Bugsnax – The Isle Quests Guide

A guide to the quests in the Isle of Bigsnax.

Guide to Quests in the Isle

The Isle of Bigsnax (First Half)

Once you’ve completed all of the sidequests for Triffany, Snorpy, Chandlo, Floofty, and Shelda, Snorpy will stop you in town to ask you to help with a new problem.

Shake it Up!

  • Meet Snorpy in Simmering Springs.

Head to the area and follow the path to the right, where you’ll see Snorpy and Chandlo on the beach. When you get close, it’ll trigger a dialogue cutscene, followed by the sight of a brand new island rising from the ocean.

Gather Round!

  • Ask Triffany to help investigate.
  • Also ask Floofty.
  • And maybe Shelda?
  • Meet Snorpy in Simmering Springs.

You’re asked to invite others to come along and investigate the new island. Talk to all three, then head back and check in with Snorpy. Everyone will gather together, and once you’re ready to go, hop on the raft.

Light the Way!

  • Activate the bridge across the cove.

Once you’ve checked in with the group, it’s time to get started! Follow Chandlo to hop up the plate coral staircase to the top of the pillar. Place your Trip Shot on the flaming brazier beside you, and fire it at the coals on the other side. This triggers the bridge to extend. Head on through the gate.

Be Amazed!

  • Solve the maze to open the way forward.

At the end of the cave is a maze on a wall. Place your Buggy Ball down at the hole in the bottom. You’ll see markings shaped like a Bugsnak eye on the walls above the shifting pillars; aim the guide laser at those markings and Sprout will go right where he needs to do. At the top, he’ll push a button for you to lower the door and let you inside.

Big Bunger!

  • Catch the Bunger Royale.
  • Feed one Bunger Royale.

Follow Chandlo down into the ravine to be introduced to your first Bigsnak. The Bunger will send Chandlo flying, which will open a little alcove in the wall. Grab one of the glowing pots, and toss it at the Bunger Royal. It’ll shrink down, but like the regular Bunger, you still can’t catch it with your trap. Set up your Trip Shot and lure the snak into it to be stunned, and you can net it. Return to Chandlo, and feed it to him.

At this point, the intro to the Isle of Bigsnax is complete, and you can proceed to help the individual Grumpuses. The main quest will continue once all four are finished.

Island Time!

  • Help Triffany investigate.
  • Help Floofty investigate.
  • Help Chandlo investigate.
  • Help Shelda investigate.

Triffany Works Alone

Past Tense

  • Meet Triffany by the maze door.
  • Solve the maze door.

Depending on the order you start these, you may have already done this maze. Follow Triffany down into the Bunger Royale’s ravine, then head right, passing the Millimochi into the next area. If you haven’t done the maze already, go ahead and send Sprout on through, guiding him along the pistons. If the Chocolant gives you trouble, you can catch it by launching your Snak Trap at it. Once the path is open, Triffany will lead the way inside.

Past Tense Pt 2!

  • Scan clues in the underground chamber. (4/4)

Note: If the Pielobite gets in your way, knock off one of its tabs with the Snakgrappler, and it’ll run away.

  1. Just to the left of the entrance, a Destroyed Door blocked by rubble.
  2. In front of Triffany, three sets of Communal Beds.
  3. To the right of Triffany, in front of the beds, is a Large Bonfire.
  4. Between the entrance and the bonfire are two Carved Pillars.

Scan one of each item, then talk to Triffany.

Past Tense Pt 3!

  • Meet Triffany by the temple entrance.

Follow Triffany up the ramp and out of the ruin. You may need to clear some rubble with your Snak Grappler. Once you’re at the temple, talk to Triffany, and a new pre-lit flare will appear.

  • Open the way into the temple.

You’ll need to catch the Millimochi, or they’ll put out the fire that opens the door. See Shelda’s or Floofty’s sections on where to get nearby Shrink Spice. Light the coals across the way with the Trip Shot once the snax are gone, and the door will open.

Past Tense Pt 4!

  • Solve the giant maze.

Head through the door, and Triffany will catch up with you. Now you’ll see your fanciest maze yet. It involves timing a lot of things correctly, such as waiting for pistons to cover gaps. The opening for it is in the leftmost section.

Past Tense Pt 5!

  • Investigate the temple.
  • Wait a day for Triffany to finish.

You can sleep, or work on any other tasks to pass time. Once it’s been checked off, head on back.

  • Check on Triffany’s progress.

Talk to Triffany one last time. Once the dialogue’s all done, she heads back to camp. This finishes Triffany’s part of the Isle.

Floofty Hits a Wall

Powder Keg!

