Broken Pieces – All Items Guide

Guide to All Items

Items include various weapons, ammunition, craftable items and usable items. They can help Elise solve the mystery of Saint-Exil.

List of Items

  • Ammos
  • Bait
  • Craft
  • Equipment
  • Gun Upgrades
  • Useables


Here you will find what Élise can use in her pistol to defend herself from her enemies. HQ Ammo Crafting can be crafted by the Élise overnight.

Low Quality Ammo

  • Description: Basic ammunition that Élise always has. They are available in the inventory indefinitely.
  • Location: None.

High Quality Ammo

  • Description: High quality ammunition. They are not unlimited.
  • Location: Elise can find them in the environment or craft them overnight using resources found using the Chest in Elise’s House.


Here you will find items that Élise can use as bait to solve puzzles or interact with animals.


  • Description: Mushrooms or Psilocybe Phosophorus can be found in various places in Saint-Exil. They have the particularity of growing in 24 hours so they reappear each time Élise goes to sleep. When picked up, the mushrooms can be placed on the ground to attract seagulls or crows.
  • Location: They grow everywhere on rocks and the light they emit makes it easier to locate them.


  • Description: Fresh shellfish tasted by the population of Saint-Exil. They also attract seagulls.
  • Location: Shellfish can be found by the sea at Beach. Found in cages when the sea is at low tide.


Here you will find the list of items Elise can store in her Chest to craft HQ Ammos. Most of these items can be found in the environment.


  • Description: Used cans. Convertible to Metal for crafting HQ Ammos.

Fire Crackers

  • Description: Firecrackers used by children to play. Convertible to Powder.


  • Description: Flare used by navigators to be rescued at sea. Convertible into Powder.

Gun Powder

  • Description: One of the resources needed to craft HQ Ammos.

Lost Coin

  • Description: Old coins. Convertible to Metal for crafting HQ Ammos.

Metal Junk

  • Description: Metal scrap. Convertible to Metal for crafting HQ Ammos.


Here you will find the equipment collected by Élise that she will always keep on her in any situation.


  • Description: The bracelet is attached to Élise’s wrist. Composed of a special stone, it has the particularity of lighting up when Élise is in danger.

It is also noise sensitive and it can trigger a storm when exposed to a very loud noise like a gunshot. He also reacts with a change in weather bringing snow when he is immersed in the fountains of Saint-Exil.

During the combat phases, the bracelet makes it possible to push back the enemies or to trigger a large energy wave which makes them disappear. This tends to lose its effectiveness through use and recharges when Élise goes to sleep.


  • Description: This can only be used and drawn during combat. It can be used with different types of Ammos.

The gun can be upgraded in the Shanty using Gun Upgrades.


  • Description: Obtained during the adventure, this one allows Élise to be able to explore Saint-Exil in very cold weather when snow falls in the village.

Gun Upgrades

Here you will find the various recoverable elements to improve Élise’s pistol. You can install them on the gun using the DIY table from the Shanty.

Gun Grip

  • Description: This buff for the pistol decreases the time it takes to improve aiming accuracy.
  • Location: It is obtainable in the Georges Workshop at Church by completing the mission Nico The Hungry Robot.

Large Gun Magazine

  • Description: This upgrade for the pistol increases the number of bullets in the magazine.
  • Location: It can be picked up from the Fisher’ Hut in Beach by completing the Missing The Boats mission.


  • Description: This upgrade for the pistol increases the aiming range of the pistol. You will be able to target your enemies from a greater distance from them.
  • Location: It is obtainable from the attic of Elise’s House in Hubhouse by completing the My Favorite Game mission.


Here you will find the list of objects that Élise can use to interact with machines or other elements in her environment. Most are single use. Due to their size, only one Useables object can be carried at a time.


  • Description: The axe can break planks or weaken trees.

The axes of Saint-Exil are very badly made and a new axe can break after two uses. broken, the axe is unrecoverable.


  • Description: The lever makes it possible to operate or unlock various mechanisms connected to a lever base.

Wind Turbines, Bridges, and other items may need leverage.

Once used in a base, the lever is no longer recoverable.


  • Description: The wheel can be used in bases that need a wheel to function as a turbine or something else.

Once used in a base, the wheel is no longer recoverable.

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