be able to walk over it, it is necessary to go to the white mansion which is nearby. To access the white manor you will have to use the same strategy as was used to get to the library and break these planks located between the flowerhouse and the lighthouse:

If you do not have an axe, one can be found inside the flowerhouse garden:

Using the snow to collapse the weakened wall, you can now access the white manor continuing forward. Once arrived there you can rise the water level using this valve:

If you do not look for optional quest, this is the only thing you will have to do here. On your way back to the flowerhouse you will note a new shortcut is available, this one leads to the beach. You will need to take it to gather the last plate. We will get back to it later.

Now that the water level is up, you need to get back to the flowerhouse and repeat previous steps to access the basement and grab the plate. In case you forgot, the code is 1155. Once this is done you can get back to the shortcut (image just above) and access the Beach scene. From there you will be able to lower two yellow metallic bridges that will grant you access back to the Dereau’s estate (where the plate is) and back to the restaurant. In order to open the Dereau’s house gate you will need a special key which is hidden in the first floor of the restaurant.

If you get back to the restaurant and go upstairs you will note moving furniture. The goal is to synchronize them so that light bounces until it reaches the secretaries at the end of the room. You can do so by blocking the clock (2) until it is synch with furniture number 1. And then blocking furniture number 3 until it is synch with the 2 others. In order to block a piece of furniture you need to put yourself in its trajectory.

Once this is done you can set the weather to snow and access the plate in dereau’s house. You now have the 3 plates!

The Ending

Put the 3 plates on the altar cross and unlock the access to the crypt (the door behind the altar). Inside the crypt you will find a music sheet. Take it. Your next step is to play the 4 notes that are outlined in red, on the church organ.

The 4 notes you have to play are: B – E – F# – G This unlock the access to the BellTower which you gladly take. You get up there and find a lot of documents made by an ornithologist. And nautical maps. Get both items and get yourself back at the house for a good night sleep. Once you wake up Elise has recorded another journal and explains what you now have to do. Get back inside the spy cave and use the coordinates found to decrypt some of the tapes. What it means is that Elise is going to automaticaly pick up some of the tapes stolen by the spy. Choosing the ones that have coordinates of recording included in the nautical charts vicinity. Now you have to decrypt them to understand what has happened there and which one are of interest. You can interact with the tape-decrypting machine and start decrypting all 5 tapes.

In order to do so, you can put the hashing and power ON and then tune, for each tape, the frequency and play speed. Elise will confirm you when a message has been correctly found. The first tape (already inside the machine) contains a message you can hear at 4000 Hz with a play speed modification of around 1.8. The third tape also contains a message at 8700 Hz and play speed modification around 0.3. The fourth tape can be heard at 1300 Hz and play speed modification of 0. Once Elise has found the 3 tapes containing the 3 coordinates. She will need to find where, on the nautical map, has all this action taken place. Go to the projector still located inside the cave and interact with it. If you play around the 3rd nautical map (slide) you can align the 3 coordinates with a sea cavity and ultimately find the destination coordinate (where we think the sea-something has got to be hidden).

To the Lighthouse! You have to get back inside the control room at the bottom of the lighthouse, and you are now allowed to continue reactivating most systems using that very computer:

Once you have reactivated everything this computer offers. An alarm will start inside the lighthouse. You have to try to get out but you are stuck on the first floor. Netx to a red light propagating computer that can be interacted with. Do it. It will start a cinematic that brings you back to Elise’s bed the morning of the attack. Get out of the house and try to reach the street. A new cinematic will play.

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