  • Put Shrink Spice into the trough.
  • Report to Floofty.

Head down to grab a jar of Spice from the statue near the Bunger Royale. Toss it into the bucket, then talk to Floofty.

  • Throw Shrink Spice at Floofty.

Toss the jar right into their face.

Powder Keg Pt 2!

  • Turn Floofty’s hand into a Cheddorb.

This one’s easy enough to grab. Drop down into the ravine with the Bunger Royale. Place your Trip Shot across the ramp leading down to the crater, and grab some Shrink Spice. Wait for the Cheddorb to get close, and toss the Spice at it. If you’re far enough away, the Cheddorb will continue to the ramp and be stunned by your Trip Shot. If you’re too close, it’ll hide in a nearby log. If that’s the case, just catch it like you would a Peelbug — put your Snak Trap down on one end of the log, and send your Buggy Ball though the other end.

  • Turn Floofty’s leg into a Millimochi.

This one’s a little more difficult, because it involves both shrinking a Millimochi, and thawing one out. The latter is especially tough, since a Millimochi is three separate Snax, similar to Megamaki, and they will re-chill each other when they touch. There are two Millimochi you can try to catch, and both require a little setup.

  1. In the camp, place your Trip Shot on the campfire and use it to light the flare at the edge of the cliff. From here, look ahead and a little to the right, where you can light a second flare on top of the gate to the Millimochi’s area. Use that one to light a third flare next to Millimochi, then the fourth further into this area. Sprint through into the next section, where you’ll see the Buggy Ball maze into the Pielobite cave. Right next to it is a Shrink Spice statue. Grab a jar and go toss it at Millimochi. Use the Trip Shot attached to one of the flares to both stun Millimochi, and thaw its frost.
  2. On the opposite side of the island, on the ledge in front of the temple, is the second Millimochi. It’s a bit riskier to catch. See Chandlo’s section on catching Pielobite and Cellystix for how to get there, and to open the way to the second closest jar of Shrink Spice. To open the way to the nearest Shrink Spice, go left from the Bunger Royale, to the Clawbsteroni carrying the trampoline. Jump from the central pillar to the trampoline, and it’ll send you to the ledge with two flares. Use the lit one to light the second, and it’ll drop a ramp for you. Look across the ravine to a gate with two unlit flares; you need to light the one on the right, but go ahead and do both if you want. Turn to your right and climb the coral stairs to the next ledge. You may need to jump to reach, but place your Trip Shot on this brazier. Light it form the flare next to the door; the gap is narrow, but it’s just enough. Use this flare to light the one by the door just past the Bunger Royale, and it’ll open the door to a Shrink Spice statue. To your right is a pile of rubble you can open with your Snakgrappler. Once that’s open, go on through, and use some hot sauce to lure the Tikkada Masala into the Millimochi (it’ll help if you cover all three Mochis with sauce). Grab whichever Spice you have open, sprint back and toss it at the Milliochis (you might want to snag the Tikkada Masala too, as you’ll need one for another quest if you haven’t done it already, if you have time to shrink it as well).

Which ever one you catch, return to Floofty, and feed her both snax on the right limbs.

Powder Keg Pt 3!

  • Put a Chocolant in Floofty’s trough.

There is a Buggy Ball maze next to both of the Shrink Spice statues you can use for each of the Millimochis. you can catch each of these Chocolants by launching the Snak Trap with the Lunchpad. If you shrink the Cellystix, it’ll spawn four more Chocolants; these will be full-size, but there’s Shrink Spice nearby. Catch any one of these, toss it into the bucket, and talk to Floofty.

Powder Keg Pt 4!

  • Return to Floofty later.

Pass time either by sleeping until the next day, or work on someone else’s quests. Once enough time passes and the checkmark appears, return and talk to them.

Powder Keg Pt 5!

  • Get Floofty to talk to Shelda.

Floofty and Shelda have a talk. Once it’s done, you’ll wake up the next day, and Floofty’s part of the Isle is done.

Chandlo Chills Out

Get Huge!

  • Catch one Clawbsteroni.
  • Feed one Clawbsteroni.

You’ll need to open the way for this one. In the ravine, to the right side, you can see a Peelbug tunnel. Send your Buggy Ball through. This will scare out a new Bigsnak which will open the way to the rest of the island. Follow it to the left to find the Clawbsteroni. Grab a jar of Shrink Spice, shrink the snak, and set your Snak Trap down to catch it. Return to Chandlo and feed him.

Get Huge Pt 2!

  • Shoot some hoops with Chandlo.

It doesn’t matter who wins, the quest finishes as soon as either of you earns 5 points. You can ask for a rematch at any time.

