Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – Easy Way to Get Launchers to Platinum

Helps those of us who want to get the worst ones out of the way.

How to Get Launchers to Platinum Easy



Use a Riot Shield to block your back and/or in case of emergencies.


Flash Grenade – Obviously


Thermite or Semtex – Does more damage to vehicles while you replenish rocket ammo.

Perks used (Use them for all launchers)

Double Time (Run faster away from enemies or towards enemies.). Can be switched out for Fast Hands.

Bomb Squad – Because you don’t want to die from your own explosions.

Spotter – Good for seeing enemy killstreaks.

Overclock – Lets you carry an extra munitions box.

Field Upgrade

Munitions Box – Because you want to have more rockets.

Tactical Insertion or Anti-Armor Rounds – Good for Ground War, either one works.

To level up the launchers quickly, play Invasion and target bots, killstreaks, vehicles. Or do Quick Play for more fun.

Base Camo

Base Camo: Get 40 kills with the weapon.

For all of the launchers (except for the JOKR) I recommend going into Quick Play and selecting objective based game modes as the enemies tend to group up around areas and are easy kills. Filter out Prisoner Rescue and Knockout since you get no respawns and the games are too short.

Using the JOKR, I hope you like playing Ground War, because that’s all your going to be doing for the next few hours. If you hit Shift while zoomed in with the JOKR, you can see heat signatures of players. Play Ground War, use a helicopter and start going after snipers on rooftops.


Gold: Get 2 kills without dying 10 times with the weapon

I’ll just ignore all these and skip with to the JOKR. How do you get 2 kills without dying? Very simple.

Just follow the strategy used for getting 40 kills, but be extra careful to not die. Either that, or go for people way out in the distance. But since the JOKR has an arrival time of 5 years, you better pray that they stand still.


Platinum: Destroy X Enemy Killstreaks, Equipment, or Vehicles with the weapon

  • The RPG-7 requires 10
  • The Strela-P requires 25
  • The Pila requires 15
  • The JOKR requires 10

For the lock-on launchers, just play Ground War and aim for UAV’s and counter UAV’s.

For the RPG-7 and Stela 3, I recommend either taking out vehicles in Ground War, or playing Domination/Hardpoint/Headquarters and hoping someone gets a cluster mine. I believe 1 mine is equal to 1 killstreak “destroyed”.

ATV’s or buggies are a 1-shot, while Tanks and APC’s can take up to 4-5(?) rockets. Use your 3 rockets, throw a Lethal at it, resupply, fire more rockets.

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