Captain of Industry – 1K City Guide (with Some Tips)

Please note: all credit goes to Montolio!

I offer my humble 1K city for you to learn from.

Guide to 1k City


Hi, i see a quite a lot of question but little to no guids and answers, so i deside to post my 1k city for you all to hopefully learn something from it.

Disclamer: im not gonna describe picures, just becouse I want you to make it yourself.

City Center

  • I had more houses, but with upgades i was able to shrink it down.
  • Waste threatment goes directly to chem plant, i dont use reclamed water in farms, i use salt water processor.

Industrial Area (Smelters + Production)

I run simple building block desine:

  • 0+0+0
  • 0+0
  • 0

Works like a charm.

  • I build my smelters after i build factories, so there is mix of iron, coper and steel in one row.
  • Both iron and coal are connected directly (i have separet coal min for chem. plant).
  • Glass, furniture, concrete and additional steel.

Chem. Plant (+ Main Power Generator)

  • Power cannot stop! Make sure your water-steam-power-water loop is outside of your fuel production, be aware to connect new things to it, always do the math!
  • Its a spaghety monster, it was grown not desined.
  • But there is a fuel extraction block (1-3), old diesel now paused, rubber and acid makers.
  • I “focus” on that orange gas (fuel gas), because i can loop him around for gass boilers.
  • Separate your oil and wood harbor, ship can get stuck unloading wood and you will run out of fuel!

New Farm (+ Salt Water Processor)

  • 4 additional farms, im gonna needed to scienced the s**t out of it, or build more.
  • Rain farm is connected only to production section, i could build a water gate, but i dont need to.
  • If you build greenhouses, you will loose the natural rain on farms! be prepare with your water production.
  • Salt water processor is a best power maker i found, you just take sea water and turn it in power and brine, witch you can use, or dump it back into the sea.
  • One lone feritizl maker and i never run out of it.

Pollution in 30y

  • So… things gonna go bad before it will get better.
  • Industrial area have exhaust to water reclaimer buildin.
  • City waste goes to chem. plant as water.
  • Chem. plants have exhaust to steam reclaimer buildin (be aware this is a dead switch for this colony, if fuel stops, significant power generators will stop and everything will colapse)
  • Chem. plant dont have waste water dump.

At last, core of your game in one pic:

  • I dont need more then two reaserch centers, i found that if i have more, tech tree just fly around me and i will loose track.
  • Ship, this game is build around it, use it and play with it, you dont need everything (watch for sailors needed), found 1or2 oil rigs and one sawmil.
  • Use your market dock to survive fokups and problems, its a good deal most of the time, and there are more settlements out there.
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