Get Huge Pt 3!

  • Catch one Pielobite.
  • Feed one Pielobite.

Hop down into the ravine and go right, following the path around (watch out for the Millimochi). You’ll reach another maze for your Buggy Ball, along with one of the only tiny Snaks on the island. You can catch the Choclant by launching your Snak Trap at it. Once the door’s open, head inside to find the Pielobite. Its shell protects it from Shrink Spice, but you can see the familiar Snakgrappler icon on four tabs. Each time you remove one of the tabs, the Pielobite will run away to a new area, but it’s easy to follow. Once three tabs are removed, the Pielobite will end up on the ledge with the Cellystix. You have two options to grab some Shrink Spice.

The nearest is a bit of a distance away: Backtrack down through the cave where you first found the Pielobite, and the statue with the Spice is just outside the door, against the left wall. The other requires a bit of work, but will permanently open the way. On the far end of the ledge is a rock wall you can open with your Snakgrappler. Lure the Clawbsteroni into the area with the Cellystix using cheese or hot sauce, until it can pick up the trampoline on the ground. It’ll start pathing around the central pillar. Climb up, and once the Clawbsteroni is between you and the other ledge, use the trampoline to get across. Use your Trip Shot to light the second brazier, and it’ll drop a ramp for you. Which ever Spice you choose, grab one, and shrink both the Pielobite and the Cellystix.

  • Catch one Cellystix.
  • Feed one Cellystix.

Once you’ve caught both Snax, head back to camp and feed Chandlo.

Get Huge Pt 4!

  • Get Chandlo some life advice.

You’ll see a night-time conversation between Chandlo and Shelda, then Chandlo asks for more help.

  • Ask Triffany to talk to Chandlo.
  • Ask Floofty to talk to Chandlo.

You’ll get a bit more of Snorpy and Floofty’s backstory, and once all the conversations are done, speak to Chandlo to check in. With this, you’re finished with Chandlo’s part of the Isle.

Shelda Asks Questions


  • Destroy the obstacle in the river.

If you haven’t opened the way already, jump down into the ravine, and send your buggy Ball through the Peelbug hole. It’ll scare out a Cheddorb that will bash open the way to the next area.

Have Faith!

  • Meet Shelda by the Naturae shrine.

Follow Shelda to the shrine, and speak to her.

  • Open the way for Shelda in the Naturae shrine.

Climb up the central pillar, and draw the Clawbsteroni to the gap between you and the door. Use the trampoline to get across, and if you haven’t done it already, place your Trip Shot on each of the flares to light them from the one across the ravine. Once you do this, the door opens, and you can head inside. On the left wall, use your Snakgrappler to remove the rubble and let Shelda in. When she reaches you, have a chat.

Have Faith Pt 2!

  • Meet Shelda inside the crater.

Follow her to the crater for a little more story.

  • Crack 3 Giant Eggler Shells (3/3)

The first one’s simple enough: It’s right next to the statue. Use your Snak Grappler to pull it into the egg cup.

The second’s slightly more annoying. From the Eggler statue, turn right, go through the Buggy Ball maze door, and follow the path up to the Cellystix. If you look up, you’ll see a Spaghider in a tree holding the second egg. Grapple it to the crater, but be quick — if you don’t get it away in time, the Spaghider will steal it back.

The third might give you the most trouble. From the Bunger Royale’s ravine, go left. If you haven’t already lowered the ramp to the ledge, use the central pillar to trampoline across, then light the flare to drop the ramp. Continue along the ledge and up the coral staircase to an area with a second Bunger Royale. This next part will take some timing: You need to hit the Stationary Lunchpad at the right moment to land on the Clawbsteroni’s trampoline, which will send you to the ledge with a Buggy Ball maze. Do not catch this Chocolant; it’s required to solve the maze. Send Sprout through the pillars until he reaches the bottom right corner of the Chocolant’s path (you can see the footprint-like markings on the wall). The Chocolant will pick up the Buggy Ball and carry it up to the next level, but some vines will stop the Buggy Ball in place. Continue to the button, and the door will be lowered, revealing the Eggler Shell. Pull it up the ramp to the Bunger Royale’s ledge, then over to the crater.

Once all three are cracked, return to Shelda.

Have Faith Pt 3!

  • Offer a Tikkada Masala to Shelda’s box at camp.

If you didn’t snag a Tikkada Masala during Floofty’s Millimochi quest, then you’ll have to get one now. Return to the area where you found the Eggler Shell behind the maze. You may need to jump to reach, but place your Trip Shot on the flare closest to the ledge you arrived from. Light it form the flare next to the door to the Shrink Spice shrine; the gap is narrow, but it’s just enough. Use this flare to light the one by the door just past the Bunger Royale, and it’ll open the door to another Shrink Spice statue. To your right is a pile of rubble you can open with your Snakgrappler. Once that’s open, go on through, and use some hot sauce to lure the Tikkada Masala into the Millimochi (it’ll help if you cover all three Mochis with sauce). Grab the spice, run back, and toss it at the Tikkada Masala to catch it.

Have Faith Pt 4!

  • Get Shelda to talk to Floofty.

Shelda and Floofty meet by the campfire, and have a conversation. Shelda thanks you for your help, and you’ll wake up the next day. This concludes Shelda’s portion of the Isle.

The Isle of Bigsnax (Continued)

Island Time!

  • Help Triffany investigate.
  • Help Floofty investigate.
  • Help Chandlo investigate.
  • Help Shelda investigate.

Once all of these are done, speak to Triffany to let everyone gather and catch up.

Temple Trial!

  • Open the way through the temple.

You’re asked to set down your Buggy Ball. Do as instructed, and you’re turned around so you can’t see what happens. Once you’re in control, aim your Buggy Ball at the rock wall to continue.

Back to the Past!

  • Scan clues inside the temple (5/5)

Follow everyone into the temple proper, and bring out your Snaxscope.

  1. Broken large Horned Statue on the ground to the left of the door.
  2. Temple Mural on the back left wall.
  3. Another Temple Mural on the back right wall.
  4. Mother Statue to the right of the door.
  5. Sealed Well in the center of the chamber.

Once all five are scanned, talk to Triffany.

Launch Party!

  • Put Big Buggy Ball on the ancient Lunchpad.
  • Activate the ancient Lunchpad.

Chandlo calls you over to the other side of the well. Go on over, and then direct Sprout to the Lunchpad. Trigger it with your Snakgrappler.


  • Catch one Cheddaboardle Rex

Another boss fight! Cheddaboardle Rex will send Sprout flying. Whatever you do, do not recall your Buggy Ball as this could possibly break the fight!

Stage 1: With Sprout out of commission, you’ll have to rely on the Cheddorbs. Around the arena are two more ancient Lunchpads. Clear the rocks with your Snakgrappler, and stand behind the trigger of one. Cheddaboardle Rex will eventually grab a Cheddorb and fling it in your direction. The Cheddorb will hit the Lunchpad and be locked into place, so you can launch it at Cheddaboardle Rex. The boss snak will destroy each of the Lunchpads after use.

Stage 2: Once the first two Lunchpads are destroyed, two more will raise up, but these are covered with rocks. The Snakgrappler won’t clear these, nor will anything Cheddaboardle Rex throws. On the back of the room, straight across from the door, is the Shrink Spice shrine Shelda was studying. Grab a jar, and toss it at two of the Cheddorbs. Each will shrink and hide in the rock piles, which will shatter them. This will free the Lunchpads, and you can repeat Stage 1 with them.

Stage 3: Once all four of the Lunchpads have been destroyed, you’ll see two ramps open up on opposite sides of the arena. Stand in front of one and let Cheddaboardle Rex toss a Cheddorb at you. These can be the most annoying to fire, as you have to aim upward and turn your back on Cheddaboardle Rex, so you can’t see where the other Cheddorbs, or time it with the boss throwing rocks at you. It is far too easy for something to get in the way of either the Cheddorbs he throws, or the one you launch. Once you’ve gotten a hit with each ramp, Cheddaboardle Rex destroys them as well.

Stage 4: The Cheddorbs are banished, a familiar-but-giant maze is revealed, and your Big Buggy Ball falls from the sky. There’s a ramp on the bottom of the left end of the maze. Stand there until Cheddaboardle Rex grabs Sprout and throws him at you. You’ll have to navigate this maze while dodging rocks being thrown at you, which makes it so much more fun. At least the maze is easy to get through. Once Sprout reaches in, he’s automatically locked into the launcher, and fired at Cheddaboardle Rex. This final hit shatters the glass protecting the Legendary Bugsnak, and you can grab some Shrink Spice to bring it down to size. You’ll need to put your Trip Shot in its path to stun it, then you can catch it in your net.

  • Feed one Cheddaboardle Rex.

Chandlo gets to eat the cheesiest of the beefiest Bugsnax.

There and Back Again!

  • Return to Snaktooth Island.

Hop on (or interact with) the raft to return home and finish the quest. You can go back to Broken Tooth island at any time if you still have things to do there, either by the raft in Simmering Springs or through fast-travel on the map.

Congratulations, you’ve conquered Broken Tooth, the Isle of Bigsnax!

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